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Fan to Jessica: "Once You Go Black ..."

5/24/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Jessica Simpson into black guys? That's what one loudmouthed fan asked the dim damsel at the airport yesterday.

As Jess walked to her terminal, the pop starlet was hilariously cat-called by a snubbed male autograph hound who yelled, "How do you feel about interracial relationships? Can a n**** stand a chance?" as Simpson could do nothing but laugh.

The man's parting words to Jessica as she disappeared through security -- "Once you go black, you never go back!"


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Vickie NO ONE, let me repeat NO ONE, is jealous of your stupiditity and ignorance! No one is jealous of your factory-working, bayou-living white trash husband and your racist, vile lifestyle! Your most definitely a slim beause of all of the METH you've been smoking. You kids will be ashamed of you once they are college educated and have seen more than the little corner of Louisiana or Mississippi that you're from. There's TONS of blacks in the military and wouldn't it be something when your Navy child brings home an interracial baby for Momma Vickie! ha! And anyone can go to college these's called FINANCIAL AID!!! People like you make me sick!

I certainly don't feel POMPOUS (get it right, it's not spelled POMPASS, but of course since you haven't finished high school then most likely you don't know how to spell properly). I just thank God that my parents raised me right and didn't inject me with hate and racist ideology that yours must have.

I pray that whatever menial job you must have it DOES NOT include being around children!

You reap what you sow and someday all of this hate may come back to bite your red neck behind!

2673 days ago


Say what you want but she's probably screwing about 3 bros at one time right now!!! Learn how he "game" is played before you speak on it!!!

2673 days ago

I know    

First of all Caribbean Goddess the reason your so exacerbating to EVERYONE is because you don't have your facts straight, you grasp at straws and in the end you show the low intelligence level believed to be had by many black people.

Interracial dating is a preference. THOUGH I do hate to see white woman date the GHETTO black guys because it just spreads negativity we breed-- to other races and the BALL WILL DROP eventually like it is doing now.

Don't you feel the tension and sense of-- enough is enough from society. We spread our "wild barbaric" culture to others. What do you expect? Especially when the culture starts to reflect this behavior. Should we get a Medal?

You said you where dating a Columbian, that's not white ---So again what was your point---
State a fact make sure it's a fact, and we don't need you to rally for the race, especially when it comes to nonsense.

Black woman we need to release ourselves from our image being degraded by black men, or image is HORRIFIC. So when I hear you speak about how other cultures are dying to mirror us, I want to shake you and tell you how delusional you're being. And no it's not because I want to BRING DOWN MY RACE. But it's because I know the first step to improvement is acknowledging there’s a problem.

Black women we are portrayed, as “animalistic” hyper sexed, beast, and yes, there's a generalist to us not having strong families in the community. SO WHO WANTED TO BE US AGAIN? Self-love begins with helping and solving what's holding you back.

2673 days ago

I know    

Sorry, but you must understand there is a movement going on, a movement where "progressive" black people intelligently and vocally declare we've had enough of the ball and chain, "oppressed" black person on our ankle.

Yes I will expose and degrade this image that is such a contrast to myself and other "progressive" black people. You know why because though I must carry the burden (to a certain extent) of the rest of my race.

Even Upon an initial meeting, it's quite obvious that I don't fall into the typical stereotypical clichés thought of my race. Vocalizing that I don’t condone these negative entities as a black person, is essential not only to demonstrate that there is a since of exhaustion felt by others but also within our race.

There are many positive "progressive" blacks that feel the need to separate themselves from that old "conspiring" appearance we SEEM to posses within our communities. Just because someone is black, does not mean I will stand by them, or protect them.

That's the problem we have been cuddled and excused by society, in terms of accountability and self-reliancy.

I don't have problems navigating my way through life. It's those that don't have the functionality to do so, who have problems. I speak well, I carry myself with PRIDE and DIGNITY and I definitely don't fall into stereotype.

