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Britney: Sunnin' and Sushi'n

5/29/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is leaving behind her bohemian cowgirl look -- for this southwestern Pebbles atrocity -- the latest in trainwreck sushi bar chic.

The tanning poptart was spotted on her way into a sushi bar in Beverly Hills this weekend, after leaving the tanning salon in this curiously lovely sun ensemble. While this is an improvement, for her, this getup still makes us wonder if she can actually see through those sunglasses, which appear to be made from recycled clothes dryer glass. Ecological!

There's nothing like a snakeskin scarf to emphasize your peacock weave!

She's a-tryin' y'all! Very trying.


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posted on her website Britney speaks of Tyra when she cryed on tv about the media and the picture of her looking heavier then she is in "real life"... i think Britney missed the point of Tyra crying... it had little to do with the media making her look heavier! Thats all you got from Tyras cry? I think thats sad!

2647 days ago


I was wondering the same thing. Every pic she has stains or ripped clothing. She needs a stylist and a shrink.

2647 days ago


If Britney were lactating; the stain would be pointing towards her toes because her nipples face her toes. The stain on the side is a greesy food stain.

2647 days ago

Tbay girl    

Why don't you leave the poor girl alone. You wonder why and how young girls and stars end up in trouble with drinking, drugs, and eating disorders. My god they have probably lost their mind due to the abuse and BS they take every day. Maybe say something nice for a change like, "good to see she it trying to get her life back in order" If it was you daughter going through what these stars get put through would you call her a celebutard or make ignorant jokes. Sure sometimes their actions are very questionable but how can they pick themselves up and move on when people like you and Perez Hilton and constantly kicking them in the face??

2647 days ago

J Doe    

britney is putting on a front,.....behind closed doors she's a whole different story,
she acts like she has it all together when clearly,


2647 days ago


Why does Britney always have a stain on her clothes, all of her outfits have stains on them. Don't tell me it's because of the kids spiiting up on her or something like that. This chick has too much money to be walking around with stains on her clothes, which leaves only one thing,.... she's lazy and dosen't want to change before she walks out the door. Hoosier chick all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS Hoosier does not equal Indiana
Hoosier equals trashy white people

2647 days ago

tuna marie    

my only question is How the hell did she become rich and famous?

2647 days ago

Adam And where did that stain come from? Oy...... Looks like an 80's movie reject.

2647 days ago


Looks like nothing more than a water CONDENSATION stain that one gets while drinking an iced coffee/pepsi/coolata etc etc etc. I know that is kinda a BIG word for most of your highly educated bloggers(most whom seem to work for TMZ and edit where they will) that need to make themselves feel important by ranting on Britney............

2647 days ago


Looks like another fast food drive-thru clothing mishap...has this girl ever heard of napkins? She can't walk and carry a child at the same time, so what makes her think she can drive and eat at the same time? Whatta slob.

2647 days ago

tuna marie    

liv, who else goes out with stains all over her clothes? every picture i see of her, she has stains everywhere. she is just a gross pig who appartently doesn't give a crap.

2647 days ago


Why does this girl always have some big wet spot or stain on her clothing? It's really kinda pathetic and, to be her age and have her money!! I'd be making sure I looked like a million everytime I left the house!

2647 days ago


lmao...this should make her feel better...with all the crap that is going on with others in hollywood..the only thing you can think to put her down for is a wet stain on her shirt?...she should be proud of this and definitely not let it get her least it should make her realize how petty people truly are...btw..You go Liz!...I agree with you and Good Luck Brit...*s*

2647 days ago


i'm sorry Liv not Liz...*s*

2647 days ago


She should have looked in the mirror to see that she is lactating! Poor Brit, she just can't get it right no matter what she does!! LOL!

2647 days ago
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