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"Lost" Diary -- Through the Looking Glass

5/24/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

Earlier this year, I wrote that there are four times when I am super-mega excited for an episode of "Lost": a season premiere, a season finale, the week after a great episode and the week after a terrible one. I need to add a fifth instance: when the season finales of "24" and "Heroes" suck. Such a total letdown on both fronts. I was angry about "Heroes" for two days straight -- all that buildup was for that? Very disappointed. Needless to say, if "Lost" doesn't deliver the goods I am going to have to be severely medicated for my own protection.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. This week the crew is Ari, Lauren, Marisa, April, Matt and Michelle (making her debut). It's two hours of "Lost" goodness tonight. Let's roll:
9:01 -- Jack is headed back to Los Angeles (on Oceanic Air, mind you) and with a full beard. Looks like he stole it from Mr. Friendly's fake beard collection.

9:02 -- Moving along slowly, something in the newspaper has Jack broken up as he pulls over to the side of the road on a bridge. Is a failed suicide attempt in his future? Oh no, Jack -- please don't drunk-dial your ex.

9:03 -- OK, seriously, what has Jack so despondent right now? This whole thing doesn't feel right.

9:04 -- Jack's suicide is going to have to wait, as a massive car accident just happened. Someone we know, perhaps?

9:05 -- As the Losties prepare for the Others invasion, a few readers made a great point: if the Others are coming a day early, and Juliet marks the tents, won't they know something is up since she shouldn't have marked them yet?

9:06 -- I was amazed last week at how many people said they don't like Rose and Bernard. They're awesome.

9:07 -- Subtitled goodbyes always get me. "Awwww, English." -- Lauren.

9:10 -- Naomi fell from the sky and has been in camp for like two, maybe three days, and even SHE doesn't trust Juliet.

9:11 -- Charlie is getting his ass handed to him by the LGBs (Looking Glass Babes). It's like "Lost" porn to me.
9:12 -- So whoever these girls are, they know Ben. That would make them Others -- but why doesn't anyone else know about them?

9:13 -- "You're inside a room full of equipment. There's a blinking yellow light above a switch. You flick the switch, light goes off, and you drown." -- Desmond. It can all still happen just the way he predicted it.

9:14 -- "But if Juliet told them about the Looking Glass, what else did she tell them?" -- Mikhail. So no one else knows about the Looking Glass. I still think maybe Richard might.

9:15 -- The tents are marked a day early and the Others don't seem to care. Idiots. Gotta say though, I don't want to see Mr. Friendly die.

9:16 -- The room breaks out in applause after each tent explodes. Bernard held his own, but Jin didn't, and now he's being held at gunpoint. I thought that was Kate's move. Oh well, at least they got a few of them before getting captured.

9:20 -- Jack's ex-wife looks a tad pregnant, doesn't she? That's got to sting.

9:22 -- Everyone's worried about Sayid, Jin and Bernard, but Jack's right. They have to keep moving. Though it would be the Jack thing to do to go back and rescue them.

9:23 -- Mark it down folks: the first time I ever truly like Charlie. I love that he's flaunting the certainty of Desmond's vision right in the LGB's faces.

9:24 -- Man, Henry Gale sounds nerrrrrrrrrvous.

9:26 -- (Shaking head) Oh Bernard. I bet they shoot him once he's done flapping his gums.

9:27 -- Something tells me Alex is grounded. No hatches for a month.

9:30 -- Um, what's the temple? Kinda funny that the Others have a bunch of unanswered questions. Welcome to the club.

9:31 -- "I'm going to talk them out of it." -- Henry Gale. Ok, he's good and all, but he's not that good.

9:32 -- "And since when did you start calling me Kate?" -- Kate to Sawyer. I'm holding firm with my prediction that one of them dies.

9:33 -- Oh yeah, Desmond. Almost forgot about him. And now he's making his way down to the Looking Glass. Not sure if I can deal with another scene of Desmond trying to save Charlie. Forget the fact that I want Charlie to die; they've done it too many times already.

9:40 -- Man, Jack looks like shit.

9:42 -- OK, I've got a few questions. First off, who is the woman from the accident? Secondly, when exactly are we? Because, and I know this probably can't be the case, but so far it sure feels like all this is happening AFTER the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. If not, where was Jack coming from and why does he look the Unabomber and what was in that newspaper?

