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Is Rosie Ready to Ditch "The View" -- Right Now?

5/23/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ballistic warfare this morning push Ro over the edge -- and into an early exit from "The View?"

O'Donnell has three weeks left before she's done, but from the sound of her blog at, even that might be too long for her to handle. "It may be time to be done," was what she wrote this afternoon, after the brutal verbal bashing she and Elisabeth smacked-down on one another, while also suggesting that it should be Elisabeth, not she, who should apologize for the dust-up.

Rosie clearly wasn't happy with producers of the show, who saw fit to split-screen the shouting match in flagrante, which made for riveting television, but unquestionably ratcheted up the rancor. "It was sickening," wrote Ro.

Rosie said she wouldn't be going to work tomorrow, but a "View" rep tells TMZ that O'Donnell scheduled the day off to celebrate partner Kelli's 40th birthday -- and that's all.


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Elisabeth is very bitchy. I tape View to watch the show. Elisabeth = fastfoward so I do not need have to hear her high pitched voice even before Rosie joined the show.

Lately she is very aggressive to talk, talk & talk over others. Today she is totally out of line. I think she wants to fight Rosie to gain something for herself. she is disgusting!!!

2688 days ago



How can you say something that is so empty and useless. Children and resort to name calling when an intelligent aregument escapes them. I suggest that you find something useful to say ablout Rosie or anyone else before making personal attacks. EH sunk low as well as rosie. The whole aregument was embarrising, as well as pitiful. A seemingly intelligent adult would hear the facts about this administraion and blindly defend--and leaves a "friend" out to dry when the "friend begs to be defended. Can anyone teel me if that exemplifies loyal behavior?

2688 days ago

how sad    

Only a fool would believe that this war is just and that Bush is great.
Oh yeah, that fool would be Elisabiatch Hackoff.

2688 days ago


You go Elizabeth and do not be afraid to stand up to Rosie.

2688 days ago

Intelligent person    

Stubborn, raving, lunatic. Time to get off the air, Rosie. I know you're passionate about what you believe, but it's whacked. GWB a perfect president? No. But, a moral man that has made the best decisions he could, with the info given. Why do you think you know better, have you been briefed by the Generals on the ground in Iraq? Were you given the high up information to make your decisions and opinions? I didn't think so. Take a pill and chill out, you were a lunatic today.

2688 days ago

how sad    

Hey, let's start another BOYCOTT.
BOYCOTT the View when Rosie leaves.

2688 days ago


Hearing the daily comedy of "big fat lesbian Rosie" has been a highlight of my day. She is so dislikeable! She makes Elisabeth and her opinions seem very reasonable.

Get yourself some help Rosie. For the sake of the children you adopted.

2688 days ago


Rosie is the first person who would lop off a "loyal" friends head. As for name calling and making fun of people..Rosie is the master....unfortunately,she can't take what she dishes out...a coward

2688 days ago


#87-A. she is a comedienne, B. everyone makes fun of his hair, C. he makes fun of his hair.
Thank you LIZZIE SUX, Cathy, and Gerard. EH makes me want to puke with her pathetic, pampered, sliver platter view of the world and this even more pathetic opinions of this pathetic and deplorable administration.

2688 days ago


I boycotted the view when Rosie started on the show; so, I'll gladly continue your dumbass boycott!

2688 days ago

Dianna Collins    

Leave now Rosie. I am having much less respect for you so take a hike over to the liberal press people. They might appreciate you. Your rant and rave today with Elizabeth was ridiculous for day time television. Not an appropriate audience for the topic at hand. Yea, yea, we know you hate the current administration. So what??????? Your opinion is worth no more than mine. LEAVE NOW!!!!

2688 days ago

jokin' right    

The split screen was the producer/directors way of saying eff you. 'Your almost otta here so we can do what we want to humiliate you. ' That was so embarassing to split screen them in the 'cable news' style, yet so entertaining.

Rosie was mortified.

Was's just thankful to be on TV at all and they have been walking all over her for years so what's a little more humiliation?

2688 days ago


Hey Brain,
Sounds like you want to kill yourself..please do so

2688 days ago

Can't Stand Rosie    


Your name is LIZZIE SUX and you are lecturing #84 on personal attacks??? Hypocrite like Rosie I guess. Rosie behaves like a child, calls names, shouts, makes fun of people, personally attacks people and lies, She has admitted she can't control her temper, even with her own children as stated in the Alec Baldwin interview. I am a Democrat and do not hold what EH says as being right in any sense. I am 100% against Bush. But......... Rosie behaves like a person who has no control of herself, she is a nut case!

2688 days ago

waving goodbye to rosie    

I don't know what has happened to Rosie over the past few months. Whatever happened to "The Queen of Nice" as she was once dubbed? It seems that coming out has turned her into a raving maniac. That is a shame because I believe that she could be a champion for many good causes if she were to bring the attack level down several notches. Someone needs to tell her that disagreeing with her does not mean that people are homophobic, Bush loving, Bible thumping, terrorists. Come on Ro.........CHILL!!!!!!

2688 days ago
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