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Fan to Jessica: "Once You Go Black ..."

5/24/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Jessica Simpson into black guys? That's what one loudmouthed fan asked the dim damsel at the airport yesterday.

As Jess walked to her terminal, the pop starlet was hilariously cat-called by a snubbed male autograph hound who yelled, "How do you feel about interracial relationships? Can a n**** stand a chance?" as Simpson could do nothing but laugh.

The man's parting words to Jessica as she disappeared through security -- "Once you go black, you never go back!"


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Craig I was responding to Who's comments about riots in Detroit. And FYI iam very familiar with work , I have always worked iam at work now! Yeah I bet you thought I was home watching soaps ! NOT ! Get over yourself already ! damn

2717 days ago

Democrats are evil    

When will society finally get tired of this disfunctional side of this culture. I like your posts Craig. The truth is the truth and you will always piss off the ignorant who are just unwilling to change for the better. Stupid people will always fight til their last breath to remain stupid. In this case, it happens to coincide with the color of ther skin. It's truely amazing!

2717 days ago


angiep Welcome to the real world, people like you are fake. Don't tell me you have never said anything about another race before. At least I don't hide it. You are not helping your cause with the spelling in your posts either. Put down the crack pipe and your 40 oz.

2717 days ago

Barbie Loves Ken    

Jessica and her younger sister have done nothing of interest in ages and Jessica's acting 'career' hasn't exactly taken off, so why the hell are they still all over the press?
It is all because of who they are dating and not to do with their music or acting. Pathetic.

2717 days ago


,,,,,CRAIG, Angiep & Jiggy,,,,,, "CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG" haha,,,,,TMZ, is just trying to get you all FIRED UP!, read the headline..........& you know what ..."IT WORKED!!!!".....

2717 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

I am black and I must say that white woman love black men. They are well endowed, very sexy and they are more outgoing. A large percentage of white woman only date black men and I can not hate on that because black men satisfy their needs. Several white woman told me that white men have small packages and that they suck in bed. White men need to step their game up because the black men are taking most of the white woman.

2717 days ago

Hot Carl    

Nice posts Craig - well said

Caribbean Goddess - I don't know where you get your information, but most white women - well the ones worth being with anyways - want more than a "big package"... Sure it helps, just like large breasts on a woman, but I would think things like a JOB and a FUTURE... might weigh heavily. How about some INTELLIGENCE - hell, at least the ability to SPEAK PROPERLY... further more I think any women with CLASS would expect the RESPECT she deserves...

All things said I think the white man's "GAME" is just fine...

2717 days ago


WHO what is your problem? Stop it! Grow up. America is a melting pot and to put all of one race in the same catagory is insane. I'm not willing to lump you into the Small Member, Trailer Dwellers. I suppose you think the Detroit riots just happened because black folks are simple. However, it's to the contrary...they got tierd of the retarded attitudes like yours. I'm sure you'd never discriminate!

2717 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Hey Costa Mesa Boy, I read the Headline. This is about a disrespectful Black man getting a white actress's attention by making an ignorant comment about race and sex. This is all about stupid people saying and doing stupid things. Got it? It reflects on the race of the spoken word and perpetuated by the people that defend it. TMZ may promote it but the truth is the truth until the stupidity goes away. Quit defending it.

2717 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

#30, I'll let you in on a little secret. If white woman thought that were sexier than black woman, they would not go through extreme measures to look black. They get brest implants, butt injections, butt implants, lip injections and tans to make their skin darker because their skin is pale. Look at Ice T's girlfriend Coco T. She is white and she had butt injections and a breast implants and she looks amazing. Also, most black men have told me that they like white woman because they are nieve, easy to minipulate, they can use them for their money and they are are nasty in the bedroom. Black men say that they can get away with anything when they are with a white woman. I may not agree with them using white woman but they can not blame no one but themselves. Open up your eyes!

2717 days ago


umm, craig, how many black men have you had???? and how many times did they leave you with child???? grow up, get a life, and seek jesus, he is the only one who can help people like you, and i don't mean the gay part, but the racist part. you an idiot, stop looking in the dregs of socity for your lovers, unless of course, your are a part of that socity........whwerever you live stay away from the WEST SIDE try the east

2717 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

black guys want white women to go to work for them and make their cell phone payments for them. how else do dey get dey child support paid. i know in my town there are no good looking white women wit dez fake gangstaz we gots nowadays. while dey at work da brothuz be out in da white bitchez car pimpin hos and hustlin like in da rap videos cuz all dat stuff iz da videos really happens in real life.

2717 days ago


I'm late to this party but it is the same old, same old. In general there is that fear of the black man's sexual potency. There is that fear of the black man in general. Then there is the awe and envy of the black man by the white man. If a white man is insecure in any way, that awe and envy manifests into hatred and anger and frustration. That's what I see reflected in these racist posts. Here is the perfect forum to vent your rage towards black people. Not one of you idiotic racist posters would ever SAY any of this nonsense to a black person or any decent person. Would you say it in church or at a job interview or front of a class of 6th graders? No you wouldn't. Why? Because you are cowards at heart. Society has passed you by and now when you voice your racist remarks to a group of white you don't well: A.Some are part black themselves but don't look it. B.Some are married or otherwise involved with a black person. C. Most are just decent people who wouldn't tollerate your ignorance. You can talk about illegitimate kids and crime and make your racist jokes and comments. The reality is that to be in a place in your life where all you have left is annonymous racist posts online tells me and anyone who reads your words how truly pathectic you really are...

2717 days ago


caribbean ho You sound ridiculus! That's only a handful of the white skanks that we don't want, besides they keep going back to black guys because once we find out that they have been with a black guy nobody wants that tainted meat.

2717 days ago

He's Boring now    

Black men, the ones with the baggy pants, tilted caps, grabbing their things, and speaking a language few can comprehend are usually the ones who think only with their dongs and numbers that can be had. Other Black men, the ones I have encountered in life, the army, in the corporate world and in college are as respectful and polite as any other Race when it comes to women. Hip hoppers, gang bangers, poor black inner city youth that dont choose education are the group that are the big dong talkers---and I dont know a single white woman that would want anything to do with that kind of man. Not for the things a man can do in life for a woman and a family like providing, being responsible, a role model and becoming a success in career.

yeah there's some other Races that have their same kind of group that in general look to women as ho's and bitches and treat them accordingly...but no single group in their art, music, language and mannerisms has emerged as prevalent as that first group of Blacks as just insulting to and abusing women as simply sexual conquests.

I hope the next riot that occurrs is a revolt against all of this, only hope its led by the USA and not those of radical islam who abuse women more than that group does.

Racist? Ok, I'll live with that, but I know it when I see it and so do most of you on here too. Its just rude and crude and nothing any of our parents taught us how to treat women. Sorry its predominat in that single group.

2717 days ago
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