9:43 -- Sawyer is a man with a death wish and he's going back to the beach to save Sayid and company, and it looks like Juliet is going to go with him. Lauren just called Juliet a name I can't repeat.

9:44 -- "Don't wait up." -- Juliet.

9:45 -- Next up at the Looking Glass, Mikhail, sans the eye patch. Charlie is trying to play Mikhail against the LGBs and, again, I'm kinda digging it.

9:46 -- Mikhail is pissed and now Henry wants him to kill everyone. It's like, "Hey, sorry I lied on all these years, but can you do me a favor and kill a bunch of people for me? Thanks, you're the best." Only Henry Gale could pull that off.

9:51 -- "So, you screwing Jack yet?" -- Sawyer.

9:52 -- "No, are you?" -- Juliet.

9:53 -- So not only are there no guns, but now Hurley wants to help too. Ari is convinced Hurley will save the day. Lauren thinks it will happen by accident.

9:54 -- "Why do you have to stop them? Why won't you just let them leave?" -- Alex. That's the million dollar question, ain't it?

9:55 -- Ladies and gentlemen, the man you've all been waiting for. The man the island talks to. The man Jacob asks for help. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the show ...

9:56 -- JOHN LOCKE!!!!! (Applause)

9:57 -- AND WALT!!!!!!!! (Probably not really him, but still)
10:00 -- "Because I love you." -- Jack. Make up your mind Jack: Kate or Juliet. Can't have both. Or can he?

10:01 -- Jack is still rocking the beard, still holding on to that newspaper clipping and headed to a funeral parlor. They are sure dragging this whole thing out.

10:03 -- Who's in the coffin? Apparently Jack is neither friend nor family to the deceased. I can't think of anything that could have Jack this messed up.

10:04 -- Anyone else notice how weird the music has been this week?

10:05 -- "Hello, Jack. We need to talk." -- Henry Gale. Oh it is so ON!!!!!

10:10 -- Mikhail takes down one LGB.

10:11 -- But Desmond shoots Mikhail before he can kill the other one. Now Desmond and Charlie have someone that can give them the code.

10:12 -- Jack vs. Henry Gale doesn't have the same oomph as Locke vs. Henry Gale does.

10:13 -- Rockbottom Jack is struggling. Alright, I am just going to say it: since nothing, and I mean NOTHING is happening in this flashback, it isn't about WHAT happens, but when. Since this whole episode is about them getting off the island, I think this flashback happens after the island -- it's a flash-forward. The whole room in agreement.

10:14 -- "The woman you're traveling with, the one who parachuted onto the island from a helicopter. She's not who she says she is." -- Henry Gale.

10:15 -- So Henry Gale is saying that Naomi is from a group of people who want to kill everyone on the island, if they can find it. He's giving Jack a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kind of proposition. Is he telling the truth? I say yes.

10:16 -- Now Henry is threatening the lives of Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Yet another no-win situation for Jack.

10:17 -- R.I.P. Sayid, Jin and Bernard?

10:18 -- Jack, we're cool. I kind of like you, when you're not being a whupped little mama's boy. But please stop hitting Henry Gale. We can't be boys anymore if you're going to beat my main man senseless.

10:19 -- "I'm going to lead my people up to the radio tower, and I'm going to make a call, and I'm going to get them all rescued -- every one of them. And then I'm going to come find you and I'm gonna kill you." -- Jack.

10:23 -- "OK, Bonnie, we're both going to die down here, let's be perfectly honest. That one-eyed maniac just killed your friend and shot you in the back. It would appear your glorious leader Ben put him up to it. Are you a sodding idiot? You have the opportunity to make Ben very, very angry. Why would you not take that?" -- Charlie. It's like last week they wanted to redeem Charlie in the eyes of all the women who watch "Lost," and this week it's the men. This is definitely the coolest he's ever been.

10:24 -- R.I.P. Bonnie, but thanks for the code.

10:25 -- "Alex, this is your mother." -- Henry Gale. Reunited and it feels so goooooood.

10:27 -- Do you think Sayid, Jin and Bernard are really dead? I'm kind of 50/50, but if I had to choose, I'd say no.

