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General Lee: Still No Bidders

5/20/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dukes of Hazard" star John "Bo Duke" Schneider swung by the Wynn Hotel and Casino yesterday with the General Lee for a private tour of the hotel's vaunted Ferrari dealership. We ain't in Dixie no more! The car, which is valued at several million dollars, was guarded by a private security detail, while Schneider shopped for new wheels inside.

After a bogus bidder "purchased" the car for nearly ten million dollars, Schneider placed the car back on the eBay auction block yesterday. This time around, he's requiring all bidders to pre-register. So far, no bids, dagnabit!


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It ended with no bids. haha

2707 days ago


The car is valued at several million dollars? By whom? And why?

2704 days ago


I hope you remember to pay Luke for his half of the car. And I am sure Cooter has a mechanics lein on it too. Enjoy making your stupid Dukes rip off movie with The Generals Blood.

2704 days ago


Whoever buys that car, please call me!

2712 days ago


I wouldnt pay more than 30K...

2712 days ago


He should have sold it when the movie was out.

2712 days ago


O Bo again, Make'n a carrear out of un load'n that car.

2712 days ago


John, try hemmings or south florida auction. shair06@yahoo

2712 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

L.A County Sheriff's Department

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2711 days ago


The car's got no bidders... wonder if that means all the bids last time were fakes. That's a Cruel thing to do to John as he wants to make Collier & co. 2 with the profits of the sale of the car.

2711 days ago


Actually he should put the car up for sale before the movie was while there was a tremendous amount of positive buzz about the movie. Now, there is no interest in the show or the car. Beside, a Charger RT with a 440 magnum engine under the hood is a gas hog.

2711 days ago

eBay Seller    

What is up with it stating 100% goes to charity, but then reading below to see they are only giving 5%? They also are violating eBay policy by having the text of the auction description as a graphic and not truly in the listing - they can swap that graphic out at any time. This whole thing looks like a publicity stunt, everyone is being had by a has been.

2711 days ago


The remake with Jessica Simpson ruined the Dukes of Hazard image.

2711 days ago


I have NO clue what John is doing.. As I keep saying, I could have bought one of the chargers for a few hundred after the show was over . .many did . we searched the news/ads every night for MORE cars as they were constantly wrecked .. paid a few hundred .. we chose the cheapest car around .. then .. had the auction been started at around a thousand .. bids probably would have come in .. but to tart at a million .. try Jay Leno .. see if he wants it . tend to doubt it, John .. I am in touch with WarnerBros Transp. and they are hysterical over this as am I .. I worked on the show in production .. adored John .. sweetheart of a 'young man' .. when someone puts up an 'item on eBay' who has NO feedback :( . NOT a good thing . but I see that you made a nice piece of change when it was up under other ID .. many bought other things .. set up photo page for sale .. I did that for my best male friend, Bob Fuller .. I HOPE you get what you want . but truly tend to doubt it .. when I worked 'temp' between shows .. got a call in an exec. office (our guy's . Tom) and was offered 30k for one .. WE could not believe anyone would pay that . it was in the late 80s . I think ..perhaps early . do NOT remember . but check with head of transpo .. ask them what it is worth . they have several up there too .. AND that one was not even one from the series, right? .. Good Luck, John ..

Production Coordinator first year of DUKES

2711 days ago


John .. you dropped the price .. a good thing . but do not think enough . . just spoke with a transpo coord. as well as transpo .. none of us think it will sell . .but I HOPE it does . .you were (and probably still are) a sweetheart ..

I DO wish you the best of luck .. I KNOW there are TONS of DUKES fans out there as I have sold things to them . my belt buckle ('78) .. the plaque you, along with rest of the cast gave me .. the show cards .. could NOT believe what I got for those things . it is time for me to downsize as my life is downsizing :) .. BUT I do NOT think the DUKES fans have the kind of money to buy 'that car' .. many have made their own .. as they have with the Batmobile(s) .. Black Beauty (Green Hornet) .. and any car of any importantce in a show .. I know a HUGE Fan of GREEN HORNET who has bought a Lincoln and made it into 'the black beauty' ..

I truly think you should do a FEW autograph shows .. not overdo it .. .. a page up of photos for sale .. as I did for Bob .. he also did 'sound waves' on floppies or CDs .. saying whatever anyone wanted . some very clever ..

All the best,

Production Coordinator/Dukes .. 1st year & a little bit more on/off ..

2711 days ago
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