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Is Finally Over!

5/24/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With performances by Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson and BeBe and CeCe Winans, last night Jordin Sparks was crowned the latest "American Idol" on what seemed more like a "Solid Gold" rerun than the finale of the most watched show on television! Nothing says 2007 like ... Bette Midler?!

American Idol Finale
TMZ has the rundown on last night's eight-hour live broadcast:

The finale rambled on longer than a Paula Abdul interview! Something's broken on Paula -- and it ain't her nose!

The "Golden Idol Awards" -- Um ... No! Making fun of an infantile overweight woman dressed like Big Bird and two peculiarly challenged young men does nothing for "Idol's" industry cred ... who knew minstrel shows were making a primetime comeback? Why do producers want to add a crappy awards show to a crappy award show?

Gladys Knight -- She's gotten rid of the Pips -- and all facial expression! Thankfully, the only thing Botox didn't kill was her voice. Girlfriend needs an eyelash/weave wrangler.

Smokey Robinson
-- When did he become "Whisperin' Smokey Robinson?" At least one wide-eyed Jurassic crooner knows what notes he can still hit.

Doug E. Fresh
-- Thank you, "Idol," for transporting us all the way into ... 1985! *pah-chunk foomph-a-foomph*

Tony Bennett
-- Nobody hit the money note last night better than Tony -- who's 80!

Sanjaya/Joe Perry
-- Enough about Sanjy's hair. What the f**k was going on with Joe Perry's ratty bird's nest weave?! You Really Got Me!

Clive Davis -- Since he won't trash Clarkson in public, he'll just rave about Carrie Underwood (aka the un-Kelly) like she cured cancer. And can someone remind him Clay Aiken did NOT win "Idol" -- Ruben Studdard did! Poor Rube! While he pointed out everyone from Chris Daughtry to Jennifer Hudson (what no Carmen Rasmussen?!), Clive forgot to mention the Velvet Teddy Bear himself.

Kelly Clarkson -- "Idol's" prodigal daughter comes home. Love her or hate her (Clive!) she knows how to transform a poetry slam into an "Idol" performance. Metalicious! By the way, how much must it suck when your album sells 10 million copies (more than Saint Carrie), you win 2 Grammys and your songwriting ability is honored by ASCAP -- yet your label Prez still shelves your new album because it isn't "pop" enough?! Was Kat McPhee's non-selling album pop enough for ya, Clive?

Carrie Underwood
-- Country Barbie could get a DUI and flash her hay and she'd still be "Idol's" Patron Saint. The twangy gal can do no wrong ... except when it comes to Beatles songs!

Melinda Doolittle/BeBe and CeCe Winans
-- Hallelujah! Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

Green Day -- Through the magic of television, we were transported out of the Kodak Theater to the regular "Idol" stage and back -- in just under four minutes! How'd they do that?!

Bette Midler
-- Where was Kermie?! Somebody knocked out the wind beneath her wings! Que paso?! The only thing worse than the not-so Divine Miss M's Vegas-bound performance was the rubber S&M bathmat she transmogrified into a skirt! Ya gotta have friends!

Beatles Songs -- Michael Jackson might want to reconsider the worth of the catalog; it was seriously devalued by last night's shrill salute, exemplified by Taylor Hicks' special needs rendition of "A Day in the Life."

Blake Lewis -- Was there ... we think.

Jordin Sparks -- She should sing next to Ruben more often -- she suddenly became a size 2! Oh, by the way, nice how they tossed in at the end that Jordin won. Goodnight everybody!

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WWE does it right.    

The only good thing about the show was Taylor Hicks. Everything else was boooooorrrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnng. Good luck Jordin, you will need it.

2617 days ago

the truth    

I would only hope that this was the ending to this REALLY bad reality show! Unfortunately, that's just wishfull thinking because there are alot of losers out there, watching this load of garbage talent show. I think they had better talent on the Gong show that this piece of trash show!! You can count how many "champions" (except for kelly because she truly was the only talented one) they had that sold what, maybe 100 cds? Unless you have cartoon fingers, you're not going to count a handfull, and this stupid show has been on 7 YEARS!!! Even Star Search had many more talented individuals come out such as Christina Aguillera & yes...(the white boy who thinks he black) Justin Timberlake. And just out of curiousity, if Simon is supposed to be this "guru" of talent finder in England, just who did he find out there that was so famous. WHO WERE THEY? WHAT WERE THEIR BAND NAMES OR NAMES PERIOD??? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?? Thought not.. The good news is that this year, there was a lesser amount of people watching this CRAP than last year so I hope this trend continues! This show jumped the shark when William Hung (the first loser in that season) made more money and appearances than the "champion" Ruben, and that was in the SECOND SEASON!!! The only thing Ruben could have beaten Hung that year would've been in a pie eating contest. And as for Dancing with the stars, (another show that has good talent go to waste) since Cement Shoes Smith aka Emmitt Smith won last year, I REFUSE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. Everybody who knows how to dance knows that the real winner was and always will be Mario Lopez, second place should have went to Joey Lawrence!! But since Cement shoes has that shade of melanin that everyone is soooo afraid of, well...the rest is as they say... history like this show will be some day. Just the fact that the man-sounding Laila Ali, came so close to winning this year, and was called a "gracious dancer" just proves that this show too, has got to go!!! I for one, will be glad when they bring back REAL TV SHOWS AND END THIS BARAGE OF GARBAGE REALITY SHOWS! The worst of them all HAS TO BE "the flavor of love" with everyone's favorite homeless looking drug addict, flavor flav. second is definitely "I love New York" with the hooker looking bachlorette who got this stupid "spin-off" for being on that idiotic "flavor of love". With all these shows making more & more fools of the ever increasing dumb american people, it's a wonder that other nations look upon us as TOTAL REJECTS!!! What ever happened to all those great spy shows, those great comedies or family TV shows, that took REAL TALENT to write!! I guess they too have jumped the shark..

