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Francis Goes with Not Guilty in Sexual Battery Case

5/22/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling's favorite smut mogul Joe Francis has just pleaded not guilty to one count of alleged misdemeanor sexual battery, a charge stemming from an incident in January in which, cops say, Francis fondled an 18-year-old against her will.

Francis pleaded-out through his lawyer, Aaron Dyer, in L.A. County Court, because as TMZ has learned, the "Girls Gone Wild" founder is in Oklahoma under the watch of U.S. Marshals. He'll eventually be on his way to Reno, Nev., where he'll be arraigned on federal tax evasion charges.

Joe will be back in court on June 26 for a pre-trial hearing in the case. TMZ reported back in March that Francis was at a birthday party in L.A. when he allegedly touched the teen girl on the breast, buttocks and inner thigh, even though she asked him repeatedly to stop.

He faces a maximum of six months in jail and a $2,000 fine if convicted.

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Francis' lawyer, Aaron S. Dyer, said:
The allegations made by the alleged victim claiming she was "touched" are ridiculous. There is absolutely no merit to these charges. Mr. Francis is a successful man in a high profile position, and unfortunately, that makes him a target of people who hope to benefit in some way from attacking him. Mr. Francis isn't going to sit by and put up with these types of baseless attacks. He will vigorously defend himself and take whatever action necessary to clear his name. We believe that the Court or the City Attorney's office will ultimately be convinced to dismiss this matter.


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2676 days ago


Any tramp that would be near this perv knows fully what he is and what he's about. And oh I was drunk, doesn't cut it. If you allow yourself to be in that situation then you can pay the piper the next morning. We all have, only difference is we didn't sue our one night stands!!

2676 days ago


>>>>ITS ABOUT TIME THE GOV. DO IT RIGHT!!! OR THEY will be back!!! guaranteed!!!!!

2676 days ago


tmz that is not what i wrote!!!!!

2676 days ago

mark anthony given    

George Martorano is serving one of the longest federal sentences for a nonviolent offense in America. Is it because he wouldn't drop the dime on his late dad? Books. Screenplays. Poems. Set in places like South Philly, South Jersey and South Florida. Tender teenage love stories, tough Mafia crime tales, screenplays about prison life and essays about God and the afterlife

2670 days ago


YOUR BUMMIN' DUDE!!!!!!!!..........nobody likes chomos

2677 days ago

Just my opinion    

I believe the girl 100%. Unfortunately for Joe, he has a documented history of targeting, filming, drugging, providing alcohol and taking advantage of very young women - often teenagers who are 18 & 19. So I think he may be guilty in this case too.

I hope he rots in jail for what he has done to these girls. And if you are a man who tries to say "they asked for it" then you can kiss my as s too.

* No one asks to be taken advantage of while they are drunk or in an altered state of mind.

* No one asks to be film naked and performing lewd sexual acts only to find out when they are sober, that they waived their rights away when they were puking drunk the previous night.

This man is a predator and if you support him, you need to think twice because it could have very well been your college freshman sister, your niece on spring break, your girlfriend out celebrating a birthday with friends or even your daughter! Who hasn't had too much to drink only to regret what they did the next day? But to have it filmed, then sold to millions is beyond humiliating.

Rot in jail Francis. I hope the other inmates are having a wild time with you bastard!

2677 days ago


Dude. Get a BIG ASS jar of vaseline. Nah, get a TUB of it.

2677 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    

That lil' tart is a LIAR! Joe did nothing wrong he brings great pleasure to millions with his GGW dvds ( I own all! ) & lets us poor saps with fat ugly wives at least look at hot thin young things.

He is an American Hero in my eyes & in the eyes of million of straight men! One day he can film my daughter,she's a hottie!

2677 days ago


My friend just said that she thought maybe Joe had learned something from this experience. Then we just busted out laughing. Then the tears were rolling down... ah, good times.

2677 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    

MORONS! They voulenteered!

Big deal,just fat cows complaining because they are fat cows!

2677 days ago

the wise old owl    

INMATES GONE WILD # 2: Great blog. I agree with you 100 %

Joe Francis is disgusting. He is a sleezy opportunist who preys on vulnerable and impaired minors. Big deal one charge is dropped. He's got plenty more he has to answer to. What's really a travisty is that WE the tax payers have to support this scum while he works his way to the judicial system. Hopefully he'll take one too many of those Med's his friends are sneeking into him and he will go to sleep and NEVER wake up,

The thought of this man approaching my 16 daughter and plying her with alcohol so he can make a ;profit is unforgivable. I'm surprised some pisst off father hasn't made an attempt to " take his life " I know they have killed people for far less. He better watfch his back.

2677 days ago


these girls did not ask for it but im tired of hearing the girls cry over this when they get sober. how stupid can they be...
they need to take the Girls gone wild commercials off the Tv NOW! they dont need to be shown!

i never liked this Joe guy but im very curious to know hows hes dong in jail.
is he in an Oklamoha jail ?? where is this freak?

2677 days ago


Here come the Free Joe paid volunteers. Like I said before, get your money up front for supporting this scumbag. Then you can ride the short bus to get your GED's ya morons!

2677 days ago


Totally unrelated subject: Is Perez on another one of his "benders"?

2677 days ago
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