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Bindi -- Croc Hunter in Training

5/28/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A smiley Bindi Irwin, 8, has taken over the the family business.

The precocious daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and wife Terri announced the upcoming "Bindi: Jungle Girl" series that will continue her father's work, saying, "The best part, I get to be with all my animal friends!"

Appearing in a tree house at the Australia Zoo, Terri said, "I think he would have said `Crikey mate, I couldn't wait for Bindi to take over.'" Answering criticism that it's too soon after Steve's death for Bindi to be back in the spotlight, mom said, "Bindi has been filming with us since she first hatched, it was a natural progression for her to be doing her own shows."

Steve Irwin died while diving nine months ago, when a stingray barb pierced his heart off the coast of Australia. The show launches stateside June 8.


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just asking    

Great Kid and family. Be careful and God Bless You

2708 days ago


to attack a CHILD is as nauseating, has this world become so polluted with filthy little girls that try to be grown up skanks that some of us DON'T KNOW WHAT A LITTLE GIRL SHOULD ACT & TALK LIKE anymore??

That, is how a happy little 8,9,10,11 year old SHOULD BE.

Or should she have a deep sex kitten voice and smoke cigarettes while ramming a deer with her range rover crying about how daddy's gone??

2708 days ago


Maybe I'm cynical to think that a media career isn't necessarily the best way to protect a bereaved child's psychological welfare.

2708 days ago


Some of these Hollywood drunk sluts should take a cue from this bright little girl. She has more class than all of them put together!

2708 days ago


Future train wreck or croc bait.

2708 days ago

This is a bad idea    

Children at this age should not be put under pressure to be the star attraction.

2708 days ago


What's nauseating is to see a mother's interest put before her daughter's. No sooner has Steve died, then the mother is trying to recapture the limelight by throwing her daugher to the public or as I like to analogize the crocs. I wouldn't be surprised Bindi as an addict and or suicide victim by the time she's 18. Look at present day child actors and celebrity's, the streets and morgues are littered with them

2708 days ago


I wish her the best of luck,,BUT,,IMO, shes just too young to have that responsibility, to stand in her fathers shoes..I agree with the poster above who said, give her a few years, and then let her make an adult decision.

2708 days ago


They use Bindi, like Steve Irwin used Crocs- to make a buck. Its all about money for mama...

2708 days ago


I would never pimp out my daughter like that. She is the same age as Bindi. Who knows what's going through the mother's head. If you put your kid in the spotlight, people are always going to make disparaging comments on websites like this. Don't blame people for saying the obvious, blame the parent for the decision.

2708 days ago


it is a little creepy that she is so robotic, but i think this is something she wants to do (not that a child should dictate what they do), and it probably makes her feel closer to her dad, who she obviously loved very, very much.
i think terri is loving enough to pull the plug if it gets out of control. also, bindi will mature, and take on a more natural personality with time.
who are we to say what is right or wrong. they have suffered an amazingly huge loss. steve was larger than life. they are doing their best to fill the voids.
i wish them the best!

2708 days ago

Phoenix Filly    

What an awesome kid!! Unlike much of Americas youth who are prowling the streets looking for their next victim or trying to get into clubs--and suceeding--this charming kiddo is carrying on something her tragically taken father began. And for you idiots who obviously know nothing about colloquial sayings in Austraila, yes she was hatched. Pick up a book or watch something besides Roseanne for a change.

Quit using this column for nothing but hating. Dont we have enough "young" people in our country who have screwed up their lives? When you see a kid who is doing well give them their props. And get over your selves.

2708 days ago

West Coastian    

This isn't something new. This was planned while her dad was still alive and he even filmed some of the first episodes with Bindi.

2707 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I do think it evident that Bindi loves doing this work, but think that moderation is called for considering her age. She needs to experience 'kiddom' as well as the media pressure.
I privately wonder if this would have been her career choice if it weren't one of the big ways she has to stay connected with her father, R.I.P.
My other concern is that if a sea creature ended her experienced 44 year old father's life, what ill-conceived fate could await this little girl unless strict safegaurds are always in place, and even then there's no gaurantee? There is the possibility that Mom could lose both, but I absolutely understand that you cannot & must not live in a bubble.
This is not a criticism, but simply a few concerns. Bindi seems happy and downright ecstatic, most of the time.

2707 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................................Blessings, Little One....Many Blessings...............................

2707 days ago
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