And you know what at the end of the day, many of the Caucasians on this site are just "venting". Some are racist, some are just frustrated, but if you saw them in everyday life and defied their negative stereotypical image, there would be a more-- meeting of the minds.

Those are the experiences I encounter. It's really those who can't pull themselves out of stereotype, or fall into stereotype who are SUFFERING. The way I carry myself and conduct myself you would have to be a determinant racist, not to see that am a-typical to the unfortunate stereotypical image plagued by us.

"Ghetto People The Storm Has Come"
Look Gangsters----The Will Smith's have the last laugh--- hahaaaaaaaa

2673 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

So Obvious, why do you have a problem with black men dating white woman? The point that I was making if you read between the lines is that you have to take the good with the bad no matter whet their race is. Stereotypes will always exist in our society. It is now for So Obvious to break that barrier. The next time that you see ablack man with a white woman, do not roll your eyes and suck your teeth. Just walk on by and go along with your day. When I am in public with my fiance who is Columbian, black men say rude comments. They say that all of the pretty black girls date outside of their race. So Obvious, you are ignorant to your own race. You lack intelligence and integrity. If you have been deceived by a black men in your life, you need grace period to move on. Most woman such as yourself are scorned. I have been through alot as well with black men but I will not blame the next man for the last mans deception. I advise you to seek theraphy. I am being very serious. It works. The more that you keep things bottled inside, you will indeed become a walking time bomb. Good luck and take of yourself.

2672 days ago

La Femme    

I think that when black men are paid properly.not just promised to be paid, when they are given equal pay for their creative work and efforts you will see more responsiability. It's heart breaking to see my own sons get cheated no matter how hard they work. The praises are there but the money is not.There are still white employers,usually male who think it's funny and kool to cheat black people look at how Phil Spector cheated his previous entertainers. It happens in all types of employment. Any foreigner can come to the US, enemy of the US especially and claim riches. La Femme

2672 days ago

La Femme    

When any man blk. wht,or whatever hawks at you in the steet,in a disrespectful way, look away, ignore them. You don't owe any of them your attention. It's disrespectful and embarrassing,crude and unwanted.As far as People who are of mixed race goes I have no feeling for them one way or the other. You will get picked on if you are too fat,too skinny too rich or too poor.You get the picture?? It's a power play. A mixed race person who complains is looking for special attention. Look at Halie Berry It worked for her. save your pity, a mixed race person provided their fairly attractive can go much further than the average blk. person in today's world. They have the best of the two races. Save your pity. LA FEMME

2672 days ago

I know    


It has finally been revealed, like so many others on this site, I could never grasp and understand why you go off on these INACURRATE EMOTIONAL TANTRUMS.

Accusing people of being “jealous of people” ----with no basis
Accusing people of hating interracial dating--- where have I said that
Accusing people of being scorned--- where would you base this belief
Accusing people of wanting to look black---- means deep down inside you need to
Believe this---again no basis (Coco doesn’t
Count) that’s grasping at straws
Accusing people of being “scorned”---- again where’s the basis

In reading your post many times it seems as if your talking about yourself, or trying to convince yourself that some of the ridiculous things you’ve said is true.

Your comments are very personal instead of being factual. They are emotional with no basis instead of being truth. Statements like “ I roll my eyes when I see a black man with a white woman”------ That’s a far fetch assumption to make of someone you don’t know and has never indicated in any post that I feel this resentment towards interracial dating.

So Again this comment demonstrates that you are reflecting on your personal reactions and experiences.

And though I find great delight, in interacting with other Black people such as yourself---and because I speak and write so well, the person usually tries to match this, even if they don’t have the capabilities or the vocabulary to do so (such as yourself).

You said I don’t have any “intelligence” or “integrity”--- again two baseless comments. I have a feeling that because of the tone of my writing, you can sense that I have a more broad and advance vocabulary than you, and because of this (something I witness often) you tend to use words that you don’t understand, in order to feel COMPETENT.

