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Britney Live (Sorta) at Mansion!

5/21/2007 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have MTV and you want to see Britney Spears lip synch through one of her songs -- have no fear! TMZ has some video for you!

Britney "performed" at Mansion nightclub last night in Miami Beach, Fla., busting out some old and new moves while she "sang" for an enthusiastic crowd.

Milli Vanilli eat your heart out.


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will someone beat some brains into this wacko!!!!

2719 days ago


You mean to tell me Britney you are flying around the country performing this boring looking dance routine. Stop stealing time away from your babies.

2719 days ago


Ok, she fired her choreographer because???? Brit looks like she's bouncing around aimlessly and the backup dancers are way off on the timing, they're no where near together! Seriously, just hang it up and act like a MOM!

2719 days ago


I am a 26 yr. old single mother of 2 from Slidell, Louisiana, and I am so tired of seeing this girl make a fool of her self over and over again, day after day. She gives the sane residents of Louisiana a bad name and has become an embarrassment to the state. I wish Britney would stay out of the lime light for a while, try to better herself mentally and raise her children, instead of partying practically every night. If I, and every other normal person with children behaved that way, our children would be taken away and put in foster care. And for goodness sakes, she needs to put some clothes on! Her children will see all of these photos one day and be absolutely horrified.

2719 days ago


I don't get it, why doesn't she just SING it?
It's not like, and I don't mean to be rude, she had tremendous vocals to begin with.
I mean she's never had 4 octive pitch perfect or anything like that.
She had an average voice, a great stage presence and a cute/sexy look.
There's no real reason why she can't sing the stuff live unless she's injured her vocal chords?

2719 days ago


Brit looks prego, how sad she cant dance or sing these people need to quit cheering her on shes making a real fool out of her self. dam someone take those kids from her.

2719 days ago


#34 Hey, I am FROM the south, so I think I would know!
Since when do you see trannies in cutoffs?

2719 days ago

Those Bracelets Aren't From Tiffany    

This bitch is the most pathetic thing walking the Earth. I'd pay money to see Bin Laden sing karaoke to only Whitney Houston songs before I would give this ho $1.75 to watch her lip sync, jiggle her gut, and walk around like a the cheap hooker that she is.

She needs to detox her mind and her nasty ass body as well as her broken spirit. Spit the gum out, sit down, read a book, learn to be a good parent, grow some hair, stop being a lush and a whore, and find yourself - fast!

2719 days ago


At least K-Fed isn't the biggest joke out there anymore.

2719 days ago


You could honestly go to any mall and pick 5 girls-have them practice for 3 hours and they would HAVE to be better than this-I can't even believe how amateurish it is.It's so sad to see this-doesn't she have "PEOPLE" to tell her the truth.Please SOMEONE get this poor woman some help.

2719 days ago

Ayla of no people    

This is a truely pathetic video. Apparently, Britney can not even dance anymore. What the heck were those moves? Nothing but walking back and forth and waving her arms.

Also those costumes suck big time!!! I just get the feeling that they haven't even been washed. Yuck.

Ther is NO SET...No Background, Nothing... She can afford to at least do some kind of background or lighting.

This woman has really lost all reality. It is very sad to watch, but I can't help it. She is a rebellious young woman who has single handedly destroyed her own career.

It is very sad to see. She needs a psychiatrist help immediately. Why, oh why doesn't she see this? Can't she see what fool she is making herself look like to the world?

Why in the world doesn't she stay at home and be one of the Lunching Mothers? Invest her money in a hot girl group?

This woman has serious mental problems and I can't for the life of me understand why no one is telling her..................Oh wait, Yes, I Can.......She fires anyone who gets close to her.

It is a sad day when these bars are enabling this behavior, just so they can make a profit off of the door and drinks.

2719 days ago


You have got to be kidding me. I don't know who needs more help: Brittany or the people who actually stand in line and pay money to watch that crap! I agree with all the posters who say that school talent shows produce better "acts" than what she is doing. My 11 yr old daughter can lip synch and dance ten times better then Brittany Spears and wear better clothes in the process.

That is really pathetic and I can't believe anyone in her camp thinks these little "shows" are a good idea.

And more and more, I think Kevin should get custody of those two boys.

2719 days ago

tuna marie    

she is a nut and will be dead before the age of 30. i'm surprised her parents haven't taken action to commit her to some institution somewhere. she is really sick and in trouble.

2719 days ago


LOL....I could do just as good a job as poor Britney and I'm a 105 lb. Grandmother that loves to Rock & Roll.

2719 days ago

tuna marie    

what kills me is that she thinks she is doing a good job, she is so arrogant, and smug, she doesn't realize that she is making a fool of herself. one of the bodyguards in florida said she was not a very nice person, what a shock. she is a joke and a disgrace and the paparazzi should just leave her alone, she woulkd wither away and die with no attention paid to her butt.

2719 days ago
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