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Ashley Judd's Hubby Wins Indy 500

5/28/2007 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Judd took time off from freaking out moviegoers with her new film "Bug" -- to cheer on racecar driving hubby Dario Franchitti as he took first place in this year's Indianapolis 500.

Franchitti beat dozens of other riders to take the win in a slightly abbreviated race; the race ended 85 miles short, thanks to an out-of-control rainstorm. The rain didn't stop Judd from jubilantly climbing over the pit wall to congratulate her victorious hubby. Wet tee-shirt, anybody? Franchitti and Judd have been married for almost six years.


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I love Ashley, she is a great actress, and a good person! Congrates Dario!

2573 days ago


I love Ashley Judd! She is a very kind hearted person. Some of these comments are left by jealous females who maybe can't find a man such as Dario, or keep them...I really wonder about people who leave such comments as those, are your lives so perfect that you feel you can judge others? Just remember, what goes around comes around!!!
Love ya Ashley, you and Dario are perfect together!
Your friend
Laurie :)

2573 days ago


I am a little late, but wow. All you Ashley haters are pretty pathetic, I mean bashing here on a site that stalks celebrities. And unlike getting drunk and doing drugs Ashley is out there helping the world and fighting AIDS. O an about Dario pushing her away, he totally didnt do that! He brshes her hair away, and then like 5 minutes later he wiped his mouth. He said in an interview that she was the best thing in his life, and that there was no question about their love, so how about you all calm down, I dont think you will be getting any Dario here soon.

2568 days ago


o and congrats Dario, i love ya

2568 days ago


I don't believe the comments about Ashley Judd...smell the jealous females of the race track. I am amazed that all these comments are directed at someone who never hurt you. Yes, she is successful, educated (which most of you seem flat-faced) and has made her own way without the Judd name (singers, not actors). God! you green-eyed mosters get a life. If you had the body, you would do the same, if you had the intelligence to better yourself, you would do the same, if you had the life she has maybe you would be compassionate for having to listen to degrades like you. Especially the comments about her dress at the race. Class, what did you wear a hooters shirt and butt hugging cut off jeans?.....enough of placing myself on your critizing levels.

2597 days ago


I hate that bitch!!!

2613 days ago


Congratulations Ashley!

That movie you did with Stacey Keach was pretty good.

By the way, hope you figured out the part about the sins of our fathers' passed on to us all.

We are able to exercise free will and not repeat the sins of our fathers. The sin was supposedly passed on to mankind in semen from Adam who first sinned and passed it on to everyone. However, this state has been refuted by religious scholars since the year 400 AD. By exercising free will we all start with a clean slate and are free of guilt and sin and can choose to be good from birth to death.

2613 days ago


She is such a spoiled little brat!!! She is always whining. My friend's husband is a manger of a steak restaurant that she ate at one night with her basketball buddies and she got SO mad because they did not have yogurt instead of sour creme for her frickin baked potatoe. She threw a total hissy fit!!!!

2613 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

White trash antics from white trash. No surprise there. Go back to your trailer, Ash and discipline your wild youngin's.

2613 days ago


Ashley Judd is a beautiful, sucessful,intelligent and articulate woman who seems very happy and proud of her sexy husband Dario for winining The Indianapolis 500! Kudos to you both!

2613 days ago


#2 you've made that comment in the past about her. Sad to see you're still suffering from PTSD over it. BTW, it's cream, not creme.

2613 days ago


It looked to me like Dario pushed Ashley away in the winner's circle when she kissed him and he put on the red I seeing things ?

2613 days ago

John Denver Rules    

I think she is great! All you haters are obviously jealous.

2613 days ago


Obviously no one clued her in when it came to what to wear to a race track, especially if you're in the pits. I flimsy dress, no bra, but no boobs so no big deal and high heel sandals???? What a fool when she straddled the barrier and was told to get back.

And Betsy, no you were not seeing things. The chick obviously has no clue. Almost as stupid as her mother!

Bet she was the joke at the parties last night.....and that floppy hat? Maybe she misunderstood and thought she was going to the Kentucky Derby.

2613 days ago


This is the most annoying girl. She tries to hard to impress people with her big words and little personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2613 days ago
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