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Hillary Changes Her Tune -- Again!

5/28/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonPresidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton has added more song choices for Rodhamites to pick as her campaign anthem. DJ Hills on the ones and twos!

As TMZ previously reported
, the 59-year-old Democrat is asking the good people of America to go to her official site and vote for their favorite song. The winning tune will be heard from coast-to-coast as Hillary vies for votes. Will it be music to your ears?!

Recently added song choices, based on write-in suggestions from fans, include: "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz, "The Best" by Tina Turner and The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." Wonder what her next trick will be?

While the winning jingle will be announced online in the coming days, it's probably safe to say the only artist who has absolutely no chance of being chosen is Gavin Rossdale's band, Bush!


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He's just another Idiot    

Don't worry people, we Democrats will see to it that Hillary is NOT nominated. We want a winner, not a loser. Hillary carries too much baggage. Remember all the scandals: Whitewater, firing the White House Travel Service, the trauma with Lover Boy Bill, taking the dishes and furniture from the White House and trashing the WH when they left. etc. etc.
She knew Arkansas would never vote her in the Senate so she moved to New York and those ditsy liberals voted her in. (Not all democrats are liberal!) A normal woman would have kicked Bill out after all his affairs and the humilation. She knew she had no power with out Romeo Bill, so she held on. She has never done anything to warrant becoming president. Now if classy Elizabeth Dole was running, I would vote for her. We will have a woman president some day, but Full of Herself Hillary is not the one.

2671 days ago


Men fear women POWER AND STRENGHT. They hate to be the ones walking one step behind, TOOOO INSECURE BY NATURE!

2671 days ago


'I HAVE THE WHOLE WORLD IN MY HANDS' perfect son for Hillary campaign.

2671 days ago


That statement is contradictory. Bill is walking behind Hilly now. It must be an incredibly disturbing sight for him. LOL

2671 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Guess all the lesbians are starting to post their support for Hillary. Doesn't anyone know who her girlfriend is in California? I know a song for her - "Pretty Woman" - NOT!!!!

2671 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

I believe we should all take a moment to be thankful for the intelligent people who set up the American Government and were smart enough to put 4 year terms with a 2 term maximum for the presidential office. There are reasons why we don't want the same families to always be in control. So let us act intelligently and STOP VOTING FOR THE SAME FAMILIES!

2671 days ago

MS. M    

Jackie if the DNC deems Hil to be the candidate you won't have alot to say about it sorry, caucuses are formalities but once you get to convention, DNC has already decided who they are going to spend the money on....the DNC wants you to think its free expression & all candidates have an equal chance but that's just to keep getting your campaign donations to keep the grist the two that should be dominated should be "th Joke" Gravel & Ron Paul, NOW that would an interesting & representative election....won't happen tho as I sincerely doubt those two would bow to the corporate master, who donates to both parties, so their interests are protected, you know like, tax incentives & breaks to ship those jobs overseas, brought to us all courtesy of bill, & corporate welfare & well let's not forget NO CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM so real people can run....changed my affiliation to Independent cause they both SUCK & sucking us dry....BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS/hillary, obama

2671 days ago


MILLIONS WISH Bill Clinton could be a President again. HE WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT!

he made some minor mistakes as a human being but always carefulll about his job as President! No wars, no dying inocent people by the thousands, no waisting people's money by the thrillions, no gasoline prices $4,00 or higher, our soldiers were safe!
He was truly loved by other world liders and the people, he was peace seeking and caring!

2671 days ago


Ladies, Have ever thought why the LADY OF LIBERTY is a Woman? think about it.

She represents the best of the best as an AMERICAN LADY and so it should be the President of the USA: A WOMAN! to keep all these men out of trouble and out of wars!!

Its about time!

2671 days ago

MS. M    

Lady Liberty is a lady because the French who fabricated her like women....hillary clinton is NOT the woman I would want representing me....she is a shrew & doesn't much believe in our freedoms, particularly her suggesting to David Brock, he form up to do a service, they delivered the Imus remarks to sharptongue & the rest is history, in my opinion had nothing to do with "racist" comments with an accepted apology, he was very much a critic of hil's & he had to go.....all kinds of groups out there to sanitized what we hear & see....& hil was very much a part of that lynching....can you imagine if she were a blocked president? she would make bush look like a cub scout....BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS/hillary, obama

2671 days ago


It certainly is not the first time Hilly has been responsible for the destruction of her opponents lives. Can anyone name the amount of times and people since Billy's Governor days that she has made sure that someone who dared to speak against them were ruined?

2671 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey tmz. why are you not giving time to other candidates? equal time for everyone?why is this on your sight? whats next? showing us pictures of hillary shoe shopping? my god you guy are going down hill!!!!

2671 days ago


I submitted 3 nice choices for Hillary last week:
1) The Bitch is Back (Elton John)
2) She's No Lady (Lyle Lovett)
3) Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Ted Nugent)
I'm sure that Bill would be partial to Ted's song.

2671 days ago

cookie monster    

How about "The Lady is a Tramp." I'd like to see a flow chart of their various connections, scandals, and con games from grad school to the present. It would blow your mind. Just think....if she becomes president and he becomes world ambassador they will own the planet. What will be call it, "Clintonville. " Would make for a nice trailor park name.

2671 days ago

Big Dave    

Obviously, Hillary Clinton has an uphill battle to get nominated, let alone win the presidency. I sense the issue isn't gender, experience or brains, but a need for a fresh face and outlook from the next president. Because of this, it won't be Hillary, but someone like Obama, Mitt or someone yet to declare who has tremendous charm and appeal (as well as brains).

2671 days ago
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