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Paris Gets "Happy Feet"

5/24/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does a convicted socialite do to cheer herself up when she's got only a dozen days to go before she's wearing fashionable prison stripes? She rents "Happy Feet."

Paris, dressed in prison jeans and a butch polo shirt, grabbed her Louis Vuitton satchel and sauntered into a Blockbuster in WeHo, perused the comedy aisles, and settled on the penguin toon and "Charlotte's Web" to give her some pre-jail jollies.

Miss Hilton also bought an ice cream cone, wisely substituting licking for liquor as she walked back to her infamous car. The heiress is scheduled to go directly to jail on June 5.


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Two bad so sad Miss, Hilton :(

2673 days ago


she doesn't have time for movies!!!!!! she needs the self defense classes!!!!!

2673 days ago


Will Netflix deliver to jail?

2673 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I hope you don't have to go to jail. I hope the jail is so crowded there is no room for you.
You have millions of loyal fans who love you.
James L. Crum

2673 days ago


Where'd her implants go???? She's as flat as a 12-year old boy.

2673 days ago


she is so pathetic. she'll do anything to get her picture taken.
I can't wait for her to go away and never come back!

2673 days ago


Are you kidding me # 4????? What makes her any different from me and you that she shouldn't go to jail!??!?!?!! Some people are just stupid!! Now is she would have killed someone then wat??? NOT FAIR!!! She should be doing all the time they gave her!! Enough is enough now!

2673 days ago


Ahhhh, at least it is a few steps up from "One Night In Paris"

2673 days ago


Please, who cares!

2673 days ago


She should be renting "STAND and DELIVER".

That will tell her something about what she is going to be experiecing in prison.

2673 days ago

All American Girl    

Cool, what did she have to eat today or did she only have one drink with alcohol in it. What is she going to wear tomorrow. Could you let us all know today please. Geez your job must be boring right now.

2673 days ago


don't get caught off guard Paris--u need to rent Escape From Alcatraz, or better yet, Midnight Express...
oh, and be sure to catch my show, "Curb.."
Greatest show on the planet fo sho.

have fun!!

2673 days ago

Allred Tree    

Paris, dear, be sure to see the "Sister Act" movies starring Whoopi Goldberg if you have missed them. I think you would also enjoy "Arthur" very much!

2673 days ago


Walked back to her car? Who was driving? Isn't she suspended, which is what started her problems (in part) in the first place??

2673 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

One of the reasons we have to deal with the stupidest woman on planet earth (aka parasite) is because news services like TMZ shove her down our throats by continually reporting the most mundane details about her (that no one cares the least about). Look, paris is breathing! She's walking! She's drinking a glass of water! Let's get 30 papparazzi to take pictures of her blowing her nose...

If TMZ didn't report about her, she'd disappear; they're the reason she's in the media. They stopped reporting the news long ago, and felt they instead needed to create it. No one cares about her. Except, perhaps, for that idiot James L. Crum, who must be president of the paris hilton brain dead subservient fan club. Get a life, moron...

2673 days ago
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