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Clooney Bags on Brangelina

5/28/2007 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney thinks Angelina Jolie is a "horrible" and "ugly" person.

While promoting "Oceans 13" in Cannes with co-star Matt Damon, the two started to rip on Brangelina, saying "Brad has had it tough" between being "hobbled with children" and "that horrible, ugly wife." Clooney went on to say that Brad should just kill himself to get out of the horrendous situation.

Of course, Pitt also stars in the upcoming caper, and the gang has a history of ragging on each other and playing practical jokes -- TMZ's favorite? Clooney allegedly putting a "Small Penis on Board" bumper sticker on Pitt's car. That's what friends are for.


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lol at the people who think they were being serious. Funny interview.

2675 days ago

Darling Nikki    

yeah...tongue in cheek much?...DUH
Clooney is so not gay

2675 days ago


These guys are hilarious. :) I think that's part of what's so attractive about them--their sense of humor

2675 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

He was teasing, joke. It was a joke. Canyou people understand a joke? It was a joke EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOT A FUNNY JOKE!!!! HE WAS REALLY TRYING TO BE FUNNY AND HE PUT HIS FOOT IN HIS MOUTH. He could have thrown it onhis friend, Brad instead of Jolie and it could have been better rec'd by people. He couls have sad, "Oh yeah, Angelina has it so hard being married to the ugliest man on Earth. Now ,she has five kids, four little ones and the kid Brad makes 5. poor Angelina." That still would not have been funny.

Big ? is when Brad fianly gets sick of being with this headcase ,Angelina, will he leave her or stick it out until she leaves him due to his pride. Will she give him Shiloh( what a dumbass name to curse a child with...a Civil War Battle...her adopted daughter ,Zahara, has abtter name... sick Bitoch Joile). Will he stickout until death due they part due tohis pride? I amnot a Pitt fan, Anniston, Jolie, but he goofed when he dumped Annsiton for Jolie? Anniston goofed instead of making all of those Bad-B movies she should have made a baby . That is all the guy wanted.
What a mess Brad is in. Angelina holds his balls in her handbag. He probably does not even " get any " anymore. Sounds like a lot a real girls I know. Be like a Playboy centerfold, thenget the guy, a good guy I can only wish for, and then they turn into a 18th centruy spinster.

2675 days ago


I saw the interview as well, he was sooooooooooooooo joking around. BUT, did anyone notice that he called Angelina Brad's wife?????????????? Were they secretly married?

2675 days ago

non story tmz    

clooney does look somewhat manorexic. took off the weight for a movie role, maybe?

and give it a f'ing rest people..don't try and make this video more than it is. clooney was making a joke, trying to be funny. period. if you watched all the interviews of the ocean's boys in cannes they were joking like this in every single interview. don said shiloh should have strippers at her birthday party. george said the kids (of his co-stars) think of him as a dirty old man. they were talking about wearing speedos and thongs on the beach. it was all in good fun.

2675 days ago


Just a joke? Probably.... but I always hated people that half joked and half pimped. I have news for Clooney, he looks like he is HIV positive! Way too thin.... don't like his hair and would bet that he is just getting a little too old to be capturing the real blessings in life.... like family and purpose! Lost.... I used to kinda like him, but he is lost. Brad Pitt, is the only reason we watch Oceans..... and Brad has some obviously right priorities.... Poor old Clooney..... wow... someone feed him and change his hair.... he looks like his dad! Send him some guys, that aren't sick, I think he likes men.

2675 days ago


He might think it was an obvious joke to say Angie is a ugly harpy who is saddling Brad with a load of kids, but it reflects the opinion of a large number of the general population. Maybe Mr Clooney should work on his sarcasm techniques, or even better, stick to different comedic material when he is doing interviews.

2675 days ago



2675 days ago

K man    

TMZ. Don't you know he was only kidding?

2675 days ago


He's obviously joking, it's just hard to read through his arrogant privileged maw. Clooney, some advice, stay in Italy and shut the F*%^ up. The ONLY reason Angie has anything is her looks, oh and that she's a despot. Underneath that trashy mug, she's just like the rest of you hollywood yaks, selfish, greedy, controlling, and out to self-gratify and ease the guilt. Just wait until her kids are older...they will put Paris and LiLo to shame. Hopefully the rest of us can figure it out before then and put you all out of business.

2675 days ago


There is a saying "more truth is said in jest.".

2675 days ago


G.Cloony one of the best looking men in the movie business.He could have any women he would want.Why would he want to get married?One time I heard him saying,that he does not want any kids,as he put it :" I do not want to replicate myself." He is smart!!!

2675 days ago

Dolly Dagger    

Much to my dismay, an "in the know" person verified that George Clooney is indeed in the closet.

I will respect him again when he comes out. His vilification of Angelina just sounds like sour grapes right now.

2675 days ago


Gosh, if only George would recognize the difference between a wife and a shack-up honey/adulterer. I thought he had more intelligence than that.

2675 days ago
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