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Jenna Jameson, This Is Your Life!

5/25/2007 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If adult film star Jenna Jameson wants to know what she'll look like in 20 years, she need look no further than "Ocean's 13" star Ellen Barkin.
Jenna Jameson, Ellen Barkin
It's like looking in a (funhouse) mirror!


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I think she looks hot and will always look hot, and people are and will always be jealous of her. There is nothing wrong with her line of work its an honest living and we are just mad because we never had the nerve to do it. I bet if it was a guy we were talking about it would be okay for him to screw whatever he wanted.

2640 days ago


there's a big probability your doing your neighbor while you spouse is at work
and your wanting to be judgemental
come on

2668 days ago


Don't judge someone, just because of what people say about Jenna. She does not have AIDS. Jenna is an amazing person. She is extremely smart, funny, beautiful. She doesn't even do porn movies anymore. She is retired, and has been for a while. Its not just the SEX that made Jenna who she is today. There are a lot more aspects to her company, than just her having sex. Which, Im sure many of you dont know this, but for the past 8 or9 years, Jenna has only done movies, with her soon to be Ex husband. Other than that, she only did girls. She was married. She didnt sleep with any other men in her movies, other than her husband. So stop judging people, until you really know them. She is just a human being.

2631 days ago


In my opinion Ellen Barkin looks amazing and I hope people see her as who she is and not her age... Talented , beautiful and like they say the 40's are the new 30's so I see the 50's are the new 40's... Keep it up Ellen you are beautiful and If I look this way at 50 I would not slow down a bit and just enjoy your beauty and life!!! From what I have heard Jenna as beautiful as she is had a complete face makeover among other area's through plastic surgery, from pics you wouldn't even recognise Jenna from her earlier years, not against it but that would slow down anyone's aging process? Just put on a few more pounds and you are very HOT... If I had the means to change a few things I am right there with you :) They are both beautiful women in differnent industries and no judgement here!!! The best to the both ladies :)

2668 days ago


I doubt she'll look as dignified.

2687 days ago


............i only like asian porn stars, (when im w- me wife, of course),,,,,BACKROUND CRAP

2687 days ago


yeah, she's gonna look that good after 20 yrs of AIDS.

2687 days ago


Ummm.... I could think of a lot worse!

2687 days ago

Never inked up!    

Wow. What a slut. Nice career girlfriend. I think most of us could less what this BIG GIANT HO BAG is doing. Do us all a favor and just stop. I bet she couldn't even count how many men, women or animals she has laid. She would need every person on the planet to give their fingers and toes for the count. Get a life Jenna. Time is running out for you. YUK!

2687 days ago

Puh der Baer    

She used to be okay looking, not great, but...
Now,,,,,I don't know what happened. She looks so bad these days...really bad.

2687 days ago


No Need To Judge! Your all mean!

2687 days ago


not even in the same league.

what a scaggy ho-ey slut.

bye y'all!

2687 days ago


Her face won't be the only thing thats going to look abused in 20 years.

2687 days ago


I think she looks good. And for all of you that don't have a clue, porn is not a bad thing! I'd rather have the wackos wack off to Jenna then go out and rape someone!

2687 days ago

Are you kidding me???    

I honestly don't think Ms. Barkin looks bad for her age....i kinda wish they would have compared Jenna to another more tore up looking celeb...

2687 days ago
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