10:28 -- "Because I want him to see it. I want him to experience the moment we get off this island and I want him to know that he failed. And then I'll kill him." -- Jack. Foolish man, none of those things are happening.

10:29 -- Guess they're still alive. "THANK GOD!" Lauren just yelled at the top of her lungs.

10:30 -- Here he comes to save the day! Hugo Reyes is on his way!

10:31 -- "That's for taking the kid off the raft." -- Sawyer. R.I.P. Mr Friendly. Alright, my predictions have been terrible tonight, but here's another one (or at least an amended one): not only does Sawyer die, but the Smoke Monster (Jacob?) does him in.

10:35 -- Rockbottom Jack is now stealing drugs. Jack mentioned his dad before, but we never saw or heard from him. Worth noting.

10:36 -- "Do you have any idea what I've been through?" -- Jack. Yeah, I think we do.

10:37 -- Another mention of Jack's dad, but we don't actually see him.

10:38 -- It just hit me: this is all like the plot of "Return of the Jedi." One team takes out the shield (in this case, the jammer), while the other team destroys the Death Star (or uses the satellite phone).

10:39 -- "Yeah dude, I told you. I saved them all." -- Hurley. Don't mess with Hurley.

10:40 -- "So much for fate." -- Charlie. Wouldn't light the victory cigar yet.

10:41 -- Penny?

10:42 -- Who is Naomi?" -- Penny. Uh oh, Henry Gale may have been telling the truth. And what is that banging?

10:43 -- Mikhail lived -- again -- and now he has a grenade. Charlie slams shut the door to the communications room, trapping himself inside and keeping Desmond away from Penny. And now, it's happening ...

10:44 -- I don't know what to do with myself. The words I have been longing to type and I can't bring myself to do it. Aw hell, yeah I can!
10:45 -- R.I.P. Charlie.

10:46 -- "Charlie just got us rescued." -- Naomi. Oh, really? Maybe Naomi doesn't quite know who she works for.

10:48 -- "We're here." -- Rousseau. Whenever those words are said on "Lost," cool shit usually happens next.

10:49 -- "I'll celebrate when we're home." -- Jack.

10:50 -- Locke to the reverse rescue!

10:51 -- Even if Locke shoots Jack, he's still going to have everyone else to deal with. Don't know how he's planning to pull this off.

10:52 -- Man they are setting this up to end really, really badly for the Losties.

10:53 -- What's with all the maps, Rockbottom Jack? Who died? When is all this happening? Who is he calling? Juliet maybe? Penny? Kate?

10:54 -- Who's in the car? I am dying here!!!

10:55 -- Kate, I knew it. Damn she looks good. Being able to shower on a daily basis really does wonders.

10:56 -- "Still pulling people out of burning wreckage?" -- Kate.

10:57 -- "Because I want it to crash, Kate." -- Jack.

10:59 -- "We made a mistake ... We were not supposed to leave." -- Jack.

11:00 -- "We have to go back!" -- Jack.
So the whole point of Jack's flash-forward was to show us that Henry Gale was right -- whoever Naomi is with are the bad guys. I kind of like the idea of showing us everything leading up to Jack making the rescue call, and then showing us that it all went to hell, without actually seeing any of what happened in between. Since every season had a theme (the crash, the hatch, the Others), you have to assume that season four will be about whoever was on the other end of that phone.

While there may not have been any "major" questions answered -- the numbers? Jacob? Michael and Walt? -- We did learn why Henry Gale does what he does. Why does he jam communications off the island? Why does he keep such a tight hold on information? Why doesn't he let people off the island? Because people are looking for the island and they want to destroy it. I've said it once and I'll say it again -- you have to trust Henry Gale when the chips are down. He doesn't lie about the important stuff. He's always right.

Other than that, I am just going to start throwing out thoughts as they come to me:

-- "Lost" was 120 minutes tonight. Let's take away 30 for commercials, leaving us with 90. Of said 90 minutes, Locke was in two of them. Not a good ratio.

-- Oh, and Jacob was in none of them.

-- Are we done with flashbacks? Are flash-forwards the new thing? Or was this a one-time deal? Feels like just a one-time thing.

-- Charlie, we've had a long history. Wish I could say I was sad to see you go, but after all the buildup, you literally had to. At least you went out on a high note. See you in another life, brutha.

