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Britney Live (Sorta) at Mansion!

5/21/2007 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have MTV and you want to see Britney Spears lip synch through one of her songs -- have no fear! TMZ has some video for you!

Britney "performed" at Mansion nightclub last night in Miami Beach, Fla., busting out some old and new moves while she "sang" for an enthusiastic crowd.

Milli Vanilli eat your heart out.


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People actually paid for this? Why not go home and turn on the radio?
Sad, very sad Brit! Face it, you have lost it girl.

2680 days ago

tuna marie    

federline isn't any better than she is, he has reverted back to his drinking and hanging around with strippers, the problem is that next to her he actually looks good. those kids are the real victims, they have 2 idiots for parents and i really fear for them.

2680 days ago


I've seen better "performances" at an elementary school talent show. I can't believe people spend their welfare checks on this crap.

2680 days ago


#60...Rhonda, sugar, you just need to hit up Bourbon St. after dark. Or, hell, even the Virginia-Highlands section of Atlanta. Trust me, there are plenty of trannies who dress just like Ms. Spears in our little corner of the world. ;)

2680 days ago


For the cost of one little drink I can watch any Karaoke act in the neighborhood pub and be better entertained. Why pay all that money to see someone like Britney who has no voice or dancing skills? She is no longer the cute little teenager but is now a mature woman with two little children and needs to go home and take care of them. She is already a has-been.

2680 days ago

tuna marie    

please lynn, come and take your nutty child back home to kentwood, she is making such a fool out of herself, and embarassing the whole spears family.

2680 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

I was laughing so hard. Britney you have lost your touch. WTF happened to you?

2680 days ago


This is truly pathetic....soooo pathetic.. She has become an exhibitionist, a caricature of herself. Her day has come and gone.

2680 days ago


Ok #1 we all know you are BRITNEY!!! Get a life you nasty walking STD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2680 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Which Holiday Inn Lounge will she perform at next?
I here she is doing Pool parties at Trailer Parks also!

2680 days ago


very very sad, her poor kids are going to have to deal with what this trainwreck does to their lives.....their dad is hardly a model of responsible behaviour either, ive never been a fan but when she went into rehab i thought she was sorting herself out. i hope for her sake shes got one real friend left who'll tell her whats really going on. shes totally delusional.

2679 days ago

hollywood overdose    

Has anyone ever heard her sing the national anthem before a ball game ? Bet she would be too scared to even attempt becaues she can't sing worth crap without backtracks or electronics to hide beind.

2679 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

I can't believe the audacity of twit-ney to call this a "comeback" tour, when all she does is lip-synch (and apparently not a very good job of it) to older songs, look like she's lost on stage & shake her ass (out of synch with her dancers & the music) for 14 minutes. Yes, only 14 minutes! If I were I fan, and my favorite act pulled this arrogant, condescending BS on me, I'd ask for my money back, then dump them & never support them again. Apparently, twit-ney fans are more stupid than that, because they continue to get ripped off bigtime but still blindly support her. Listen to their lacking-intelligence comments: "She's coming back!" "She's such a good dancer!" Yeah, right. They just don't get it. If I wanted to see this kind of lip-synch no-talent lost on stage bungling by a brainless nutcase, I could go to the local Holiday Inn for their free Karaoke night...

2679 days ago

brown recluse    

i really can't stand........

2679 days ago


She reminds me of Yolanda or Rolanda, whatever her name was, from the American Idol tryouts last year! The same flabby belly hanging out, the bad dance moves, etc., etc., etc.

2679 days ago
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