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Does Janet Really Have Her Weight Under "Control?"

5/23/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson is flaunting her rock hard stomach again, but is it absolutely really her body?

Photos taken of the titillating singer in England on Tuesday reveal a fuller figure than Janet sports on the latest cover of Us Weekly. Screw South Beach, Photoshop is hands-down the best way to drop pounds fast!

While Janet claims to have kept off the 60 lbs. she had previously put on (phat Janet!), the London pics showcase a rounder, more bootylicious Ms. Jackson. Not that there's anything wrong with that!


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janet looks better than all you dummies

2710 days ago

One for the road    

she always has gone up n down in weight
so she is up now so what!
We still love ya Penny!!

2710 days ago

Get over it!!    

17, I agree. I wonder what all the morons at TMZ look like under a microscope. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!! No wonder young girls have major weight issues. Hey if I look like Sharon Stone at her age I wouldn't complain.

2710 days ago


"trigger the horse" - okay Blondie, you're dating yourself with that comparison; you seem like a bitter old lady with insecurities....

2710 days ago


To the person that said she's old #9.............;you'll eat those words when you reach 40. Life didn't begin until I reached 40. I'm 43 and proud of it and look better than most women do in their 20s. I'm 5'5" and 115 lbs and have a rock hard body. Guys in their 20's tell my husband they'd like to steal me from him. And guess what? Most women start having cellulite in their late teens. I have NONE. If you eat right and take care of yourself, and workout instead of hanging out at McDonalds in your teenage years, you can avoid a lot of the aging process. I have no idea how old you are but would bet you're a 20 something with fat, cellulite and no boyfriend. Young girls like you make us 40 year olds feel great. EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

2710 days ago

Get over it!!    

17 was Tina, why do they switch numbers, how I agree with Tina not 17. David Ryan sounds like a very smart man.......DUMBASS!!!

2710 days ago


I saw her working out at the gym in Atlanta 3 weeks ago. she had a cut off shirt that revealed her six-pack. She looked great and siimilar to the magazine covers.

2710 days ago


Janet, you're a beautiful woman & I think the public will love you no matter what your weight. It's a shame that the Entertainment Industry puts so much pressure on celebreties to look "perfect" (as if there is such a thing).

2710 days ago


David Ryan is a smart man and he knows that Janet is FAT and OLD
Anyone who thinks a woman is hot at 40 is either
A. a 40 year old woman
B. Can't get a 25 year old woman
C.Married to a 40 year old woman and having to lie to her to keep sanity in the home

It's like all those women who think their husbands think they are so beautiful when they are pregnant -go into a garage sometime or locker room and see if the guys have a picture of Miss Third Trimester up on the wall

David Ryan

2710 days ago

double standards    

David Ryan must be Kissess Assess.....get a life and therapy will help you darlin'.

2710 days ago


she is wearing baggy clothes here,underneath that could very well be her tummy! Some clothes flatter your figure & some clothes not so much,it doesnt mean u gained weight "or photo shopped" from one day to the next ,it just means u should (if u care wut people think) dress in way thats flattering to your figure.

2710 days ago


how dumb are u TMZ!!!....janet was just photographed wearing a white form fitting gown the night before these pictures were taken...and she is FAR from being fat!!'s called layering and wearing baggy sweats!!...

she just did a concert with her stomach and waist on display for all to see...and it was fitter than anyone's waist who works on your staff!....JUST DUMB of you guys to post something without getting your facts straight....esp. when there are pictures proving that she is still in shape!!

2710 days ago


She's just wearing baggy clothes that make you look bigger. This was her a few nights ago:

Pay attention TMZ

2710 days ago


TMZ - don't stoop to the level of Perez Hilton. You're too good and smart for that.

Janet's weight is fine - as recent pics from London and the Bahamas suggest.

Stick to the type of great journalism that I love you for. But if you don't have the facts, leave the over-the-top speculation to Perez Hilton.

2710 days ago

London not England    

but it's nothing that removal of another rib & some diet pills can't cure....

2710 days ago
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