Trump -- "Disgusting" Rosie's Exit a "Great Service"

5/25/2007 5:15 PM PDT
His Comboverness, Donald Trump, just couldn't resist taking one more swinging kick at Rosie O'Donnell on her way out the door of ABC, saying, "A great service was done by getting her off the airwaves ... she's a disaster."

The billionaire blowhard offered his pointed barbs to MSNBC this afternoon, just minutes after Rosie announced her departure ... and they were like a greatest hits compilation of Trump's Ro disses. "She's not a very smart person," check. "She's disgusting to look at," check. "She's aggressive," check. Of course, he had to get in a dig at Elisabeth Hasselbeck, calling her a "dimwit." Trump is against the Iraq war.

Donald, whose own show, "The Apprentice," just got axed by NBC, predicted that "The View's" ratings would rise in the wake of Ro's farewell, but declared that "The View" had become an "embarrassment" to Barbara Walters.