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Crow's Baby Finally Leaves the Nest

5/29/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It didn't take long for Sheryl Crow to introduce her brand-new baby boy to the paparazzi -- less than 2 weeks!

The adoptive rock star mom took son Wyatt shopping in the Cross Creek section of Malibu this weekend, leaving a gang of shutterbugs furiously snapping away. Sheryl bottlefed the kid in the middle of a Ralph Lauren store, accompanied by nanny-to-the-stars, Marva, who took care of Julia Roberts' twins.

Sheryl recently told OK! Magazine that she wants to adopt again, but check out the bags under her eyes -- she might want to wait a while!


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when all that T.P thing was happening I said just wait untill she has a baby, she will see how much paper products [Diapers, Wipes]and water you use when you have a baby.Then I turn around and she has one. I do wish her the best!!!

2706 days ago


Sherly Crowe pimps her newly purchased baby for at eleven. earned Madonna a talk show tour...why wouldnt every celebrity throw down some cash fora human and get the same!

2705 days ago


OH wonderful...another celeb gets to adopt a baby the "easy" way, unlike us normal people who have to wait and wait and go through the pain of being let down etc. I know so many children need homes, but us normal non-celeb people can take care of children, we have good jobs and a safe stable home, unlike celebs, who you know have unstable lives. Geez!

2705 days ago

He's Boring now    

Leave Tinsletown and Malibu and get back to the Boot Heel Area of Missouri you are from---let the child learn how real people live rather than the phoney ones that reside out there.

I predict your career will remain your top priority unless you do. It so ingrained into you after all these years, how could it not without making some major lifestyle changes, like letting that child have the same good raising you did

2705 days ago


Rock on Sheryl! I think it's great that you're a mom. God Bless you & Wyatt.

2705 days ago


#2- I am going through single parenthood and my baby is happy, healthy, and so loved. Paris Hilton has two parents, Lindsey Lohan has two parents, Nicole Richie has two parents, Brittney Spears has two parents. Having two parents does not guarantee that you will have a normal life. Why would you try to take a moment of joy away from Sheryl Crow when this is the happiest time in her life. Did anyone consider that she may not be able to have a baby due to her bout with breast cancer and chemo? Why not let her, and all new parents enjoy their babies?

2705 days ago


Atleast she adopted a child from United States unlike all the others. There are so many children here in our country that need to be adopted.

2705 days ago

One for the road    

Come on # 1...
The one sheet of TP does not apply to her , just everyone else.
you know ,She doesn't practice what she preaches.
She is just like every other LIB out there. Do as i say ,not as i do.
GOD i hope she washed her hands before feeding the kid!
PS #1 i totaly agree!!

2705 days ago


okay, she said she went through all normal channels to adopt.....MANY singers and TV/movie stars find a way to tour and travel and still manage to take care of their children, sometimes with help, sometimes not.She has also said that she plans on moving to her farm in Tennessee to raise Wyatt. It is her business to adopt, and how does anybody know that this is why she and Lance broke up? Why does this have to be about her ego?She also is allowed to leave her house with her son,photographers or not. She has also said she knew that there was a possibility right down to the wire that the birth mother could change her mind, and how do you know she has not been disappointed and had another possible adoption go through? Just because it hasn't been reported? From what I can see, Sheryl Crow appears to be a talented woman who wants to have a family. I agree that children could use a mom and a dad, but PLEASE!!!!!! She should never have kids if she never finds someone to marry??????

GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2705 days ago


Somewhere the baby's real mother is dealing with the pain of the adoption...and this ego maniac cant wait to get photos taken? Selfish and immature behavior! Sad really!

2705 days ago

One for the road    

Because #8
She bi passed the the USA
And went over seas to fast trac the adoption
You are correct about the single parent thing though
38 single Father of 3.

2705 days ago


SORRY- I meant to say "have another possible adoption NOT go through"

2705 days ago


It's about the only way she can get anything 'male' to love her for over a month or two. I hope she loves this child and does right by him., and if not; I am sure her parents will see to his welfare.

2705 days ago

C Ya    


2705 days ago

Proud Adoptive Mom    

So let's see...someone adopts from another country and everyone is complaining about not adopting in the US. Crow adopts here and she is called names because she isn't married? Hmmmm, so no matter what a celeb does it isn't good enough? Okay, I sort of get it. Too bad folks but I adopted from South America and the whole process was a cake walk-and I ain't rich or famous. No bypass just knowing what to do when. And as a last thought-I used cloth diapers.

2705 days ago
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