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Sharon Stone -- Flabulous!

5/23/2007 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone might want to think about doing a few squats instead of lounging around on a big boat.

The actress oozed over the strings of her teeny-weeny bikini yesterday as she soaked in the sun off the coast of Cannes aboard Roberto Cavalli's yacht. Seems like she's always had a thing for sea men.


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Could you just give these people a break? They are human. They are ridiculed for their normal body, ridiculed if they attempt to correct their body. Sharon you are beautiful. these people are our entertainment on the screen. Their private lives should be that, private. Everyone of us has flaw. It's not marked everyday, in every movement we make. Sometimes if wish the paparazzi would turn their cameras on themselves 24/7, 360 degrees. I'm sure they would not like what they see. Leave these people alone.

2676 days ago

This just goes to show you that no matter what your age being a size 4 doesn't save you from the dreaded cottage cheese.

2676 days ago


OH PLEEZ! For all you critics out there...Sharon Stone has no back flab and very tight arms in this photo,the body of a young lady half her age! Who can look that good at 50?
She is a natural beauty and obviously knows how to take care of her self!!!

2676 days ago


Sunny ! excerise and creams will not remove Cellulite but they will reduce the apperance of it. what you eat can also help. Sharon S. is in her fifties so she doesn't look that bad. And streatchmarks That is not streatchmarks you only get streachmarks by having Kids and or by gaining alot of weight and then losing it!!!! Sharon has not had any kids and has never been fat ..

2676 days ago


Sharon Stone is an accomplished actress, mother to 3 young children, and generous with her time and money as a social activist. She is nearly 50 years old. If I make it to 50, I would be delighted to be half as accompished as this woman. Oh, and if I look ANYTHING like her, I will be easy to spot. I will be the one singing "Happy, Happy, Joy, Freakin' Joy!!!" I think we should all take a long look at the way people in Europe enjoy life. They are too busy enjoying life to hide from it because of a big ass, or a little cellulite, or the sin of aging gracefully. There are no dress rehearsals in life. This is it... enjoy yourself, Sharon, life is too short.

2676 days ago


Give her and all women a break! Unless you turn yourself into a plastic surgery clone, like most of Hollywood, this is what a real woman in her fifties looks like! I guess TMZ forgot that since most of what they see has been sucked, tucked and pulled beyond all reality. Way to go Sharon for not being a plastic doll! It's frightening how everyone is starting to look alike in Hollywood thanks to all the surgical procedures to fit the perfect mold, fish lips, huge boobs, tight face, and barely able to breathe nose.

2676 days ago


Nice hair, hag!!!!

2676 days ago


I highly doubt Sharon Stone gives a damn what you TMZ people think. She's comfortable with herself enough to wear a two piece biniki at her age. Speaking of....for all you "kiddies" out there making fun of her, let me tell you. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you CANNOT avoid getting older and it changes the way you look. It's got nothing to do with NOT working out. It's aging. You'll be there someday too. I'm sure some idiotic young person will be thinking the same thing about you! {grin}

2675 days ago
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