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Bindi -- Croc Hunter in Training

5/28/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A smiley Bindi Irwin, 8, has taken over the the family business.

The precocious daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and wife Terri announced the upcoming "Bindi: Jungle Girl" series that will continue her father's work, saying, "The best part, I get to be with all my animal friends!"

Appearing in a tree house at the Australia Zoo, Terri said, "I think he would have said `Crikey mate, I couldn't wait for Bindi to take over.'" Answering criticism that it's too soon after Steve's death for Bindi to be back in the spotlight, mom said, "Bindi has been filming with us since she first hatched, it was a natural progression for her to be doing her own shows."

Steve Irwin died while diving nine months ago, when a stingray barb pierced his heart off the coast of Australia. The show launches stateside June 8.


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I personally think it is SICK that you are all here making fun of a child. What are you all unhappy with your own life that you have to go and attack Bindi? Give me a break. I think what she is doing is great- she grew up with the animals with her father, and because of her father's love of animals she is the same way. I don't think her mother is greedy at all. I think Bindi truly wants to carry on the tradition of her Dad and she will do a great job.

2705 days ago


Bindi was exposed to this sort of lifestyle from when she was a newborn and I'm sure that she learned some things regarding raw animal power from her dad's work, but I wonder if this is something she would have taken on were it not for the railroading that has been exerted on her. There is a video that Steve did that details his early life and his life with Terri. This video also details the early decisions the 2 of them made for Bindi and the direction they unilaterally decided to make regarding her future life as a new Irwin.

This situation reminds me of parental pressure in kid's sports. I could also throw in parental pressure/managership regarding certain actresses who get charged with DUI.

To be frank, I think that Terri and Company are looking to Bindi, a child, to fill the $$$ void that took place with the death of Steve Irwin. As another poster stated well, a very large company, including a zoo, has been formed with a lot of dependent persons on the payroll. It sure seems as though they have too carefully arranged Bindi's life so that she has NO OTHER CHOICE in pleasing her mother and deceased father other than working the media animal conservation angle. In response to this, I am not watching any Animal Planet/Croc Hunter shows that feature this child.

After Steve's death, I watched the TV events where Bindi was featured and how Terri bathed her in compliments but only AFTER Bindi announced she wanted to follow in her dad's steps. ("If you want my approval you must be this way" sort of thing. Bob (the son) was not put under the same sort of tactics.)

I think one of 2 things will happen:

Bindi will turn to other interests when she becomes a teenager (which thought probably terrifies Terri) - like being interested in guys, for example.

Or she will die a tragic death in an animal attack like her father.


2705 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

She needs to be with human friends her ow nage, and not animals acting as zoologist.
Terri is wrong. This is a bad idea. That child needs to be off of the media radar.

I did not even read the whole article at first. THE first line was enough.

2705 days ago


this little girl is so charming. i think you should all leave her alone and let her live her life.

2705 days ago


I agree with prettygirl and the others saying to leave her alone, Bindi is a great kids she is very inteligent and vivacious she was born to perform and no one makes her do it she does it coz she loves it. Bindi has been doing shows at Australia Zoo since she was like 5 and has always been there when her parents were filming they didn't just dump her with a nanny and bugar off like the rest of those hollywood loser so called stars (morons) she l;oves animals and prefers there company and I don't blame her I do to. So you idiot f'witts who are dumping on Bindi and Terri can just F' off and die as far as i'm conerned. Why don't you losers go pick on someone who really deserves it likes slut faced paris hilton or Britney Spears instead of an innocent 8 year 8 you stupid assholes!

2705 days ago


Bindi will most likely grow up to be a great woman; smart, compassionate, and a true friend to animals. It sounds like alot of you here would prefer her wearing porn start t-shirts and into alcohol and drugs at 13.
Terri is probably a better parent and a better person than most of you critical of her will ever be.
Good luck Terri, Bindi and Bob. Steve would be proud.

2705 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

It was weird and unnatural to parade this child and her parrot-like speech out on tv after her father died a horrific death. She apparently has no clue about the horrors of his death.

Now the world has to be annoyed by this programmed child as mom pushes her out there, starting some "career."

The timing is all wrong and the child is obnoxious. Mother is more obnoxious. I thought the whole publicity tour they did after their father and husband was killed was a horror. I can't believe the media is buying into this.

Take the child home, call in a psychologist for daughter and mother. Wait a respectable time before pimping this child out.

She appears vague and empty-headed to me, just reciting programmed words. Hate to be negative but give this dog and pony show some time before you drag it out before the public.

2705 days ago


Bindi's a creepy looking kid. I wouldn't watch her show.

2705 days ago


What in hell do ANY of you know about Bindi Irwin, or Terri Irwin, or even Steve??????

Terri is from my territory here in So. Oregon. I have kept up to date with her life (she was a nationally-known wildlife rescuer in her own right here in Oregon, specializing in cougars (mountain lions to some of you) and I have no doubt she knows what is best for her children.

WHEN you know Terri Irwin, THEN you can have an opinion.

2705 days ago


I think Terri is a wonderful mom. Bindi appears happy and well adjusted. They must find great healing in what they are doing. Bindi brings awareness to wildlife just as her father did, only she isn't going to be wrestling alligators.

2705 days ago


#39 lmao Lilarose

Southern Oregon is now Calif and I have doubts as to weather you know Terri or not. She rarely returns to Oregon when she dose it's to the Portland area. She has not lived there for many years. If that is the best you can do for your claim to fame, best get life of some kind.

2705 days ago


People from Oregon do not use the words "Neck of the woods" It's not the deep south! Nor do they come off pompous and hostile. Your from Calif #31

2705 days ago


Steve Irwin has left a wonderful legacy...the family want it to continue.

So much is expected of this little girl...I really hope she never has the weight of too much responsibility on her young shoulders.

She looks happy and she is definitely her 'daddy'd little girl' - he will be so proud :)

2705 days ago


Why is this child not in school? Let her mother save the planet.

2705 days ago


Bindi is absolutely gorgeous!! I hope she is extra careful around those animals!! Pretty little girl!!

2705 days ago
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