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Melinda Doolittle -- Before She Got Screwed

5/22/2007 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained exclusive photos of robbed "American Idol" Melinda Doolittle -- from when she was just a grade-schooler!
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These candid photos were taken at the birthday party of one of her closest friends ... then. TMZ also has the wrongly-canned Idol's elementary school class photo (above). Doolittle attended a Christian school, and we're told that she and her mom were very religious.

The old friend told TMZ that Melinda was as genuine then as she appeared to be on the show. "She is such a sweet girl, we spent most of our time playing double dutch together."

Watch for Melinda's career to surpass this year's actual Idol winner, probably Jordin.


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Hey # 12,maybe you should pray for a heart & some eyes too,Melinda is beautiful & you
can't compare her voice to any of them on American Idol.I don't see how anyone can listen
to her & not love her,she is AMAZING!!! Also,# 9 what do you mean no personality? Have
you watched her interviews ?And back stage videos on the American Idol website? She is
sweet,smart & has a great sense of humor,she is hilarious! It doesn't matter that she didn't
come in 1st place,I'm sure you will hear more about her than any of them.

2643 days ago


she soooooooooo needed to go...shouldn't have been there to begin with....

besides, I played the video of the performances which turned out to be her last, and Jordin was far better than her....Blake was unique and fun, and a real entertainer....I thought Melinda quite sucked, and was surprised after hearing all the buzz about her....

I haven't followed this season at all, just read about it...all along it's been about how good Melinda is (who is a professional who should have never been in an amateur competition, but I digress) I watched videos...and was quite surprised to hear just how bad she was, especially compared to Jordin....

I don't know how Jordin compares to anyone other than Blake and Melinda, but given the current choice, it should be her who wins....even if she were up against Melinda, it should be Jordin.

2678 days ago

Mary Worth    

Melinda was the class of the field.
Notice that the judges stopped sayin' "This is a singing competition", as Blake made it to the final four.

Jordin has a tendency to shriek.
But she's only 17. Plenty of time to grow. But, I think she'll be adding on the weight...lots of it!

Of the final 2, only Jordan can sing well. Blake is passable.
Wonder if the next horde of contenders will bring gimmicks, now that Blake has opened the door.

BTW, the ratings for AI are diminishing, according to reports.

2678 days ago

Sweet Scooter    

Melinda was great and for real. Hope she has a promising career beleive she will go far and have great record contact. Regret she was stopped in the finals. Great Job Melinda

2678 days ago


I can't believe you SAID THAT. You are really SETTING YOURSELF UP!!!!

2678 days ago


The Real American Idol, Melinda Doolittle!!

Its obvious that the producers dumped her because she wasnt as promotable to make that big money for them as a younger Jordin or a gay Blake could be. Sad days in the music industry continue.....
I havent watched this lame fake show since the crying girl incident which at that time, 100% convinced me of the farce that American Idol really is. Not that I didnt already think that it wasnt rigged last year after watching Mandissa(too big and religious) and Daughtry(too rock & roller) voted off well before far worse singers.
This show is crap!

2678 days ago


Melinda should have is a signing competition, not a personality contest. Maybe Fox should come up with a new reality show called American's most popular!

2678 days ago


Which one is she?


2678 days ago


"Idol" should be canceled. If they can't prevent skewed voting then what's the point?

2678 days ago


JORDIN!!! JORDIN!!! JORDIN!!!!! IDOL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2678 days ago

Dr. Cox    

Melinda has obviously the best singing voice that has ever appeared on Idol. When I listen to her sing you could tell that every other contestant would have to spend the rest of their lives to even be half that good. As a record producer myself, I was wondering how she would be "packaged" to further her career. As we all know the recording industry is trying to create superstars because that sells records to the kids mostly, but I can't wait to sit down with a glass of Chardonnay and thoroughly enjoy Melinda's debut album. She will be a mainstay long after Jordan, & Blake get flashed in the pan.

2678 days ago

Genuine Idol    

Why does everything have to typically end in some type of stereotype (race, religion, body type)? Why can't we just enjoy the person and the individuality they bring to the table. Kristiannah, you were just down right rude and it would be interesting to see what you look like. It is okay to have your opinion about a particular genre of music and/or person, but to belittle them because you may not care to listen to their music shows a lack of character on your behalf. American Idol is a top rated reality show. Reality...things do not always go the way we want them to go or intend for them to go. America, as whole, voted Doolittle, Sparks, and Lewis in the top 3 and Sparks #1. Granted, a lot has to do with who America believes will be more marketable, though they should always consider the main objective of the show "SINGING CONTEST". Doolittle, by far, was the best singer and should have made the top 2 but, in retrospect, I am glad Doolittle and Sparks did not have to go up against one another. Hands down, Sparks was the winner after Doolittle was voted off. Though I disagree with the way Kristiannah made comments, there is some believability to it. Last night was the first time I listened to both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and neither of them had anything on Doolittle, Fantasia, Sparks, Elliott, or Reuben (vocally). Matter of fact, their vocals lacked a lot; pitch was off; and so much more was wrong with their performances, but they are marketable according to social stereotypes. The music industry is just as diverse as the world we live in and the reality shows we choose to watch. Ultimately, the sell of any album depends on the choice of music an individual wishes to listen to. Some prefer Doolittle, some prefer Hicks, some prefer London, some prefer Aikens, some prefer Hudson (hopefully, you get the picture). As stated so many times, in some aspects if you just make the Top 12 you are at least a winner for gaining exposure on one of the most top rated reality shows. No matter the level of their talent, they lived @ least some part of their dream and many expressing themselves on these blogs haven't even put their dream into action or come close to it. Express your comments, but try not to hate so much when doing so.

2677 days ago

Genuine Idol    

To Comment #63: It is something how, again, race is the center of every issue. Just because Doolittle socialized with some Caucasians, that does not mean they are the foundation and/or reason for her success, character, and personality. Sweetie, what Doolittle possesses has everything to do with what she learned from home. No, I did not grow up with her but I grew up in the same capacity as she did--around and in predominantly Caucasian schools. The "white people" as you categorize them taught me very little about being decent (or maybe they did because of their apparent racism, judgments, and stereotypes, I knew how NOT to act). The picture shown of Doolittle is just one picture, do not get it twisted because it happened to be a picture showing one African-American and the rest Caucasians. She was not around those Caucasians 24 hrs. a day. She spent a small fraction of her day with them and the rest; I'm sure, with her family. Doolittle is hot now, so everyone wants a hand in discerning why she is, who she is. She is who she is because God ordained her life to be that way. Her destiny is her purpose created by God regardless of who she was around and she clearly exemplified that during her entire run on American Idol and I'm sure it'll continue throughout the remainder of her success.

2677 days ago


Melinda Doolittle was, by far, the best vocalist!! Jordan Sparks was and is FANTASTIC!!!
American Idol (the program) is a Farce!!!

2677 days ago


One does not to come in first place to be the most successful in the business. History has shown. However, Jordan is an exception talent as well. No one got "screwed" in the end.

2676 days ago
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