2617 days ago

Cardiff Slipkids    

Sorry Folks but take it from a Beatles fanatic that she was AWESOME singing "She's leaving Home" I dont care for the show but tuned in to see the Finale and she sand both The Pretenders and The Beatles killer.I wish I had a DVD/CD of it.

2617 days ago


I really liked the show. It was an interesting contrast to have the AI contestants perform and then "tried and true pros" also perform.
I have to ask though, did Bette have a cold? She usually sounds good.

2617 days ago

Luis Loucks-Tavares    

What a horrendous display and commentary on the death of music as an art form in this culture starved country. Despicable. Clive? What are you thinking, Sir?

2617 days ago

Big Creek Mama    

Shame on you TMZ for promoting such hate for American Idol. Oh, yes, I forgot that is what you guys are all about. Personally I find AL to be great entertainment. I think that Jordin is a carbon copy of Kelly and Carrie and will make $$$ for AL. I am 60+ and think Blake is just wonderful. For you haters out there, Blake is a extremely talented young man - more so then any other performer on AL. He is a gifted musician with a background in classical music.

2617 days ago


After reading the blogs commenting on the AI final show, I can truly see what is wrong with gen X. I have watched the show all six seasons, and this was by far one of the best. It showcased music legends from all ages and all walks of life who have made contribution to what is todays music industry. Do you really think that the music industry is what it is today just because you have arrived? Most of these artist have paved the way so that the kelly clarksons, carrie underwoods and green day...etc would have the platform that they have to present thier music. No bette midlers voice was not great anymore and tony bennett cannot command the stage like he used to, but the fact that idol chose to acknowledge those legends and that genre of music should be applauded. Todays generation has the tendency to forget where they have come from.... the fact is that if you don't try to remember, you won't know where you are going....

2617 days ago


Taylor and kelly were great, the rest, PPPPPUUUUUU! Was shocked by Clive Davis.
So glad it is over.

2616 days ago


I don't watch Idol , well maybe if someone else wants to watch, BUT I do use TIVO?DVR and the complaint I have is THAT THE PROGRAMS MORE THAN NOT RUN OVER AND I WITH MANY OTHERS miss the end of shows we cannot watch due to work and by the way this was the reason for DVS and TIVO's wasn't it? There is no reason that even if a show runs over the DVR of TIVO could keep recording(Think of sports that always run over) it is simple technology to put a carrier wave or adjust the on-screen schedule and allow the complete recording of the shows WE want to record, you mentioned an INCONVENIENCE! It is an outrage that the BIG networks think so little of the consumer and say oops! no big deal, we can make it a big deal and tell them if they do not fix this we can fix them by CANCELING our contracts with them for not giving us what they PROMISED. I believe that a few BILLION yes BILLION dollar loss will make them move very fast and stop their reply's of OOPS SORRY! What do you think. Can we make them listen? they may tell you That you can record it longer, true but should we have to even do that! even those may run longer. Companies take note we will NOT BE DENIED!!!!!!

2615 days ago


Smokey and the guys rocked, so did Gladys, Lakisha and Melinda. That was the best I've heard Sanjaya sing in the Smokey songs. That is the style of music he needs to stick with! I loved his performance with Joe Perry. He owned the stage, hair machine and all! Get him some more vocal training and look out! He must have grown and gained weight over the course of the show - he looked incredible with Joe Perry!

Tony Bennett was the epitome of a legendary crooner. Total class and still has it at 80!
Melinda and the Winans were awesome too.
Jordin sounded the best with Rueben
Blake and Doug E. felt like I was back in the day!
Kelley rocked too!
Loved Taylor's Heaven song!

2613 days ago


I think the 6th season of Idle was great because they found the best singer in the bunch...Jordin. I wish they would not concentrate so much on trying to entertain us with the jerks that can't sing at the beginning of the season.

2613 days ago
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