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Elisabeth Blasts Rosie: I'm No Donald Trump!

5/23/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bitchfight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck officially went nuclear -- and we mean nuclear -- on this morning's "The View," and it's a miracle, frankly, that fists didn't fly.

As usual, Rosie and Elisabeth started in on one another on the topic of Iraq, but it quickly got personal when Rosie, clearly still miffed that Elisabeth hadn't defended her over the whole soldiers-as-terrorists fracas, demanded to know whether Hasselbeck really thought Rosie felt that U.S. soldiers were terrorists, "as my friend, since September." When Elisabeth didn't give her a yes-or-no answer, the verbal fisticuffs began in earnest. In fact, producers saw fit to go split-screen, just to amp up the volume.

Name-calling ensued, with Rosie calling Elisabeth "cowardly," and Elisabeth spitting back at Ro that she's not "poor little Elisabeth," even smacking down guest co-host Sherri Shepherd's suggestion that she chill for the sake of her unborn child, saying, "The baby's FINE."

Joy Behar -- not at all wisecracking and with not inconsiderable exasperation -- asked, "Who's directing this show?! We need a commercial break! What is this, PBS?"


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Rosie becomes HYSTERICAL for a yes or a no at the wrong moment !!!!!!
Who does she think she is
Bye Bye Rosie..............don't let the door hit you in the behind

Elizabeth WE LOVE YOU ........... that was a GOOD One :-)))))))))))

Jeen,Oly,Marc,Cathrina,John,Peter and Steven

2603 days ago


OK OK I heard about this poo poo (meaner poo poo word) this was the first time I forgot to watch the view. But yes Rosie is a bully I hated how she gave the breaks and was talking all the tim. I actually would watch it to loose myself in my own thoughts on what to do that day. Im really happy she is gone it is kinda boring but atleast she isnt controlling everything. And E you need to speak up and keep your head up. Rosie go get urself another show on your own STOP being A BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that whole Blog thing was a lopw blow and a weak move to try and make more ppl to take your side. Put some make-up on next time and ur friend needs to wear a bra. look presentable before you try and make a big thing out of your views

2638 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Bulling takes on many forms, for instance "misspissy" and "jimmy" your point is?

2637 days ago



2659 days ago


I’ll say it again –

Why is Rosie so upset that Elisabeth didn't defend her to those crappy cable shows? Maybe Elisabeth started reading Rosie's blog and read all the nasty comments she CHOOSES to post regarding Elisabeth and her opinions. I wouldn't think someone was my friend or worthy of defending if they put posts on their blog that demeaned me.

Poor sweet Elisabeth held her own against Rosie today - pregnant and all, lol. I actually love that this is what makes Rosie angry. That someone might think she’s a bully and Elisabeth sweet. I don’t know either of these women personally and I have issues with both their opinions. I am more worried for Rosie than pregnant Elisabeth. She looks like she is heading for a nervous breakdown. She really needs to stop drinking. Alcohol and anti-depressants don't mix. I hope she takes some serious down time after leaving The View. Whatever her plans are after The View, I don’t think continuing this kind of debating is good for her if she can’t even hold her own against Elisabeth.

Barbara Walter’s The View = The New Jerry Springer Show.

Great TV.

2659 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Elizabeth is a cry baby

2659 days ago


It about time Elizabeth grows some balls. Anyone with a half an intellect could beat Rosie down based on her absurd and lazy viewpoints about the world.

2659 days ago


I am SICK and tired of watching Rosie being a BULLY and giving everyone a hard time. I could not believe how she acted on the show this morning. This is the reason I do not watch the View any more. There are enough bullies in the world without having to turn on your TV and watch her trying to rip someone to shreds. I watched a few minutes, saw it was the same old same old, and turned the channel right away.
And who made her the boss? She came in and totally took control of this show, acting like she is the boss.
I cannot wait until she's gone from the show. I can turn it on again and watch an entire show without turning it off. So long, adios, don't let the door hit you in the behind Rosie.

2659 days ago


I acnnot stand Elisabeth. She is an obnoxiox twit. Her views are so narrow minded. Notice how she has been more vocal and obnoxios since Rosie has decided not to mess with her out of respoect for the baby. I hope they can Elisabeth soon!!!

2659 days ago


I was so glad to see Elisabeth really stick up for herself and her opinions! It's about time she didn't back down and let Rosie have the last word!

2659 days ago


God bless Rosie -- she's authentic and full of humanity.

2659 days ago


Wow, was that explosive today.

Three more weeks of this? I'd be scared to be a guest.

2659 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Poor sweet Elisabeth my ass! Elisabeth is one of those 'pretend' Christians - who hates everyone - "thank you, Jesus!" How on earth does she keep her job when she is one of the most uneducated, intolerant nasally hosts on TV. Where is Barbara Walters when you need her! Go Rosie Go!!

2659 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Has no brains wannabe conservative.

2659 days ago


Elizabeth should have bitch slapped that winch. It is about time Elizabeth stood up for herself. Rosie thinks everyone should agree with her stupid ghetto outbursts. That was a good show today. Elizabeth Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosie needs to take her tail on home. Her time is up.

2659 days ago
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