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Screw "Idol," Pick Hillary's Theme Song!

5/21/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonDemocratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton is really interested in what the people of America think about the important issues: the war in Iraq, health care and ... her campaign theme song! Sing it, girl!

On the former First Lady's official website, Clintonites can choose from nine songs. The winner will be the New York Senator's presidential anthem. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Hills!

Tunes in the running include: "Get Ready" by the Temptations, "Right Here Right Now" by the ever-popular Jesus Jones (huh??), two U2 songs: "Beautiful Day" and "City of Blinding Lights," and most interestingly, Bush-bashing and Grammy-winning artists the Dixie Chicks with "Ready to Run." Holla!

Sadly, Mitch Ryder's "Devil With a Blue Dress" is not on the list.


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2681 days ago


God, if this Bitch gets elected I am moving to another country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago

One for the road    

Nine inch Nials>> L I A R !!!
Are you kidding me will vote in 2008?
Please pay attention to the lies that SPEW out of that
sewer under her nose.
Vote for someone that Loves this Country.
Glen Fry >>The Danger Zone

2681 days ago


"the snake"

2681 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

My friend sent me the link to this last week re: voting for her song. All of the songs are over used and corny - they've been done to death.

I voted for "Beautiful Day" by U2 as it was the lessor of the evils.

2681 days ago


The Bitch is Back by Elton John.

The theme from "Jaws",

The theme from "Kill Bill"

2681 days ago


I like some of Hillarys views. My vote would be for the song GET READY. TMZ , I think you all could have found a better picture , and show some respect for our former First Lady. I think that Hillary would be a force to be reckoned with.
She's got more balls than Bill ,and more brains than SELL OUT BUSH.

2681 days ago


#24, I wholehearteldy agree. WHY in the heck would we want them back in the White House. The first time was bad enough. People, WAKE UP before it is too late. A role model??? Are you nuts??? What kind of a role model sticks by hubby after he is caught making naughty with an intern his daughter's age. Hello???? She is a strong woman?? Are you crazy? She is a master manipulator and thief, even the candlesticks weren't safe the first time around. If she is elected, Canada, here I come.

2681 days ago


maybe in the next 20 YEARS , GIRLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SHE DOESN'T SEEM THAT SMART...................besides those darn Mayans were probably right,,,,,BYE,BYE N'2012........hahahahahahaha..........

2681 days ago


HIRE THE GUY FROM WAL MART & START A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.........idiots don't you ..................SEE...........................vacation while you can........

2681 days ago


#31 - If you are good with the FOOLISHNESS THAT IS CURRENTLY GOING ON: We've got A president that has us MIRED in a war based upon LIES..... Evil Cheney is actually running the Country; an Attorney General who is most likely a liar; Condi is the biggest 'Yes Man' alive - She should be the Poster Girl for the "Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste adage"; Rummy finally got fired for the lack of planning for the the War which is clearly the biggest debaucle in recent millitary history; the Economic Advisors have clearly been asleep - as we went from Budget Surplus (Clinton) to greatest Deficit in US history; - In short, in the last 6 years NOTHING has been accomplished - domestically or internationally.

And you're complaning about an issue that should have been between TWO ADULTS?!

Get Real!

2681 days ago


Its just another gimmick. I think that its sad that she must resort to these types of antics in order to rally up support and votes. She should rely on her capiabilities and her stance on key issues.

2681 days ago


I agree with #10 all the way, but my guess is she won't pick it. You aren't even allowed to ask her a question on her Presidential blog. She sets the questions, and we or her followers are suppose to blog around her idea. That;s controlled blogging, that's not even free speech. I guess we don't have to say she's back, she's never left.

2681 days ago


don't get scared people,,, just here 4 entertainment...................good luck 2 all, after all i'm a felon, i can't even vote, get obama n' there, people would REALLY FREAK OUT!!!!! LIFE IS HILLARIOUS.............tnx TMZ

2681 days ago


Her theme song should be, If Mamma's Not Happy, No One's Happy!

2681 days ago
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