So let me give you a little vocabulary lesson.

Intelligence means: capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.

Integrity means: soundness of moral character; honesty.

And how does my posts conflict with these meanings?

As your interactions with other posters demonstrate. You always get yourself into these situations where the person has to “READ YOU THE TRUTH”, because you choose to be EMOTIONAL instead of factual. You start placing LABELS on people IT’S ANNOYING (at least except that’s what your being).

I initially called you “ignorant” because you are, ignorant means; uninformed. My comments following were factual and true.

2672 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

So Obvious, please get a grip on life. You are a poor excuse for a woman that is African-American. You are ignorant by nature. I am a woman who will give the next person an opportunity no matter what the last person has done. You are a negative, lonely woman that will always be a poor use to society. I advise you to love life and please stop hating on everyone else because you are miserable. If a large portion of black men played you for the silly little girl that you are, then grow up! I know who you are and I do not know why you get protective orders against men who do not want to have anything to do with you. You have destroyed alot ofmens' life by being a lonely, scorned woman and I do not agree with that. You can try to hide behind a computer screen but you can not behind actual court records. I know who you are and by the way, you need to loose about 150lbs.

2672 days ago

I know    


Your emotional outpour clearly signifies you’re speaking about yourself. You said:
If a large portion of black men played you for the silly little girl that you are, then grow up! I know who you are and I do not know why you get protective orders against men who do not want to have anything to do with you. You have destroyed alot ofmens' life by being a lonely, scorned woman and I do not agree with that. You can try to hide behind a computer screen but you can not behind actual court records. I know who you are and by the way, you need to loose about 150lbs.

2672 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

It is so obvious that you are lacking a social life. I love the fact that you envy me. So Obviously Fat, CoCo T is a beautiful white woman with curves and you can not stand it that she is with a black man and that she looks 100% better than you. I can not stand little girls such as yourself. You act like the world owes you something. I feel that woman should not get protective orders if they are not being abused in any manner. You should not proceed to get an p.o. just because your lover left you for another woman and you wanr to seek revenge. You need to be evaluted for depression, social anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder a.s.a.p. I am being serious. Remember, love life and keep my comb out your hair unless you are ready to take it there.

2671 days ago


I don't care who dates who, what bothers me is the lack of respect to women. Be black , white, rich, poor, educated or not. Treat the Woman any Woman with the respect they deserve.

2670 days ago


LOL thats funny and cute she handled it well, its entertainment is news its funny..something to laugh about...i bet if she never thought about it before, shes thinking about it now...

2669 days ago


Jessica Simpsons alright but no booty so i dont see why i would be attracted to the ho except money

2669 days ago


actually craig, your generalizations of black men are just as stupid and demeaning as the black men in this video. your few experiences do not make what you said COMPLETELY true, just like the saying, "once you go black, you never go back" IS NOT COMPLETELY TRUE. i'm black and have dated plenty of white guys, who have subsequently dated plenty of white/asian/hispanic girls after our breakup. it's not about race, it's about chemistry. if it ain't there, it just ain't there.

as for the men in the video, i say, "CONGRATS!" for making themselves look like idiots. but i'm not going to let them be the spokesmen for ALL black men, just like i won't let the few white men in hollywood or even the one's i hang out with and the one i'm engaged to be the spokesmen for ALL white men. ppl are different. if we just let them be who they are, then we'd see that ALL [insert group of ppl here] are NOT alike. no way. no how. even identical twins aren't COMPLETELY alike, so who does everyone else have to be?

my other question is, she's a big star, so why the hell is she just walking through the airport like any other normal person? personally, i'd be doing my best to make sure that when i travelled, i wouldn't have to come in contact with "the people" b/c i'd be too tired (hello jetlag!) and too focused on getting the business i was traveling for taken care of.

2669 days ago
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