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Does Hef

Have a Bunny in the Oven?

5/25/2007 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's 81-years old, but is Hugh Hefner ready to change someone else's diapers?

Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner
After this picture made its way around the web, rumors were swirling that Hef knocked up his 27-year-old girlfriend, Holly Madison, but Hef's reps tell TMZ that the baby talk is all BS.


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Hef will NEVER marry Holly. He is still married to his 2 wife. She lives right next door with his 2 sons. As for Holly she has NO collage education nor dose Kindra. Bridget has a collage education. Kindra is as dumb as a ROCK. She acts like she is 13. Now there is a girl that needs an education, but she loves her BOOBS so much I guess she thinks that is all she needs in life to get her through. It's sad what people will do for the all mighty buck. And they sure must need the bucks.

2651 days ago

Darla McDonell is not power; just like arrogence isn't intelligence. CLASS ( i.e., not the Heffner life style.. ANNA NICOLE may have had a good life without the slime actions of these types) is the only power and involves charactor traits these people do not have.

2651 days ago


SMH the things some women will do for money and fame. that old ass creep I just threw up in my mouth.

2651 days ago


she is gorgeous...great genes. why wouldn't he want to have a baby with her. he's up there in years. leave behind a legacy hugh ;)~

2651 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

All 3 of those "bunnies" are nothing but money grubbing gold-diggers. Get serious; no chick would want his 82 year old ass if it weren't for the millions of dollars they can get, and the lifestyle they can lead on his nickel. No wonder Anna Nicole Smith was a playboy bunny...

2651 days ago

justice for daniel    

My son in law plays Golf at the Mansion twice a year and takes his wife(my daughter) with him. My daughter said all the girls she met were really nice, friendly and cordial. She got to meet Hugh also. She said he didn't have make up on like he does for pictures and TV and looks really really old and fragile, but is a very very nice man. So maybe these girls are really happy living this lifestyle. She heard while there that the love of his life was and always will be Bobbi Gentry, I think that is the name she told me, who has her own house on the grounds after all these years of when she was a playmate.

I wouldn't want any of my daughter's living this way, but if that's what they chose to do, I would have to go along with it because I love them unconditionally. We should all have the right to live our lives the way we want to as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

Natural or not, there is no denying they are all beautiful women.

2651 days ago


Hef has been with her for 7 years now. And whether you agree with me or not, any guy that can date a girl that long can marry her. I don't care how old he is. And look at it this way. He has been giving her things since he's been with her. So what will it hurt if he marries her. You have to remember that when you get to a certain age, you start to slow down. And by having all those young women around him gives him a life. Playboy is his life. And nobody has to like it. Just like nobody has to like him being with Holly. Let them be happy. Besides, material possessions aren't everything. I hope they have a wonderful marriage. No matter how long it last. Love is what's important.

2651 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Hef has to divorce Kimberely Conrad first and pay her off He can have a baby with Holly, and really wants one$$cha ching, which would secure her financially. He can do this without divorcing and paying off Kimberely. The delay in divorcing Kimberely must be in the pre-nup pay off or some kind of pay off. Thelonger she stays married, each year is worth more...until he dies. WHen he dies, Kimberely will be still be Mrs. Hefner and mother of his two underage children and will sit in the first pew, front center, grant interviews, see desingers for her several mourning offits, plan the services, memorials, scholarships, etc., basically play grieving widow and do not forget th einterviews and things at the mansion since she is grand dame of themansion Kendra adn Bridget KNOW they will not be part of tHef's afterlife andtheyHolyyis #1 even now, but dothey and Holly know tha tafter he dies, if he is still married to Kimberely, holly will be out of thedoor. She callsherself first lady of thepalyboy mansion. There $$$ is a lot more tothis tha twhat meets the ye. lets get real. these girls are not half his age ,but more than half and are young enough tobe his grandaughters. Kendra just turned 21! Bridget is theold girl at 33 or so. Holly is just 27. She has been with Hef since she was 21. Holly is sued toa certain lifestyle anc cannot go back to carrying trays at Hooters!!!! She has a lot to lose if Hef dies. More than the other two. Facts, babyface facts. If they all want a ride onhis shriveled sausage , so what. Theyar epaid. So what. I amsur etheyal lget alongand Holly and the other sreally love Hef as he doe slove him. I really beleive he an dHolly reall are in love Iam sure he has made some provisons for her$$ ones for whenhe dies. Kimberely owns th ehouse next door. Ican understnad no one owning themansions.... Playboy Inc., willing it to the state perhaps, etc
It is a place of business and costs a fortune to operate. Holly may need to see a geneticist with Hef . there is a high risk of older men , likeolder women, having a ...maybenot physically healthy or having other conditions.

2651 days ago


I don't think Kendra and Bridget actually have sex with Hef. I think they are there so Hef can look like a stud for his show. People, he's 81 years old. He doesn't have the energy to be messing with 3 girls. I think Holly is trying real hard to get Hef to marry her and have his kid so she can get the $$$$$. She'd better hurry up. I read that Hef said he wasn't interested in sex anymore. Sex becomes overated after 60 or 70 years.

2651 days ago


What a waste of a hot blonde ...

2651 days ago


Its Anna Nicole all over again, another moneygrubbing blonde bimbo trying to cash in on sugar daddy's fortune before he kicks the bucket. I hope Hef and his daughter have an ironclad will drawn up. And btw Holly, you havent seen your 20's in well over a decade. You're not fooling anyone but yourself. Your boobs may be young and fresh, but YOU arent. You look like the mother of those other two girls, like a 45ish lady who's had the help of a good Hollywood plastic surgeon. Even with that, he's stiiiiill 40 years older than you.

For god's sake Hef, if you cant keep it in your pants, at leaaaaast wrap it up! That fugly tramp is gonna ruin your legacy. You have enough bunnies of your own, you DONT need another one who will never even know you! That's just freaking selfish and sad................

2651 days ago


Awwwww. no matter how old he gets i think that he would make a great dad.....and if this is true then congrats to you Holly...

2651 days ago


Gee I would have to put a bag over my head to f... him she must be out of her mind!!!!

2651 days ago


She definately had daddy issues and he's just a dirty ole man with money period. poor kid if they have one.

2651 days ago


OMG! What a turn off she must be out of her friggen mind if she even has a brain, that's yet to be determined.

2651 days ago
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