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Clive's Speech

Ain't Music to Kelly's Ears

5/24/2007 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Clive Davis' very public display of rejection toward pop superstar Kelly Clarkson (via a speech that canonized Saint Carrie Underwood) on last night's "American Idol" finale, sources tell TMZ that SONY/BMG execs were apologizing to members of Clarkson's camp for their label head's rude behavior.

The 75-year-old owlish music mogul was tasked with speaking to the huge TV audience about the health of the "A.I" franchise and appeared to go out of his way to avoid mentioning Kelly's new single "Never Again" (which reached the Top 10 for heaven's sake!) or her forthcoming CD, "My December." Yet he somehow managed to find time to plug both Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee's new singles! Clive did briefly allude to two-time Grammy winner Clarkson -- but only to praise the talents of outside songwriters working with "Idols." Ouch!

Sources backstage at the finale report that Sony/BMG execs attempted to apologize to Kelly's team -- but their backtracking on behalf of the man with the golden ears fell on deaf ears. A well-placed source told TMZ, "Clive's actions, both delaying the album, and now this, tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about Kelly." That's no way to treat a 15-million-album-selling lady!

As TMZ reported
, the contentious feud erupted between honcho Davis and Kelly after she refused to make the "significant changes" to her new album (for which she wrote or co-wrote every song) -- that Clive demanded.

Artistic integrity - 1, The Man - 0!

A rep for Clive Davis told TMZ, "There is no truth to this story whatsoever. The focus of Clive's speech was on the recent Idol successes."


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Clive plugged Taylor Hicks over Kelly Clarkson?? Surely, this is all the evidence needed to get him legally labeled as "senile" and mentally unfit.

2706 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Why can't he let her try and go in the direction that she wants ?

Not everyone wants to have their songs handed to them by people who get paid to pump out hit pop songs.

You would think her new song was trash the way he has been going on about wanting to retool her cd.

I'm glad that Kelly kept to the music she wanted and did not give in.. because no matter what she did what she wanted.

2706 days ago


go away you OLD CROW. he probably can't even HEAR well ANYMORE let a YOUNGER EAR lead the way . die,die,die clive.he,he,he,

2706 days ago

how sad    

Kelly is extremely talented and I will buy her new CD. She said in an
interview on Showbiz Tonight /CNN that she wants to make music that
means something to her and that she doesn't have to be #1 or be the
richest person.

Those are words of a true artist. Stay true to yourself Kelly. You are not
a pop, bubble-gum music making machine...Clive needs to back off.
I swear that man thinks that he owns people. Be free Kelly.

2706 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Clive's transparent agenda illustrated how highly he thinks of himself. There are still things to learn even at 75, and if he's about truth rather than shining his own emerging despotic image, he'll realize it. You learn from the courage of people who take a stand for the right reasons, even if they know they might fall on their face. That's the point. Kellie is a brilliant cut gem. She shines even in Clive's rain. If she feels she needs to stand firm, then she needs to stay true to herself. It's a serious mistake to attempt to squelch the creativity of a talented person. It needs respectful nurturing, not a despotic approach. If she learns that Clive has a point, then she needs to acknowledge it. I think there must be more to this disagreement than we've seen.

Clive's little act appeared small minded and apparent; it was very uncomfortable to watch. After Underwood squirmilly then hastily seguayed back to the show, I'll bet she just realized that she's just been used. Carrie's intelligent, and she won't like that, even if she doesn't voice it. Let's not blame Carrie for this one, when we all know he's cleverly just used her and abused his position to get in a public dig; not only to Kelly but indirectly if unintentionally to the other artists. Ouch. If Clive thinks that it's only his vision that counts, then he's gotten too big for his britches, and is starting to alienate people and more than that, himself.

2706 days ago


Good Lord are you related to the woman or what. What is she two yrs old? SO what, if its that bad move to another label. And why do you have to keep making backhanded comments about Carrie Underwood. This is a business, of which he is the head, he didn't just roll out of bed yesterday and decide to get into the music business, this man has handled some of the biggest names oiut there. You act as if he has no clue about the music business.

2706 days ago


He has no clue about the music biz. did u see wut he did to Clay? anywasy suppose Kelly did listen to him and she put out an album like Breakaway. all the people that are upset that she didnt listen to him would have been like: She is in it for the money. why does she have to put out the same stuff?ect.
she was in a lose lose sitution. either take Lohan and other pop star's songs and re-record them or write your own music. and she did the right thing. Clive is an a*s and TMZ isnt the only people that noticed. the judges looked bored and kinda like wut the h*ll is this guy talking about. because we all know he was wrong. he is 75 he doesnt know wut Kellys fans want and this is what we WANT! music that she wanted to put out because in the end she is the one singing it.

2706 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

From what I understand, it's just not that easy to jump to another label if they have you under contract. The labels can control every aspect of these artists, and not always in a good way.
Of course he knows the business. So, then, why is he behaving like this? Very tacky, so the man obviously doesn't know everything. Hitler was the head, too. Should his acts not have been questioned? Just because someone is an authority doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. Power can corrupt, absolutely. Kellie is the musical one. She has the vocal skill and the talent. She knows what she wants to do. He's just the suit, albeit with administrative wherewithall. They need to compromise. Something tells me Clive hasn't had to compromise with an artist in quite some time.

2706 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Kelly writes her own songs and succeeds, she makes far more money for herself rather than indefinite royalties for someone else. It doesn't support that machine that cranks money out of every hole for the label.

2706 days ago


Kelly's under contract with them and they have every right to tell her that these songs won't work right now. They have invested millions in her career and they are the boss. Dealing with the boss is hard for everyone - welcome to reality Kelly, the world the rest of us live in. What she should be doing is writing her songs and copyrighting them, then when her contract is over she can start her own label and do it all, the way she wants too.

2706 days ago

Nancy Kerrigan    

Listening to Clive's speech on Idol was pure misery. After he was done praising Carrie, Daughtery, Hicks, etc., it became abundantly clear to me that his speech was solely intended to publicly "dis" Kelly. This guy is such an a**hole! I hope that Kelly isn't locked in with this label for any future albums.

2706 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She may very well have to switch labels or start her own. She ought to be treated with more respect. She's the artist. All those $ycophantic suits telling her what to do, 'handling' her; she seems to be able to handle herself well enough. She's earned the right to sit at the front of the bus and at least to posess some of her own artistic integrity. I wouldn't pay a plug nickel to see Clive, but I'd pay premium dollar to see Kelly Clarkson sing live, or to buy her CD's. She's the rare and true talent.

2706 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

They have invested in her career, and she's made THEM millions with her talent.

2706 days ago

Cat lady    

I think Carrie is a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out. If you have ever seen her on TV without Makeup, she is still BEAUTIFUL. Directors, singers and others that have worked with her all say she is an extremely kind and down to earth person. One major Video director said she was the nicest person that he had EVER worked with. Yes she did graduate with TOP honors. Check it out.

She is a very talented singer and performer. She must be doing something right. 6 million and still selling, with 4 number one songs on her debut album. Did Kelly do that? NO. No one else has. Kelly is good, but Carrie deserved her recognition, and was very humble about accepting and quickly tried to take the attention off of her. That should show some of you rude people what kind of person that she is.......Back to the makeup comment about Carrie, do you really think that Kelly is coming on stage bear faced? You know better.

2706 days ago


Where did you get your information from?Just curious as to your inside sources.

2706 days ago
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