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Hillary Changes Her Tune -- Again!

5/28/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonPresidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton has added more song choices for Rodhamites to pick as her campaign anthem. DJ Hills on the ones and twos!

As TMZ previously reported
, the 59-year-old Democrat is asking the good people of America to go to her official site and vote for their favorite song. The winning tune will be heard from coast-to-coast as Hillary vies for votes. Will it be music to your ears?!

Recently added song choices, based on write-in suggestions from fans, include: "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz, "The Best" by Tina Turner and The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." Wonder what her next trick will be?

While the winning jingle will be announced online in the coming days, it's probably safe to say the only artist who has absolutely no chance of being chosen is Gavin Rossdale's band, Bush!


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What did you do for Memorial Day.?

My family and I visited the cemetery. Our local cemetery is the resting place for many soldiers from the civil war to the Iraq war. Visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day was a tradition started by my father. Every year he gave the same lecture on freedom and sacrifice. We are all grown now and every one of my brothers and sisters continues this same tradition with our families to this day. As we drove to the cemetery I looked out the window trying to prepare myself for the questions my children would ask. My mother-in-law noticed it first (being from that other generation). She said how come no one has any flags out? I started looking and realized she was right. On my street alone there were two flags. Mine and my next door neighbor. Now I live in a very blue state. My husband, a Marine, was (and still is) a strong supporter of Bush and he placed a sign on our lawn during the election. I didn't share his view and was concerned since EVERY other neighbor was supporting the other guy. Our home was vandalized five times. My husband wouldn't stop putting the signs up and someone would always come and remove or destroy them. My state did not carry Bush (and don't tell my husband but I didn't vote for him either). My point, however is every one of my neighbors took the time to post an election sign but only two of us could be bothered to fly a flag in tribute to the soldiers who protect their freedoms and have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Sad. I don’t want to think of a song for Mrs. Clinton’s election. I want to hear about real solutions to the problems of this country from the candidates. I no longer want to fill those graves with the lives of our servicemen.

2714 days ago


How about "I Killed Foster and Got Away With It?"

2714 days ago


Do you really want aWoman protectiong the country? Our biggest enemy does not give or care to give women equal fair treatment. They will smile in her face and plan to kill her the moment she is out of the room. I am woman, but at the end of the day I want a man running the country against enemies. Think about it. Women should really think about it. Why would you wnat a woman in charge when the world is in such trouble. Most other nations don't respect women, and yet, most of you want a woman who clearly would never be their equal to be your President. Kiss the America you have come to love goodbye. Your comforts will be eroded over time...watchh it unfold.

2713 days ago

truth sleuth    

WOW....who would have thought that TMZ posters were such homophobic (not that Hillary is lesbian but the comments made here are obviously by people who are still living back in the '50's), chauvinistic, rude, uninformed, unintelligent, etc. etc. children? Are some of you actual adults? Then again, this IS a gossip site so what more can we expect from some folks who have nothing better to do than comment on the lives of others?

2713 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

We have a year and a half before the elections. And, we are going to have to listen to all the crap from the wannabe's. The ONLY candidate, so far, that I have seen with any possible presidential decorum is Mitt Romney - and I'm a Democrat! Hillary is a big windbag like the rest of them. Aren't all these people supposed to be doing their jobs that we elected them to do in the first place and not running all over the country running for President? A lot can happen before a year from next November, but one thing I am sure of is that Hillary will not be on the ballot. She has lots of enemies and would rather vote for Woody Woodpecker than her.

2713 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hey Rocky: I would vote for Woody Woodpecker. Where do I sign up?

2713 days ago

MS. M    

I'm wondering if hil can claim she's figured out how to make ice cubes in hell....Rocky used to be a dem, changed affliation to Independent but have you seen Ron Paul? he was on Bill Mahrer's last show, if you get a chance catch a re-run, the audience went nuts over him, Ben Affleck & pj orourke both applauded him & Mahrer was impressed, the little I've seen of Gravel from Alaska, the dems dissing him I thought was a sterling endorsement! still BOYCOTTNG MSNBC/CBS/hillary,obama

2713 days ago


She has said that if she becomes becomes President, we'll be getting 2 Clintons for the price of one. And she's right. There is no law stopping her from making Bill her Vice President. Heaven help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2713 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

she's coming whether we like it or not.

People adore Pres Bill Clinton

2713 days ago

dont forget the past    

gawd this women pisses me off, don't get me wrong I think a women in the oval office would be a great thing for the USA. BUT THIS WOMEN IS NOT THAT PERSON.

how much more plastic can one person get. pick my song. what does that have to do with the issues. what does that have to do with good Americans coming home in boxes from a piss poor planned war/occupation. what does this have to do with medical care, homeless problems, natural disasters, drugs, immigration, or any of the other millions of issues.

this women needs to do us all a favor and either get on topic or get the hell out of the race and stop tainting it for a serious women with the true intent of running a nation. not patronizing good people in a politics as usual style, we need chance and leadership and right now Mrs. Clinton is falling well short of being a respectable and realistic candidate, this is not home coming queen or class president. this is the leader of the most powerful nation on the world, and a position that needs to restore the title of leader of the free world. because the march towards a police state and thief and removal of freedoms and rights needs to be stopped. so Mrs. Clinton do us all a favor, get serious or get out.

2713 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

She'll tell you what you want to hear
while playing songs you like.
What more do you want?
Oh, someone with a solid commitment?
Someone with follow through?
Not just a smile, a song and a name you recognize?
Gee I thought it was a good idea to vote for a recognizable name..
Vote for a solid person not a familiar name and crowd hyping theme music.

2713 days ago

MS. M    

117, well upstate if they are still in the usa, probably in Arkansas! hard to get good paying manufacturing jobs in upstate NY when your husband, ex pres clinton signed NAFTA/GATT into law...BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS/hillary, obama

2713 days ago


Any woman (or man) running for president, who needs help from the public to choose a campaign song should NOT be running for president - isn't Hillary supposed to be a LEADER?? She needs to take some lessions from Mitt Romney.

2713 days ago


She is a loser! Hillary will lose in 2008.

2713 days ago


THE world liders love Bill Clinton and so millions of Americans. He was a great President!

2713 days ago
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