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Elisabeth Blasts Rosie: I'm No Donald Trump!

5/23/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bitchfight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck officially went nuclear -- and we mean nuclear -- on this morning's "The View," and it's a miracle, frankly, that fists didn't fly.

As usual, Rosie and Elisabeth started in on one another on the topic of Iraq, but it quickly got personal when Rosie, clearly still miffed that Elisabeth hadn't defended her over the whole soldiers-as-terrorists fracas, demanded to know whether Hasselbeck really thought Rosie felt that U.S. soldiers were terrorists, "as my friend, since September." When Elisabeth didn't give her a yes-or-no answer, the verbal fisticuffs began in earnest. In fact, producers saw fit to go split-screen, just to amp up the volume.

Name-calling ensued, with Rosie calling Elisabeth "cowardly," and Elisabeth spitting back at Ro that she's not "poor little Elisabeth," even smacking down guest co-host Sherri Shepherd's suggestion that she chill for the sake of her unborn child, saying, "The baby's FINE."

Joy Behar -- not at all wisecracking and with not inconsiderable exasperation -- asked, "Who's directing this show?! We need a commercial break! What is this, PBS?"


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Rosie is totally OUT OF CONTROL - she is CRAZY! She's forgotten that the show does not belong to her to view her crazy views that most Americans do not care about. Today is the day she should be FIRED - we are all SO SICK of her! She's rude, crude, obnoxious, disrespectful, selfish and VERY LOUD. She adds NOTHING to the show; on the contrary, she's dragging the show down so much that most average Americans don't watch because of her. I am actually proud of Elisabeth for standing up to her this morning - Rosie is not used to that. Yesterday she insinuated that Elizabeth was not that intelligent - AGAIN. There is NOTHING that Rosie can do that will put her in a positive light to the public - she's burned every bridge she's crossed. This is a repeat of what happened when she was hired at McCall's Magazine. She took it upon herself to use the magazine to display her views and opinions. Donald Trump was right - she's on a self-destructive path and soon she'll find herself out of work and broke. She's an ambarrasment to all of us Americans. Bill and Barbara should do the right thing and let her go before the end of June so we can all enjoy watching the View as in the past.

2712 days ago

Laura Priest    

I wish Rosie would either shut her stupid ignorant mouth or die already!!

2712 days ago


Oh please, poor Elisabeth? Poor Rosie!!!! Everybody takes what Rosie says and spins it to make her look bad. All she was doing was looking to her "friend" to back her up. I dont blame her for leaving The View and i will miss her when she's gone!!!

2712 days ago


Rosie is a fat under educated idiot and should be black listed from TV and Radio. Someone needs to kick her ass!!!!!! She is a pimple on the ass of the earth. She is a waste of skin.

2712 days ago


i saw the show this morning,in my opinon elizabeth is the bully!!!!!it's almost like she's trying to get all upset for the attention.

2712 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Barbra must be going senile in her elder age with these characters.

2712 days ago


Can't wait for Rosie's stupid, ignorant, Anti-american, fat ass to be off the show so I can watch again without throwing up!!

2712 days ago


As usual, Rosie is the only person permitted to have an opinion and everyone else is wrong. Freedom of speech only applies to Rosie. Is it the end of June yet? Can't wait until she is off the show!!!! Bye Bye Rosie......Bye Bye!!!

2712 days ago


Poor Sweet Elisabeth
Poor Sweet Elisabeth
Poor Sweet Elisabeth
Poor Sweet Elisabeth
Poor Sweet Elisabeth


2712 days ago


When will Rosie be done?? And for all of you who applaud her, you're just as ignorant and selfserving as she is. Rosie needs to go away. She's not doing anyone or anything any good.

2712 days ago


Hey Brian ...learn how to write and learn how to spell

2712 days ago


GO Rosie!!!!
Elizabeth is a coward. She justs runs from what she does not want to answer.
Maybe one day she will understand that she is wrong to support President Bush who has done nothing for this country. The sooner he gets out of office the better.

2712 days ago

MPLS View Fan    

I have been a huge fan of The View since Rosie joined. Too bad she is absolutely out of her gourd...she is TRYING to go down and flames and bring everyone down with her. Elizabeth is a class act, intelligent and most importantly tactful. You are courageous Elizabeth! Don't take Rosie's %#!@. Money can buy her all the crafts in the world, but it will never buy her enough class to be in your league!

2712 days ago


Thank you Elizabeth for standing up and definitely holding your own against the things R was accusing you of. You are not a coward (hardly) and R REFUSES to have a "discussion" with anyone that has a different opinion than hers.

2712 days ago


They didn't have these many problems when Star was there. White folks... *smh*

2712 days ago
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