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Lohan's Accident Aftermath

5/27/2007 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was quite a Friday night for Lindsay Lohan. TMZ cameras caught the actress partying it up 'til the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM to be exact) at hotspot Les Deux. A source inside the club tells TMZ that she was there "pretty late" after closing (ya think?) and stayed in the exclusive back room. Lohan then left with her ever-trusted buddy Jaz at the wheel.

Two hours after she left Les Deux, cops responded to a 911 call reporting a one-car hit and run at Foothill and Sunset Blvds. in Beverly Hills. Cops say Lindsay was driving her Mercedes and lost control and went up on on a curb.

Check out the video shot of the crash's aftermath! Cops also say they found a "usable amount" of a drug tentatively identified as cocaine in Lindsay's ride. Woops.

Cops say they arrested her at Century City Hospital where she had been taken by friends after the accident. They're waiting for results of blood tests to determine just what substances she had in her system. One thing the cops do know ... more charges could be filed in this case.

Poor Linds. She's in a heap of trouble. Fleeing the scene of an accident, coke allegedly found in her car and a possible DUI -- and she's under 21 to boot.

Nurse! Someone help this girl!


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Now they need to nail Britney for something. I guess in CA being a bald fishnet/bad wig wearing lip synching twice divorced mother of two who is a washed up teen star isn’t really a crime.

2685 days ago



2685 days ago


#4 mommy help me

Your post made me laugh so hard! I love it! Thanks, I needed that!

Linsey you are such a fool! You are throwing your life in the crapper!

2685 days ago

Tina M    

What am I missing? What's this about her mom? Why is she getting hate mail?

2685 days ago


Spoiled Brat isn't crying for help. Someone who lives there life like she does, it's a question of time till immaturity caught up with them again. Let's here Dina Lohan's crap excuse for this one. "Oh Lindsay's just misunderstood! ". Let's see if you have "the Hilton's" money to buy her way out of this mess. Since they couldn't buy bony Paris's way out, you don't stand a chance in Hell. Let justice be served, and that applies to everyone as it should.

2685 days ago


Lots of stars party, and party hard. Nothing new, it's been going on for decades. But if Lohan had TWO BRAIN CELLS TO RUB TOGETHER she would know to keep it out of the public eye. As far a Dina goes, we don't know the whole story there. I admit, she doesn't come across as the classiest lady, and probably hasn't given her daughter enough moral grounding, but I am sure she really does love her daughter. Lindsay is now an adult, has her own money, and owns her own home. She's an addict, and there is only so much Dina can help her now. I would find it hard to beleive that Dina would actually want to see her daughter in this state. It probably snuck up on Dina and it is going to take a lot of family support to *try* to help Lindsay. I hope her family does the right thing and stops looking the other way.

2685 days ago


was lindsey really driving or not. it says she left the club with jaz at the wheel. someone needs to make up their minds on who was really driving.

2685 days ago


What a shame. Lindsay does have some acting talent, but keeps audiences away in droves with her bratty, irresponsible antics. She is already old & hard looking for 20. None of those celebutards want help, they just want to do whatever the hell they want (legal or not) and surround themselves with their paid flunkies who tell them what they want to hear. How pathetic.

2685 days ago


I have two grand daughters with another grandaughter to arrive in august!!! These type of girls are not the ones I want my grand daughters to be seeing in movies etc...THEY ARE NOT ROLE MODELS... Please people quit defending them...This girl has been partying forever!!!! With her stupid ass mother defending her!!! and she defends her because if she doesnt no more money for her!!!! No more big party's. drugs ETC....You stupid Ass DINA..look at your daughter now..get a grip...your daughter should be your first priorty!!! not what she can do for YOU!

2685 days ago


just curious here
if, in CA it is illegal to drink until 21,
are the clubs allowed to have those under 21 in there?

say, only to eat a meal, etc
or do they let them in for the attention to their establishment?
and the PD turns their eyes the other way?

2685 days ago


Lets see how quick she will boo hoo her way out of this....... no ownership, no responsibility just a pack of lies and crocodile tears. This girl has the world at her finger tips and shes pissing it away - thats what happens to one minute wonders.

2685 days ago

West Coastian    

Hello Doctor? Can I make an appointment for Tuesday? Oh, I'll be alright 'til then. I just need to find out why I get such ENORMOUS satisfaction seeing someone screw up their life.

2685 days ago


Send that little brat to jail, and I mean not only a month, I'll talk about some serious time so she finally learns a lesson, just giving her a slap on the wrist apparently ain't doing the job. Where do you think I would be right now if I had a drunken driving accident with a hit and run and cocaine possession? Definately not @ home!

2685 days ago


Good work, Dina.

2685 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

TO THE THREE (Or should I add in Nicole also) STOOGES and those who idolize them - THIS ONES FOR YOU!

My name is Cocaine

My name is Cocaine - call me Coke for short.
I entered this country without a passport.
Ever since then I've made lots of scum rich.
Some have been murdered and found in a ditch.
I'm more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold.
Use me just once and you too will be sold.
I'll make a schoolboy forget his books.
I'll make a beauty queen forget her looks.
I'll take a renowned speaker and make a bore.
I'll take a mother and make her a whore.
I'll make a schoolteacher forget how to teach.
I'll make a preacher not want to preach.
I'll take all your rent money and you'll get evicted.
I'll murder your babies or they'll be born addicted.
I'll make you rob and steal and kill.
When you're under my power you have no will.
Remember my friend my name is " Big C ".
If you try me just once you may never be free.
I've destroyed actors, politicians and many a hero.
I've decreased bank accounts from millions to zero.
I make shooting and stabbing a common affair.
Once I take charge you won't have a prayer.
Now that you know me what will you do ?
You'll have to decide, It's all up to you.
The day you agree to sit in my saddle.
The decision is one that no one can straddle.
Listen to me, and please listen well.
When you ride with cocaine you are headed for hell !!!

Author Unknown

2685 days ago
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