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Joe Francis to Candy: Back Off!!!

5/19/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis has fired back at Candy Spelling for the open letter posted this morning on TMZ. Francis is currently in Federal custody. Spelling's letter was read to Francis this morning by phone. Francis tells TMZ he wrote the response himself.

Dear Candy:

I don't know you, I have never met you and I don't know anything about you. After reading your letter posted on the internet, my mental picture of you is of a lonely old woman living in a mansion in Holmby Hills with let's say 300 cats jumping around, some in their own feces.

I have tried to think to myself what would compel a woman such as yourself to write a letter to someone they have never met? Even worse, you are making up your mind based on headlines. I can understand you writing Paris Hilton a letter out of care because as you said in your letter, you have known her most of her life. Then again, it's sad and pathetic you had the audacity to post that letter on the internet instead of just sending it to Paris personally.

Candy, you don't know any of the facts concerning my situation. I am a hardworking, compassionate and honest person. I will prevail just as I have in the past because overcoming adversity is not only a part of the entrepreneurial experience but a part of life. You should appreciate this and know this more than anyone and I am ashamed of you for forgetting how hard it is to make it in this world and the people who would love to tear you down because you have. Sadly, it appears you have become one of those people.

Contrary to what you have said in your letter, my world has not changed. My business Girls Gone Wild is thriving and posted record sales last month. Most important, my friends and my family (I love you guys....) have stood by me. This whole situation will be over soon and I will be standing strong.

I have never played a victim but I have always been a fighter. I will ultimately prevail in the matters at hand but I am concerned that you will die a lonely and unfulfilled person playing with those cats and posting open letters to people you have never met on the internet.


Joe Francis


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how sad    

Hey Candy,
How do you like public letters now? A taste of your own medicine.

This is way too funny. LMAO!

2658 days ago


Sounds like Candy has gone off of the deep end.

She's got alot of nerve...... as well as an overblown sense of entitlement!

I was happy to read Joe's reply!

(I wonder if Aaron Spelling is spinning in his grave? Probably not...he was probably used to this nonsense!)

2658 days ago


Um, last I heard Joe was released from jail. I could be wrong but, that's just what I was reading right here on TMZ....

2658 days ago


Inmates incarerated in Federal prison facilities operated by the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Prisons (BOP) do not have access to the Internet. If Joe Francis is being held in a Federal facility, the only way the letter could be legitimate is if he dictated the letter to an official vistor, who then forwarded it to TMZ on his behalf.

2658 days ago


This guy is a total sleazeball and getting what he deserves.

He will be in jail a long long time and that is a good thing.

Young girls on spring break or out partying don't need slimy parasites like him lurking around with their video cameras. His whole empire is built on using other people.

His crying and whining show what a total cowardly loser he really is.

What a pathetic fool!

2658 days ago


i thought they took his drugs away.................

2658 days ago


Oh Good lord; this is truly too much. How can you call your endeavors a business? You have taken advantage of young girls, exposing them for your own profit. I personally hope you sit in jail for a very long time..... and that someday, you will have a daughter of your own, and see personally, what it feels like to have her exploited by an entrepreneurial bimbo that has no moral integrity and purposes to destorys her innocence for his own gain. You think too highly of yourself !! You are no business person, you are a dirty and distrubed pimp.

2658 days ago


guess he still has not learned ANYTHING! i do think it is funny that he thinks this will all be over soon...........LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

2658 days ago


If Joe did write this and his lawyer is printing it out and taking it to him.

Then please tell Joe we want him back in Panama City the cop killer is missing is little cupcake bitch . Come on back to Panama City Joe you little cry baby pervert.

2658 days ago

Lisa Marie Wiliams    

LMAO!!! I think possibly they already gave Candy her own column! If that letter is real, then Joe, You're discusting, someone should put you in your place in public, across the internet, t.v., radio, the planet. You're a low life that makes money off of treating young girl's and underage girl's too. You're nothing but a PERV. and a PREDATOR!!! (HELLO, that's why they put you in jail, before the I.R.S. nabbed for ducking out on paying your taxes.) You're the lowest of scum, the scum on the scum scraped off the bottom of a sewer!!! If your family condone's what you do then THEY'RE JUST AS SICK AS YOU!!!! There now, maybe that will take the sting off what Candy wrote to you, Don't ya feel better! As good as the pleasure you get out of being known for selling Porn! JACK OFF TO THAT YOU SCUM SUCKING PUKE! (Ahhh hell I bet you're loving this, you're probably into S&M too!!) BET YOU'RE GONNA BE REAL POPULAR IN PRISON.!!!

2658 days ago


loves it WILL prevail.......keep those underage girls out though......they get you in trouble and there are many more hot women of legal age that would love to be on one of your many DVD's.......and pay your damn taxes.....we have to........other than that i love you and am a huge are quite the businessman and you are right.......'cat lady candy ' should keep that giant nose of hers out of everyone elses business! GOOD LUCK!

2658 days ago

they're so narcissistic    

TMZ, could you please give me Joe's e-mail address? And could you get an "open" letter from some of the inmates in Joe's prison? I'd like to know what is really going on with him. I'd like this information in the next hour, too. Oh, and while you're at it, Please send me the name of his attorney so I can give him some free legal advice about how not to sell your client out or alternatively, how to gain a little client control.

2658 days ago


I think all this is bogus. Joe & people like him who DO make their living off of women, and those that enjoy it, and enjoy the humiliation of a women (even the teen age ones-hence one of the reasons Joe is in jail) who are all so stupid, will get theirs. Men like Joe & including Joe, should THINK about all the ya-yas they had at a womans expense BEFORE their wives someday present them with newborn daughters...And as these men VOW protection for these little female babies, and then POSE for the camera, they should be reminded of all the humilation they enjoyed watching or inflicting on immature 'girls' who made them money, and then they should IMAGINE someone exploiting their tiny little daughters someday in the same way or worse then they did. People like Joe are not men, they are leeches. A dime a dozen. If the women of this world acted together to stop exploiting all women, you'd all see what pissants these males are. They deserve zero respect from the public and less than that of internet time. I believe they all fall under the "scum of the earth" category.

2658 days ago


go joe! give her HELL????

2658 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Isn't Joe in prison in Atlanta? He does NOT have access to the internet-get real people.Maybe some one read it to him? I live in Atlanta and this all sounds fishy-don't fall for this mess.

2658 days ago
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