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Gets Custody!

5/21/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the famous hamburger incident, David Hasselhoff has emerged victorious in court! He has won temporary custody of his two kids.

The court hearing today was closed -- secret. Hasselhoff went into court stripped of his right to visit with his children in the wake of the burger video. But we're told the judge was stunned by the evidence presented by the court-appointed expert who performed psychological evaluations on the family.

We're told the expert said Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff's ex, was abusive to her kids -- especially Hayley, the younger of the two. The expert also noted that Bach refused drug testing, among many other things.

Bach's lawyer was on the defensive today, unsuccessfully attacking the expert.

Sources say the judge gave David full custody for two weeks, until the next hearing is held. Until then, the kids will live with him.

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that David Hasselhoff had his custody rights restored after agreeing to alcohol testing. This person did not mention the fact that the judge temporarily stripped Pamela of her custody rights.

TMZ spoke with David Hasselhoff's lawyer, Mel Goldsman, who refused to discuss TMZ's original story and Bach's statements about what happened in court

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how sad    

I'm happy for David. That witch never should have let that video be released to
the press. She can deny it all she wants. Everyone knows that she's a liar.
This was their private family business and she made it public...karma.

2682 days ago


Good job Opri. Are you gonna charge Pamela $600k too??? Now we know why Larry dumped you.

2682 days ago

Granny Pants    

The word in LA, many years ago, was that Mrs. Hoff was a well-known employee of Madame Alex.

2682 days ago


A reliable source has just informed me that Hasselhoof has not won temp custody he just had his visitation reinstated.

2681 days ago


Pamela refused to take a drug test by the court appointed doctor. She said on Larry King live that she offered to take a drug test by her doctor. The court appointed doctor could lie as I know there is alot of corruption in the family courts.

2681 days ago


OMG... Why the hell is there such a big fight over these 2 girls? They are both old enough to decide who they want to live with. Sounds to me like both parents need to get some help and the girls may be better off getting their own place ! This is a waste of time and energy dragging each other through the mud for what? Hell the girls will decide where they want to be anyway. I say both parents check into rehab, girls find you an apartment finish school and pray your parents will get it together!! There is enough money between both parents make their silly ass's pay rent,bills get ird of the lawyers , there is no need for a damn custody battle get real people.

2681 days ago


Anyone who goes on Larry King and tells "her" supposed side of the story, I would question her parental abilities. David took the high road and dealt with it privately. At least David has admitted he has an addiction problem that he's dealing with. After seeing her on Larry King, I'm sure she has some addiction problems herself, that she denied. Don't blow it David, these girls deserve a stable parent and environment.

2681 days ago


Tell Debra Opri to put that in her pipe and smoke it!

2681 days ago


David is emotionally involving his girls in his custody dispute. This is obvious by the things he said to his daughter in the video. He is obviously playing victim. Hopefully he will see what his bad choices are doing to his family and will do what he needs to do to clean up his act.

2681 days ago


Hasselhoff did not win temp custody of his daughters the court reinstated his visitation rights. Custody is still to be determined. This can drag on for years as seen in the Baldwin/Basinger case. By that time the girls will be adults.

2681 days ago


According to Hasselhoffs lawyer ,his visitation rights were reinstated last friday before the suspension even expired ! He told the press BEFORE mondays hearing that the suspension order was already wat happened in court on monday had nothing to do with visiting rights.

2681 days ago


My source has informed me that custody, temp or otherwise, has yet to be determined. At this point in time his visitations rights have been restored.

2681 days ago
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