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GPS Treasure Hunting

5/26/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

GeocachingIf you're sick of all the picnics and blockbuster movie outings that come with Memorial Day weekend, maybe it's time to do a little geocaching -- the high-tech modern day treasure hunt that's thrilling nerds everywhere!

Utilizing an electronic device known as a GPS unit, you can determine your location anywhere in the world within 6 to 20 feet. Most devices give you coordinates in longitude and latitude; you use these coordinates to determine your position and the position of your destination. Garmin has a full product line of GPS units suitable for geocaching.

Geocachers then use this information to place and hunt destinations known as "caches." The caches can contain a logbook for geocachers to sign, a box of random items left by other geocachers, or a clue to the next cache. There are a few rules; if you take something from the cache, leave something to replace it and fill out the log book.

So if you're up for a little adventure this weekend, try your hand at geocaching. It'll be easier then deciphering the plot of the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" film.


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I Love Geocaching!!! Thanks for doing a story on it =)

2704 days ago


we have been geocaching for years, it's so much fun. just a little puzzled to find it mentioned on tmz! what's up with that?

2704 days ago


Same here. Been doing it quite awhile. I applaud TMZ for getting info on the sport out there. Thanks. Storm180

2704 days ago


We have a couple of friends who are doing for over their three week summer vacation in June.

Sounds like great fun - taking a break from the stresses of corporate life.

2704 days ago

Mel&Dina (SeaGlassPirates)    

Thanks for featuring geocaching! Nothing nerdy about this sport ... just lots of great hiking, adventure, brain power, team work, hidden treasures and best of all beautiful places at the end of the hunt. Just can't say enough abouth this emerging, fun sport which can be done all around the world. A great break from the pressures of every day life and far better than sitting around the house. Thanks TMZ!!

2704 days ago

FO Wife    

1:08...I'll go place a blowup brittany doll in a cache for ya and then give you the coordinates to go find her :)

2703 days ago

Jesus is my Savior    

My husband has been geocaching for a couple months, and I just started geocaching with him last week. It's really fun, and we even had our daughters with us a couple of times, with the less treacherous terrains. It gets us out of the house, keeps us active, and it's free. You can find our profile on Our username is gadget_kat.

2703 days ago


Geocaching is great, just started it not too long ago, thanks for covering such a story.

2703 days ago

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