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Screw "Idol," Pick Hillary's Theme Song!

5/21/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonDemocratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton is really interested in what the people of America think about the important issues: the war in Iraq, health care and ... her campaign theme song! Sing it, girl!

On the former First Lady's official website, Clintonites can choose from nine songs. The winner will be the New York Senator's presidential anthem. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Hills!

Tunes in the running include: "Get Ready" by the Temptations, "Right Here Right Now" by the ever-popular Jesus Jones (huh??), two U2 songs: "Beautiful Day" and "City of Blinding Lights," and most interestingly, Bush-bashing and Grammy-winning artists the Dixie Chicks with "Ready to Run." Holla!

Sadly, Mitch Ryder's "Devil With a Blue Dress" is not on the list.


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how sad    

I'm not the biggest Hillary fan. But anyone...I mean ANYONE will be better
than Bush. The Republican field is so sorry...what a bunch of flip-flopper losers.
Pray for a Bloomberg/Hagel ticket. For now my vote is with Obama.

2691 days ago


How about this song "Stand By Your Man"? Hillary is a loser. She will lose in 2008. Don't want to see another Clinton in the White House!

2690 days ago


This woman is evil.

2690 days ago


How about her theme song be the theme from "The Addams Family" but instead of saying "Addams" say "Clinton" "there all together ooky the clinton family!"

or she could use the theme from the "Munsters" :)

2690 days ago


Too bad Macbeth wasn't a musical!

2690 days ago


How about

Deep Purple circa 1965

2690 days ago


Oh gosh, a song for Hillary. Why? I watch her eyes, they are much like GW's shifty, cant look you in the eye, makes me wonder about her. She doesnt need a song, she needs a life and she needs to stop competing with her husband. Now wonder Bill messed good lick deserves another

2690 days ago


How bout The Bitch Is Back? Or Highway To Hell?
Anyone who wants this lying, back stabbing bitch to be President is insane.
Less rights, more taxes, bigger government, much more danger to our nation, etc................
If a liberal democrat has to be President I would rather Obama be it and not this she devil.
And these morons who complain about Bush ruining the country need to look at things through something besides liberal media and democrat BS people. The economy is at an all time high, unemployment is at an all time high, taxes are at an all time low (which keeps money in your pocket), and this country is pretty safe compared to the Clinton years. I know he has his faults as they ALL do. He is not doing what needs to be done in Iraq, he is not doing what needs to be doen on illegal immigration, and border security. But he is no where near as bad as the media and liberals make him out to be.

If you want more goverment and less rights, if you want more taxes and less money. The please vote for Hillary. You will get what you want.

2690 days ago


I checked out Hilary's choices and I was shocked!!The devil went down to Georgia wasn't on the list, what was she thinking???

2690 days ago

Lenn K.    

It shows you how far we have come as a nation when people think socialism and communism is okay. That 60's hippy generation is coming on line and our parents are turning in their graves watching this generation screw up everything that they built. We call it progress, and political correctness, I call it ass kissing some groups because we are afraid of them. Hillary is an old hippy from the 60's and listen to some of the bloggers say socialize healthcare will help this country. Boy is this country in trouble and you think Bush is the only problem just until he's gone and then you'll see it wasn't just him!!!!

2690 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    


THis is Hillary's song! Great pick TMZ. Go check it out on itunes if your not familiar. Too funny. Too acurate! How dumb does she think we are. Gee, she has a good song...I should vote for her...who cares if she's a big farce...Duh...

2690 days ago


I ME MINE by The Beatles. Mrs.Clinton is all for's a full time job being Mrs.Clinton.

2690 days ago


I ME MINE by The Beatles Mrs.Clinton is all for's a full time job being Mrs.Clinton

2690 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

I am an independent, I adhere to no brainwashing that all the Democrates or Republicans are either all good or all bad. The country was designed to have 3 governing bodies..
1 the president
2 the legislative branch (congress and the senate)
3 the judicial system (Supreme Court)

It was designed this way to keep any one party or family (kings) from having complete control. It is sad that we allow peolpe to play on our patriotic nature to garnish votes by blaming "the other side" for all that is wrong with our country. I believe if you look at any arguement or debate, you can see that there is at least 2 sides of every story and neither one is neccessarily "wrong".
To be fair the war we are in started on questionable information. Both the president and senate voted on the war due to this info. Both parties had the ability to request further info before going to war. The senate did the exact same thing the president did. Our government was wisely designed to be a system of checks and balances. Therefore if it is the senates responsibility to act to do what they feel is best for this in the world can we allow them or any part of them who voted for the war to turn and say it was the wrong decision....without holding them accountable? Hillary voted for war the same as George did...the difference I see is that one stands by his decision and one cries foul. THINK FOR YOURSELVES

2690 days ago

carol ard    

This woman is a disgrace to any one with any brains at all..SHE will go to any length no matter how demeaning to be president! I wish we could send her to Never never land as she is so lacking in any intellect at all! She lies about everything even the smallest of things .. Anyone who believes anything she says needs to be in rehab just like her!
What a waste of money!

2690 days ago
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