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Rosie's Rearview -- Creating a Stink

5/25/2007 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another day, another cryptic hint that Rosie O'Donnell's stint at "The View" is dunzo!

This morning, Ro posted a video montage on her blog titled "True Colors 2007," which includes a soundtrack by Cyndi Lauper and images of Babwa and Ro's right wing nemesis, Elisabeth. It also includes an image of Ro's eyes in the rearview mirror of a car. Symbolism?

Even though Rosie had already announced that she won't be back on the squabblefest next season, the mysterious message comes in the wake of Wednesday's RO vs. EH explosion, and has many convinced that O'Donnell's days on the show are already behind her.

What's the message? Inquiring minds wanna know!


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Patricia Bennett    

I don't usually even read comments but this particular issue has made an impression on me. With Rosie The View has been interesting. I've looked forward to watching. Lisa Ling , Meridith Vierra and Joy Behar are interesting and fun. With Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselback the show is trite and boring. I haven't seen a guest host yet who could make the show interesting. I've tried watching this week and have been only annoyed. Rosie had become more militant and aggressive lately but I too, find myself losing patience with the way things are going on the show and in the world. I'm progressivly more annoyed with right wing, consertavive views which make no sense to me. Even Cindy Shehan has given up. Rosie's views were good but her delivery was getting to be too angry. The View needs an overhaul without Elisabeth and Barbara staying way in the background. Until then I'll be reading or tuning in to Rachel Ray for diversion or CNN which is a bit heavy for morning viewing. I really can't think of anyone with passion, sincerity, conviction and guts who could replace Rosie. I wish her well.

2708 days ago


So glad this segment is over,hang in there Liz,your classy and hopefully ABC & BABA will learn something from this and bring us another lady w/class, not a loud mouth trashy truck driver !!!

2700 days ago


I hope Joan Rivers replaces Rosie..............that would prompt me to wach the View again. I like Barbara, Joy and Elisabeth; but, like her or not - Rosie kept it interesting. Now that she's gone, I really hope that Joan Rivers gets to co-host. My second choice would be Kathy Gifford and third choice would be Roseanne Barr.

I read in the National Enquirer that friends of Rosie are concerned about her drinking too much. I thought she was hungover (maybe still drunk) when she went on her outrageous rampages.

2699 days ago

A View    

Maybe a weekend to cool off and laugh about the absurdity will change things.

2716 days ago

Muskoka Girl    

i hope shes back don't let ElisaBITCH feel like she won its sad and i don't think BW helped by ignoring the situation yesterday. the view def. won't be anything without rosie PLEASE COME BACK ROSIE COME BACK

2716 days ago

Frankie Hoge    


2716 days ago

Rosie Fan    

I am a Rosie fan, but I am SO TIRED of her on the show. I used to look forward to watching the View each morning but now I only turn it on after I know the Hot Topics will be over. Sad.

2716 days ago


Get over it already. Say what you mean and stop hiding behind your stupid blog!

2716 days ago


I never paid much attention, but I gotta say - I think Rosie may need medication. What a whack job!

2716 days ago


how can you get post traumatic stress disorder from watching tv and reading the newspapers about columbine?...she goes on and on about getting PTSD from that horrible event, but she wasn't even there and has no connection to it was horrible for the whole nation, but how many of us got a PTSD diagnosis from it?...she needs to get off the "poor rosie" bandwagon, stop playing victim and take responsibilty for her own words, why is it elisabeth's job to defend her hateful and stupid comments??

2716 days ago


Pathetic. These women need to find their own forum to spout their political and personal agendas--it's so boring. And another thing: Rosie has some serious problems. She's acting like she's a forlorn teenager, all cryptic messages and passive-agressive movie montages. She is NOT NOT NOT a victim. The sad part is that she has millions of women buying into her victim crap. What a society. Everyone wants to be coddled. She had her feelings hurt by her friend--so what? Happens every single day to every single one of us. And I'm thinking that the rest of us don't make a movie montage and post it on the internet to deal with it. No. We talk to the person and straighten it out, or we move on. Drama Queens, all of them!!!!!!

2716 days ago


Hope she leaves, and never comes back! What an obnoxious 'know it all'! Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about what 'Rosie' is doing; done; or going to do? She has done it to herself. Blame Barbara Walters for hiring her! If she gets another show, it should be titled what it will be --- ROSIE'S RANTS!

2716 days ago


I wouldn't blame Rosie one bit if she didn't go back. I was hoping that her last days would be fun and then we all could embrace the "new" co-host. Looks like THE VIEW has wrecked that for us. I for one won't watch one single episode of this show if she gets pushed out by Elizabeth. Elizabeth is already interviewing over on the Fox news channel. She has her next job lined up because she knows her current gig is over.

Rosie has done so much for this country by opening our eyes and allowing women to question and get involved. Allowing women to be heard.

Go ahead you half witted idiots and write stupid comments behind me that she is fat and you wish she was dead. It shows just how stupid you are...not her. If you have a negative comment...can you please try to form full sentenses with out describing her body!

2716 days ago


Rosie, if you read this blog, though, I don't think you would stoop to this -

Please, Rosie, don't leave before your time. It will only offer fodder for those who look to find fault with you, even if they have to create it.

I know you're hurting, but, you need to not take it all so personally... hard to do, I know... but, you've been there before, you're part of this "celebrity" life. This isn't new.

Don't let EH win, if only in her own mind.

Leaving before finishing out your contract will only come back to bite you.

You have sooooo many supporters, sooooooo many REAL friends, you are not alone and you don't have to be accepted by everyone.

Be still this weekend.... Breathe, enjoy the sun, the boat, your children, your family and friends.

Don't let them say you wimped out, don't give them the opportunity.

The View today, was ridiculous, just another bunch of hens cackling, talking about recipes and fashion and more mindless Stepford Wives' drivel, nothing Earth-shattering, nothing thought-provoking.

You've done soooo much, still have soooo much more to do.

Come back Tuesday.

But... if you don't.... I'll understand....

I won't like it, but.... I'll understand....

2716 days ago


Amen Rob G !!!

2716 days ago
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