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Lohan's Accident Aftermath

5/27/2007 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was quite a Friday night for Lindsay Lohan. TMZ cameras caught the actress partying it up 'til the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM to be exact) at hotspot Les Deux. A source inside the club tells TMZ that she was there "pretty late" after closing (ya think?) and stayed in the exclusive back room. Lohan then left with her ever-trusted buddy Jaz at the wheel.

Two hours after she left Les Deux, cops responded to a 911 call reporting a one-car hit and run at Foothill and Sunset Blvds. in Beverly Hills. Cops say Lindsay was driving her Mercedes and lost control and went up on on a curb.

Check out the video shot of the crash's aftermath! Cops also say they found a "usable amount" of a drug tentatively identified as cocaine in Lindsay's ride. Woops.

Cops say they arrested her at Century City Hospital where she had been taken by friends after the accident. They're waiting for results of blood tests to determine just what substances she had in her system. One thing the cops do know ... more charges could be filed in this case.

Poor Linds. She's in a heap of trouble. Fleeing the scene of an accident, coke allegedly found in her car and a possible DUI -- and she's under 21 to boot.

Nurse! Someone help this girl!


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Not sorry for ho, that's fo sho.

2676 days ago


For the life of me I cannot beleive how immature, uneducated, stupid & ignorant Lindsey, Paris, Nicole & Britney are.
Sad to say, but one of them will either be dead or in jail for killing innocent people because of their lack of judgement.

2676 days ago


First Paris going to jail, now Lindsay?! Woo hoo! Now just Brittney needs to get caught doing something, then justice will be served!

2676 days ago


She'll get out of it. They all do. Paris got time off for good behavior and she ain't even been there!!

2676 days ago


"Poor Linds?" "Somebody help this girl?" She is a grown woman, even though she fails to act like it. It is tragic that she did not get the guidance/love/discipline she needed as a child, but she's gonna have to suck it up and start acting like an adult now.

No wonder this young woman is so mixed up. You make her out to be a childlike victim and Maxim names her the hottest woman in the world despite her clear penchant for self-destruction (what does that tell young women, by the way? Being a train wreck is sexy?). So which is she--an innocent child or a sexy woman. It doesn't work both ways--no matter how much people might want it to. By playing into these contrary viewpoints, you contribute to the unrealistic kid-glove treatment these young celebrities are given. This is a disservice to the rest of us, but it is also a disservice to these young women. They need to figure it out now, lest they go the way of Anna Nicole Smith. Protecting them from the consequences of their actions is, ultimately, not protecting them at all.

2676 days ago


who cares get off her back!! just leave her alone.

2676 days ago


The funny thing is (Among other things.) is that she did have a driver, her bodyguard, and he did drive. But Lindzy took over the wheel later on and got into this accident. They were all most likely drunk and high anyway, but apparently she was worse off.

2676 days ago

hello, it    

123. #121 Sadly Princess Diana had a driver!!!

Posted at 4:45PM on May 27th 2007 by ???

You cannot compare these 2 women. One spent her life doing good and helping others. The other is a trashy young girl who is destroying her life with the help of her own mother.

2676 days ago


File this under "I'm NOT suprised". I guess AA didn't work, huh? I'm ready for this stupid little bitch to spend time behind bars & NOT IN THEM!!!

And for the person who compared her to Jimmy, Janis & Jim forget that those people had talent! Yes, I they died because of their over-indulgences, but they weren't just some skank who thought that could sing/act/etc.

Hey, maybe it's time for Lindsay, Paris & Britney to go into the fashion business! Create like a crazed felon line! This coming fall's must-have? An orange jumpsuit!!! Yipppee! Where can I get mine?

2676 days ago


They r all so stupid-I can't help but hope and pray they suffer in jail so that they will change. I'm afraid for the innocent drivers in California! The people there need to petition for tougher laws where drinking and drugs r involved, these rich girls r getting off way too easy.

2676 days ago

tuna marie    

diana was as much of a trashy whore as lindsay is, diana had sex with every man she came across, and most of her so called charity work was for the cameras only.

2676 days ago


#121, #123 Princess Diana did have a driver....but sadly , he was drunk...

2676 days ago

kimberly stewart    

What a WASTE!! There are so many talented young actresses who left their homes and families who would LOVE to have the opportunities that Lindsay has to be in film. All that girl does is complain and moan and make up excuses. She is PATHETIC. A DISGRACE. 20
.. wow... she's SOOO young. HA give me a break!! I'm 20 too and living out on my own, paying bills, being a young adult. I know 20 year olds that are married and have kids. HAHAHA. Lindsey is an EMBARRASSMENT to the American acting world. She makes other countries in the world look down on our "talent". Blaaaaah. Lindsey just needs to get her act together. She digust me. She reminds me of that weird gawky girl in high school who all of a sudden gets a makeover and a new life and CRASHES.

2676 days ago

Tina M    

To #130. I agree with you about Princess Diana. I felt terrible about sending it. I didn't mean to compare the two, it just came out that way. Sorry if I offended you.

2676 days ago

hello, it    

134. diana was as much of a trashy whore as lindsay is, diana had sex with every man she came across, and most of her so called charity work was for the cameras only.

Posted at 4:57PM on May 27th 2007 by sarah t

I feel very sorry for you. You are wrong.

2676 days ago
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