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Sanjaya: Human Art Project

5/22/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comIs Sanjaya Malakar really who he says he is ... or is he really an art school student pretending to be an "Idol" wannabe?

TMZ received a hilarious video of Sanjaya explaining that his "real" name is Bill Vendall, and that he is an art student at the Rhode Island School of Design. He "created" Sanjaya as part of his thesis, explaining, "The character was part of a larger art installation." That still doesn't justify the hair!

Sanjaya (or is it Bill?) also declares that you haven't seen the last of him, saying, "I might pop up on your favorite situation comedy. I might run for President. I might show up as you." Oooooooh, scary.


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Fallon in TX    

Sanjaya aka Bill is doing whatever it takes to make sure he isn't forgotten. He is a smart kid. And actually his sunglasses are very in style and a smart move. He looks good in them.

2677 days ago


i did a quick people search at yahoo for the name "sanjaya malakar" and while the yahoo site didn't have a hit, the Intellius paid search sites DID. their prelim search (you don't have to pay, just click on one of the "sanjaya malakar found" sites) came up with the following:

Sanjaya Malakar age: 17 Seattle WA

there are also two other names associated with sanjaya malakar and those names are listed as:

Jill L. Malakar and Vasudeva Malakar (ostensibly his parents).

so TMZ, you've been had by a 17 year old - just like american idol was and all those little twits who "voted" for him.

bill vendall does not exist unless it's only in the pea brain of sanjaya and his buddies in seattle who did a little film to keep his name alive.

please, sanjaya - get a job. a real one.

2676 days ago


"craig" from the risd? you're a riot. is that you, sanjaya?

2676 days ago


OMFG!! So this was all just a postmodern experiment on constructivism and the solipsistic nature of fame???? "Sanjaya Malakar", or shall I call him, "Bill Vendall", is a modern day Andy Warhol. How very subversive and...sublime.

This is hilarious. The American public have been duped by this intellectual trickster and become unwitting pawns in his artistically didactic mockery of the commercially bloated American Idol franchise.

This show is a cheestastic joke. And the people who worship and revere it are mouth-breathing baffoons.


2676 days ago

I met Bill a few times at RISD. He is just as arrogant and snotty as he appears in this video. And the hoax that he has perpetuated on American Idol... it typifies his work: wanky pretentious post-modernist masturbatory absurdity.

Most of the students at RISD have major attitude and superiority complex. Everyone on campus is laughing about this - even the instructors. I'm sure Bill received an A+ for his thesis.

2676 days ago


to those of you claiming to "know" this alter ego "bill vendall" aka sanjaya - get a life, please.

do you also know where jimmie hoffa is? and i hear they are still looking for amelia might have as much luck finding those two as you will finding "bill vendall."

LOL. you guys are a RIOT! do you even know where rhode island is?

p.s. sanjaya lives in seattle and his video looks like a 17 year old made it....LOL.

2676 days ago

Jessica Skinner    

He's just pulling your chain.
He's only freaking 17.


2676 days ago


I love this kid. He's brilliant as I've always known him to be. Best thing this season on Idol is that he was put through.

This is called satire those of you without a clue.

2676 days ago


I think this is funny~~~hahaha to all of us who watched him strut his ~~HAIR!!!!!!

2676 days ago

Animal Logic    

Yaaaawwwwwwn. It amazes me that no talent hacks who get their 15-minutes of shame are given more attention than talented artists and actors. Great job TMZ in helping these types of idiots stay in the hearts and minds of the sheep who swallow this drivel night and day. Happy thoughts and useless news items for the joyously ignorant.

2676 days ago



2676 days ago


How do we know this is even Sanjaya and not some look alike. He is wearing sunglasses for a reason. Maybe to hide the fact that they are NOT the same person. Ya think??

2675 days ago


it's only rockn'roll but i like it

2675 days ago


well, that just proves that the RISD ID students are jackarses

(go UArts!)

2675 days ago


If it's true, Sanjaya/Bill just got himself booted off the AI tour boss. That makes him stupid.

If it's some similarly tanned guy with a digicam and a sense of humor, nice job. TMZ got a few extra hits, and you can brag to your grandkids that you got a few minutes of fame.

2675 days ago
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