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Britney's Workin' Hard

5/24/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears gave son Sean Preston a lesson in using headlights to navigate the paparazzi yesterday.

Emerging from the Millennium Dance Studio, Britney told the assembled paparazzi, "I love you too," when prompted by their declarations of love ... for her eyes.

Wonder what was making her so preternaturally perky?


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I do too. My chest is as flat as Sean Preston's. Maybe I'm a boy.

2672 days ago


If I were the fashion police, I'd make a ton on her with all the tickets I'd be writing. The outfit is fine...but she knows she going to be photographed...just wear a bra you little bimbo.

2672 days ago

a person    

That's a cute little boy

2672 days ago


Her body is starting to get out of proportioned. Her lower half is smaller then the arms, and top half. Dont get me wrong, I wish I could lose all my baby-fat like she did.

2672 days ago


Haven't you all caught on yet? There must be a health issue with her youngest child. Don't be harsh about that....she'll give you plenty of other reasons. But please leave the innocent out of it....Damn! Their kids "ya'll"

2672 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

her boobs are spread too far apart

2672 days ago


that sean preston is cute. maybe he could sing for her and she wouldnt have to lip synch. i think he should be a mouse ke teer. you dont want him to end up like feddering do you?

2672 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

bitch your rich get a bra your boobs are NASTY are you too doped up to remember to put one on??? and btw you do have 2 kids not just one whore. Someone please take those kids away shes no kinda mother at all

2672 days ago


#14, what have you got going on in your sad little life? I mean, you're right here with the rest of us reading this. So, from the sound of your post, you have a sad little life indeed. What I dont understand is why people can't just admit that they are curious about Britney or that they think it's fun to post their comments for others to see?

2672 days ago


Number 70 is a very pathetic person. We should all have a moment of silence in sympathy for her. I think the problem is that she hates herself and has to find somebody else like Brit to talk trash about and try to reduce Brit below her sad self. People who are nothing have to have somebody to look down on so they try to reduce someone else with trashy talk. I hope Number 70 can get some therapy soon. It's very sad for a human being to be that low.

2672 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

she must be real desperate for attention wear a bra, you look really skanky someone close to you needs to have a long talk with you about what you are doing to your children. Quit trying to comeback, your lip syncing how pathetic.

2672 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

#72 why dont you mind you own business and not worry what other posters on here say its open opinion and he or she can say whatever they want. Half the posters on here said the same things. so get a life and move on. i once knew a girl named Lisa she looked like a dog with rabies.. Its probably you lmao My bad you probably like looking Britneys headlights

2672 days ago


My, what a beautiful little boy Sean is turning out to be! Too bad he's stuck with that drunk, insane, unfit mother. Britney Spears needs to put her babies up for adoption. It's clear that she cares more about partying all night than staying at home and being a parent. BTW, does her other son really exist? Has anybody ever seen him? What's his name?????

2672 days ago

Live your own life.    

2672 days ago


poor kid imagine those two as your parents.hey at least mommas got money in the bank

2672 days ago
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