-- As for Charlie's death, a few people asked me, "Why did he close the door? Why didn't he swim out the window?" Because Desmond told him he had to die for everyone to be saved. He wanted Desmond's vision to come true, down to every last detail.

-- I wish Richard was more prevalent tonight. Here's to hoping we see more of him next season.

-- Can Mikhail ever be killed?

-- Jack referred to his dad a lot in the future. Is he alive?

-- Is Kate with Sawyer in the future? Was Henry Gale the one who died? Who else made it off the island?

This episode felt to me like it was such a setup for next season, I don't even feel like I could give it a grade. It would be like talking about "Kill Bill Vol. 1" without making mention of "Vol. 2." This episode felt more like a season premiere than a finale. That said, obviously it was amazing.

So it's over, huh? Where did the time go? But don't worry, I'm not taking eight months off like "Lost" is. Over at, I am going to re-watch Season 1 (and probably 2 as well) and post new Diaries for them every Thursday. I haven't seen any of the episodes since they originally aired, so I think it will be interesting to watch them again.

Meanwhile, on Mondays, I'll be posting the Q&A columns -- and I imagine this week's will be crazy. E-mail your questions to and hopefully we'll get enough throughout the "offseason" to keep the Q&A columns going as well.

It's been quite a season. I went back and read the first Diary from Season 3, and man have things changed. That column only got 46 comments. The last two weeks got over 1,300 combined. You know what the first timed entry of the first column said? "9:00 -- Right now if I had to rank the best characters on TV, Henry Gale would be top 5. Charlie would be somewhere around 10,451." Some things never change.

See ya next season, bruthas.

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amazing episode.

here's my take:
kate's "HE" that she's referrring to, that she has to get back to so "he" won't worry, is her son with sawyer.
kate and jack were the only losties initially allowed off the island. they had to go back to save the other losties, but can't find it again. that's why jack is flying back and forth hoping it will crash again, and it also explains all of the maps.
he's obviously addicted to oxycotin, high, and delisional, which would explain why he kept talking about his dad as though he were still alive (he's not).
the paper that the airline attendant handed jack instead of another drink was dated april 5, 2007. his phone is a newer model razr, as well.
who is in the casket? i haven't a clue, but i'd bet it's either juliette or ben (both of whom were reduced to not much, seeing the state of their surroundings. possibly locke, but i'd bet he stayed on the island if he had any say about it.
naomi really is "bad"? or penny has a huge crew and doesn't know everyone's name and naomi really was working for her. could go both ways.
locke is up to something after jack uses the phone.
charlie didn't have to die, he could have waited for it to fill up and then swam out, easy as pie. or, he could have gone outside the door and shut it behind him. but i guess that's what happens when your character wants off.

enjoyed it so much, can't wait until season 4- can't believe it's not on until february... that's going to be a long 9 months.


2618 days ago


And oh yeah! HURLEY ROCKS!!!!

2618 days ago

Brooke Iosue    

I need more lost... this show is too good to have to wait for

2618 days ago


Wow...incredible last night. But I was so torn....I hated Charlie as much as the next guy but last night I really started liking him. If only he would have been in that character from the start. Best Ben scene last night had to be when he told Alex that he tortured Karl so he wouldnt get her pregnant and says that maybe he overreacted......priceless.

2618 days ago


Wow, last night's episode was amazing!!! I too think that it's Henry Gale in the casket. Boy was Jack broken up about that. And who did he call and leave a voicemail for? Kate? Does anyone have a still of that part where Jack sees the newspaper clipping on the plane? What's with the Golden ticket thingy, "hey we'd like to congratulate you for surviving an airplane crash so here is a lifetime ticket for Oceanic Airlines" right......

2618 days ago


Daniel, you have to get up earlier next year!!! I'm waiting for your blog on pins and needles! At least I KNOW what time Lost comes on and I'm not sitting there waiting for it.....that being said, I make the following predictions:

Sawyer is in the casket and when Kate said 'he's waiting', she was talking about her son with Sawyer!!

Can't wait till the next season. By far the best season finale of the year!!!! Heroes sucked!

See ya, brutha!

2618 days ago


I think the next 3 seasons are going to continue like the first 3 except with flash forwards instead of flash backs.

I liked the season finale!

2618 days ago


I'm still freaking out over how damn good that episode was.

