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Fake It Like Beckham

5/23/2007 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing phonier than Victoria Beckham -- her life!

With her "reality" show camera crews in tow, Victoria got pulled over while driving her black SUV in L.A. on Tuesday. What a coinky-dink! The first time we see Vicky B behind the wheel, she gets pulled over!

Sporting a ridiculously tight bondage skirt, Posh barely maneuvers out of her vehicle -- and into the paparazzi's full view -- to hand over paperwork to a police officer. Aren't you supposed to stay inside your vehicle?! Well, make sure you get her good side!

Afterwards, Victoria made her mic'd way to a local DMV office for more photo ops. Hopefully, Posh realized DMV does not stand for Dior, Manolo and Versace!


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sekkrit :))    

she only got famous cuz becks is a good footie player. making him leave madrid. gosh. i hate her.

2695 days ago

sekkrit :))    

she only got famous cuz becks is a good footie player. making him leave madrid. gosh. i hate her.

2695 days ago


to all the people that want to hate on victoria. fix your selfs up first. victoria has always said the beckham name was a brand. and thats what she playing with. leave her alone she is bloody see the real victoria watch the real beckhams........

2695 days ago

James Stouffer    

Hello, James Stouffer, Paradise Valley, Here. 602.781.2054. Asian Gangs and Hell's Angels, like the ones which were trying to extort you and your kids have attacked me here in Arizona. Their names are Jason Moore and Bruce Liu, of 1406 E Romley Road, Phx, AZ, 85040. Bruce is tied to an asian gang based in Shaghai, and has used the alias, Christopher Yates, you know that name, UK Soccer, Murder for ransom. That is right. He runs this through a post office box in Arlington, VA. He has ties to Chris and David Crane, formerly Lychlyter, of Indianapolis. Did I mention Dr. Jonathan D Kivitz, celebrity pediatrician? I didn't. Hang in there David B......I know how it feels, Sicilian extortionists.

2692 days ago


PULeeeeeze i cant believe anyone is even going to watch this ridiculous show I cant stand her she is sooo fake

2708 days ago


Doesn't anyone else notice this ticket to fame through her husband is pushing her luck. She's ugly and rude and disgusting by her inflated ego. She needs to crawl back under the rock where she came from or we'll have to spary for her.

2708 days ago


who cares!! she does have a nice body & 3 kids.......It doesn't seem that she is an alcoholic or drug addict either.............just saying................ROSIE O'DONELL BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2708 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Oh no, not another reality show like Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Just when you thought fake reality couldn't get an faker ....... Bingo

Leave it to a former member of one of the fakest pop acts in history to sink to a new low - ugh

2708 days ago


alissa Well said! Send her back to England now.

2708 days ago


She is G-d -awful ugly....pale....bland....grossly skinny...with hilariously funny grapefruit implants...and of course...never smiles because she's too busy sucking in her cheeks. She has no talent...never did...and Beckham is as phony looking as she is...with his scarves perfectly placed. Give me a break! Just what we needed here in L.A....another two cartoonish fools!

2708 days ago

the wise old owl    

I will never watch this stupid show. Bunch of materialistic, superficial phonies who do nothing in their lives that I am interested. I could care less about her " brand name " over priced clothes and her unhealthy lifestyle of " starving herself '. If she has a daughter ......I feel really sorry for her. She's raising her with all the wrong values and morals I wouldn't be surprised if she grows up with a lot a problems.

I'll give POSH one thing. At least she wasn't driving drunk.

2708 days ago


I think it was Death coming for her, not a police man, I mean, she looks like a corpse, and ANYBODY who finds her attractive is a necrophiliac

2708 days ago


i dont get why this woman is so popular. i seen her in a magazine and they were talking about how pretty she is. she has a big ass head and the rest of her is nothing but bones! her mouth sticks right out and that makes her look like an ape.shes not atrtractive at all and im sick of seeing this girl everywhere! SHE IS NOTHING SPECIAL AND SHE ACTS LIKE A DAMN SNOB!

2708 days ago


she looks ill. someone give her a sandwich!

2708 days ago



2708 days ago
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