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Lohan -- Back on the Market?

5/21/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was back on the club circuit in L.A. this weekend without boyfriend Calum Best. Trouble in paradise?

After a whirlwind trip to New York, where the two hit premiere parties, went condo shopping and clubbed almost every night, followed by a romantic Bahamas getaway and a return to the Apple, it appears LiLo is taking some time for self-reflection ... on the club scene. TMZ spotted Lohan out solo three times this past weekend, going to Koi, Teddy's and LAX with her girlfriends and trusty assistant, Jazz.

Is it back to the single life for LiLo?


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Dina was never with Stedman... she was with Lindsay's body guard who resembles Stedman a bit

2613 days ago

She Never Learns    

LiLo is not filming any new movies since she wont agree to insurance company requirement including drug testing and showing up to work on time.

The story in today that her summer will be spent on developing a "new album" is a bunch of nonsense to cover the fact that her three years of partying and drug use has damaged her acting career.

2654 days ago


Ok, I am not a Lohan fan by ANY means... BUT... does a girl constantly have to have a guy attatched to her? I mean, can't couples spend some time apart??? Get off it people!

2626 days ago


Real hard to have a serious relationship when you are 20 years old, and a junkie, and a slut.

2658 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Tara Reid must be her role model! You'd think Stedman would have been a better influence in T.R.

2658 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

She is absolute TRASH!

2658 days ago


Nothing says motherhood better than splittin' an 8 ball of coke and some champagne with Dina like Lindsay does.

2658 days ago


I never understood how these under age kids get into these clubs. Didn't any of these girls(Linds, Brit, Paris, Nicole R.) learn anything from watching Tara Reid ruin her career and rep? Her mother is to blame. You have to be a parent to your kid Dina, not a BFF.

2658 days ago


I find your website interesting. But who really gives a rats a** about boring Lohan and for that matter Paris "crb baby" Hilton. Oh, and lets not forget " loose cannon" Brittney Spears. Surely you can find something else to write about. These are 3 people who are screaming " Mommy and Daddy love me" Paris is good for nothing Lohan is untalented bore and Brittney well she is untalenetd too. Time to stay home and watch the kids.
Lets get so interesting topics TMZ. These three nitwits are old news..................

2658 days ago


Who cares???? She is a sleezy tramp!!

2658 days ago


Did I miss something? Isn't the legal drinking age in this country 21? Why is this twit allowed into bars? These nightclubs need to raided and fined just like the rest of them! This GIRL's mother needs her opportunistic old ass kicked. I am voluteering for the job! And what really pisses me off is these brats can drink themselves retarded while our brave boys and girls whom are serving their country and aren't 21 yet cannot drink. When I was in the military, as long as you were active duty you could have a beer at the end of the day. I think our kids deserve it! They risk their lives everyday and cannot have a cold one before they hit the hay. But these Hollyweird white trash twits can? Ridiculous!

Veteran, USAF

2658 days ago


Lins your ONLY 20 even though in this business your forced to grow up so much faster, & your thrown into situtions that normal people probably wouldn't experience till they were in their mid twenties, or perheps 30s. Y ou don't need to find settle down right now, but you also don't need to be doing drugs, or sleeping aropund. I know @ 20 your still in DENIAL SAYING that'll NEVER happen to me. But listen up hon their are enough dries up, broke washed up child actors/actress out there to prove it can happen to u. If you don't start listening to the RIGHT people in the business your gonna wind up w/ out a job & YOUR GONNA BE BROKE & WASHED UP. No one will hire you & besides that, the recent video of you snorting cocain has seperated you from being a role model. It might not hve ment that much to you, but for all the little girls out there it meant a lot. How bad can your life be that you have lowed your self enough to snorting coke from a nasty public toilet. Was it that good? Did you need it that bad? If you can answer yes to this, then you should go back to rehab. Ever since you & Wilmer broke up, you have let your self go, & have became wilder than a buck. So I say to you Linds, STRIGHTRN UP, GET OFF THE DRUGS, & GET SERIOUS about your work. & do what ever it takes so that little girls can look up to you once more. This will keep your name going, & keep the demand for your work going. You can strighten up, but only when your ready. But hey its TIME.

2658 days ago


Lohan is a real non-person-of-interest. Her so-called celebrity is allowed to continue only because others continue to believe that any story about Lohan and others really matters and is making a substantive contribution to the betterment of life. Perhaps she and others should just chill and stop rushing to conclusions, especially in the lovey-dovey department. Just because a person goes out a few times, doesn't equate to a viable and lasting relationship.

2658 days ago


L. Lohan needs to crawl back into the hole she came out of. I am SO SICK of any media coverage of her!!

2658 days ago


way to put it #10. Are you in the biz? Lindsey everything she wrote is corrrect. Your gonna wind up w/ an std (like Paris) Remember when Paris had her stuff sold out from under-neath her & she had presc. for her herpies? You know if come down w/ an std, it will get out. You should know that a nurse, would sell that story before you ever left the drs office. Or if you sleep around you could wind up w/ aids. I'm worried that if your already doing coke, & have stooped low enough to do it from a public toilet, that the next step will be shooting up. This can give you aids. We (the public & fans) don't want to see this happen to you. Is your mom doing these drugs w/ you? I think the REAL problem w/ Dina is that she is riding off your fame, & money. She needs to be @ home w/ Allie & your brother. Maybe Michael (ur dad) wasn't so bad after all. Its looking like Dinas the crazy one b/c after all Michael has tried to better him self & hopefully its not an act. Dina needs to quit getting cought up in the fame (shes a little to old) Who is @ home w/ your bro & sis when shes out partying w/ you? She better strighten up, or she could loose them DEFACS could come in & take them.

2658 days ago
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