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LiLo -- Pole Patrol

5/28/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLindsay Lohan sure knows how to work a pole... and not the telephone variety.

Little Miss LiLo probably isn't going to be working at Scores, but after taking a look at the video blog for her new flick, "I Know Who Killed Me," it's clear she has stripper chops if her career (and driving skills) keeps on its downward spiral.

A sexy -- and simultaneously very creepy -- video of Linds popped up on the movie's website, showing her getting naughty around a stripper pole in red four-inch heels, skimpy underwear and a hairdo.

The movie revolves around Lindsay's character suffering from split-personality disorder after a kidnapping. There's probably a lot of guys hoping this personailty is the star of the film!


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Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    


I just linked to the x17 pictures from a previous post on this page, and there she is, drunk off her ass this morning. OK, someone needs to hold a SERIOUS intervention for her immediately, and she needs to go to a real rehab (like Betty Ford), where you have to actively engage in therapy to figure out what's wrong, and where they fix what's causing you to act this way; no more worthless luxury rehabs like "promises", which are nothing more than summer vacations for drunk celebs. And I suggest her stupid, airheaded, dumbass of a mother be excluded from this point on (I can't wait to hear her moronic mother try to explain these pictures taken days AFTER her DUI; there's no way she can say "she doesn't know who her friends are", or "she's so misunderstood" or anything else so emptyheaded to explain this away). Her daughter is a LUSH. Keep Dina away from her daughter, and she's got a fighting chance. If Dina gets involved, nothing of consequence will ever happen, and her daughter will be dead within 2 years.

2668 days ago


Dina Lohan is such a big part of this girl's messes. This girl should not be climbing poles of any kind. And who is the one giving liquor to this girl? My son is 22 and gets carded constantly. Why should it be any different for her? Who is letting kids underage into bars? My niece is 26 and still gets carded. Why do we allow celebrities to be able to do things that we, the normal person, would be arrested for? Money should not be a difference when it is about something that is illegal and could kill a fellow driver.

2668 days ago


Real classy.......

2668 days ago


Change her nickname! When I see "Lilo," I think of an elegant Viennese chanteuse -- not a street trash teenage slut with a drug habit.

2668 days ago


She is still doing blow and drinking and it is Monday!!!!

2668 days ago

tuna marie    

linds seems to be dumber than parasite and britney put together. to go out and get wasted the nite after you are arrested for dui is pretty damn stupid. at least have 1 cell in your brain that would tell you to lay low for awhile.

2668 days ago

tuna marie    

yeah we are all jealous of a drunken coked up slut, who was arrested for dui. whatever, asshole.

2668 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

I swear TMZ is staffed by people who dropped out of grade school. There is NO SUCH THING as split-personality disorder. Someone can have a split personality, or suffer from a multiple personality disorder; please don't act like morons & put them together. Please try to look just the slightest bit educated (or in your cases, TMZ writers, edu-micated), and look these things up before your moron writers post them; it'll be less embarrassing for you later on...

2668 days ago


I like the nick name LiLo it has a helpful message in it for her too.
Guess you could change it to something more appropriate I have seen plenty of ideas! I'll stick with LiLo

2668 days ago


Re: #41
At one time if you do some research the term "Split personality disorder" was widely used.
It was only after discovering some suffered from more than 2 that the term became multiple, including those with 2 were placed into this catagory.

2668 days ago


to #36
Lindsey is far from rich and her being thin due to drugs and booze is not pretty to look at in real time trust me kid.
Your "Icon" should be someone more stable and healthy, but to each their own I guess.

2668 days ago


Checkout Shanna Moakler's Myspace blog she posted today!! It's classic. You go girl!!

2668 days ago


that video was 29 seconds of pure torture.
she looked so stupid.

2668 days ago


Jessica alba is a class act?
that's hysterical.

2668 days ago


i really hate to say this but this isnt gonna up her acting in HollyWood. this is like her last resort. the "dancing on the pole" thing is yesterdays news.. its old!
she cant sing , cant act , but she does no how to party.
im really tired of hearing about her. i just hope she gets the help she nedds.

good luck!

2668 days ago
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