Alternate reality possibility in the flash forward?? And I'm throwing in my guess as Locke in the casket... no friends or family to speak of... and could've committed suicide, which would've thrown Jack off as much as he was...

Or, I could be wrong.

Regardless, fanfreakintastic finale! I can't believe we have to wait until February to know what happens!!!

2618 days ago


Wow...I thought the finale was great. Lots of new the Golden Passes? What's up with that? Is Jack's dad really dead or was it all faked? And if it was faked, is his dad involved in the whole thing? Who is Kate with that would be wondering why she was gone? Who's in the casket (Sawyer? Ben? Juliette?). Is the island somekind of parallel universe?

Sadly, Daniel - I don't think Charlie is really dead. I think Des will don the diving suit and rescue him once more. I say this b/c of the 5 ppl that were supposed to die - we have Locke's dad, Mr. Friendly, LGBs and Naomi.

CAN'T WAIT for next season.

2618 days ago


Wow. What a show. More questions now than ever. What screwed Jack up so badly? Hated seeing him like that? What is up with his Dad being alive? No one disputed that he was not there and in charge. And the thing with Kate at the end. Who was waiting for her? Sawyer is too obvious. Speaking of, poor Sawyer has become rambo. Can't say I blame him. Glad the trio did not get shot. Way to go Hugo. Charlie did it! I agree, why didn't he squeeze thru the hole? DId Des ever hear that Penny was on the TV? And give me a break--Mikayal was able to get up, get an air tank set up, get a grenage, etc, tap in the window and smile then blow them up? That was more far fetched than the black smoke ;) I thought it was a great episode. Much better than all of the rest of the finales I have watched (esp Grey Anatomy).

2618 days ago


I can't describe how I feel....I'm depressed at the possible recued outcome...I already miss the adventure of them surviving on the island, I don't know how I feel about the coming season,...I awoke at 6:30am and immediately started to think about the episode again and couldn't go back to sleep....thats all I can say right now....

2618 days ago


1) Jack's phone is a Krazr... phone not out at the time the plane crashed... and not supposed to be out on current Island time. So in the funeral scene... dead giveaway that this is a flash foward.

2) So although they show them getting off the Island... is there something that will happen in the next 3 seasons that will allow them to change the future? Point being although it's a flash forward... is there anyway to make different decisions and come up with a different ending where Jack is okay? (I am kind of thinking of Heroes crappy finale where Nathan tells Claire the future can be changed.) Are the creators going to try and get us to start rooting for them never to be rescued?

3) Bernard sucks. I loved him until last night. Not even Rose can redeem him.

4) How is Kate out of prison in the future? And what kind of car was she driving... it looked kind of nice to me.

5) Any guesses on who's funeral it was? I guess Sawyer... only because Jack said not friend nor family.

6) I think future Jack so messed up because they cannot talk about the island and he needs to tell people what he's gone through. Kind of how Michael and Walt were told they could never talk about the island after they left. Thoughts?

7) Cannot wait for 2008! That finale made up for the entire season.

2618 days ago


OK, forgot a few things. It looks like something really bad happens and whoever is alive to get off the island, they don't remain friends. My three choices for the coffin are Ben, Locke and Michael. The first 2 have no family but all 3 have made some bad decisions on the island, so I can understand Kate's not going and her being upset with Jack for going. Hate to see Tom die, but I loved Sawyer's comment. The future looks grim for Jack, but I don't understand how his dad could be around, unless Jack is crazy, which is a strong posibility.

2618 days ago


I believe the producers have indicated that what we see this episode will change the way 'flashes' are handled in future episodes - which indicates we will be seeing more of the future off the island!

I am hoping against hope that this is a 'Back to the Future' type of deal, and can be changed by their actions on the island next season.
I hope this EXTRA because I too fear it is Locke, not Ben in the coffin. Locke has an equally small number of people who would come to see him in the 'real' world.

2618 days ago


Charlie, RIP. Hurley, you da man brutha. I told my wife that Hurley would be the hero after everybody rejected him. My first prediction that was actually right!!! Even guessed the VW would come back!!! Maybe after three seasons and a few weeks of reading this I am finally understanding how you predict Daniel. Now only 9 months to have more questions arise. See you all on Mondays for the rewind updates.

2618 days ago
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