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Is Lindsay

Dumping Movie and Career

with Hard Partying?

5/29/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Lindsay Lohan throw away the chance to work with screen legend Shirley MacLaine after her weekend bust on suspicion of DUI? Is she quickly becoming the female equivalent of the former Robert Downey, Jr., i.e., an instant liability on film sets because of her crazy antics?

TMZ is told that "Poor Things" -- a crime caper about a granny gang starring MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis -- is set to begin shooting with Lohan on Thursday, with three weeks of location filming in Los Angeles. Lohan's court date on the DUI charge isn't until August, so that won't matter, but if she's checking into rehab, as has been reported, she clearly won't be around to work.

So far, the film's production company, Still Rolling Productions, tells the trades that the shoot won't be affected. No studio is yet attached, and calls to Lohan's people and MacLaine's reps haven't been returned.

But the bigger question is whether the drinking and drug problems are killing Lohan's career, making her uninsurable for films that studios and investors pour millions of dollars into -- because she's proven to be so erratic. One source tells TMZ that Lohan should be an absolute angel on the "Poor Things" shoot if she doesn't want to further jeopardize her career, and a film insurance executive tells TMZ that he would have to think "very, very hard" before insuring Lohan because she's become such "a loose cannon."

Lilo better get it in gear for this flick -- no one wants to see Shirley MacLaine angry!!


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cathi smith    

sorry blonde moment..... (yes i am blonde) I MENT TO SAY THE FAMOUS
Thank you

2682 days ago

Peter Pan    

!!Brad Pita has crazy pics of Lindsay Lohan and Lilly Allen cat-fighting over a table in a Los Angeles have to see this, it's literally unbelievable!!!

2682 days ago


let her go down the drain ......who gives a dam .....all self inflicted ...she is ugly too

2682 days ago


I want to see Shirley MacLaine get mad at Lind's!
Lindsey has no respect for anyone, her attitude is that of a defiant 15 year old. Like Paris she will be nearing 30yrs old still acting out like a problem teen. Hope she surprises us all and does a complete turn around & it's for real.

2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Please someone clue me in on what happened with Dina and Tara at Gwen's little boy's party... I heard Tara tried to get Dina to slip on some shampoo or something? what is going on?

2682 days ago

jacque assi    

This girl deserves to go to jail. She belongs right next to Paris Hilton. It's time to stop coddling all these Hollywood wierdos. Also, time to start shutting down the clubs that allow underage hollywierds to enter. These people are no different than the average Joe Schmos. They need to go to jail like the rest of us. Stop enabling these losers and make them responsible for their actions. Send LiLo to jail because that's possibly the only way she'll wise up.

2682 days ago


she will get help and come back bigger and better!!

2682 days ago


Hmmm...seriously... why is this woman famous? We have to take a really good look at ourselves and wonder why her along with Britney, Paris, Nicole and the other partying, boozing, drugged out 'barnacles' have been made into icons. I enjoy reading TMZ for the comments on POP culture, but in reality it's just really sad. There are no real role models in Tinseltown anymore. It's just become another Hollywood Babylon. I really have to wonder if other countries hate us, not because of the war in Iraq, but because of what we've become.

2682 days ago


SICK OF HER! I wouldn't pay to see a movie with her in it (Georgia Rule flopped) - Why doesn't Hollywood get wise and dump her! Maybe she'll straighten out - when she's a down & out addict

2682 days ago


As I was looking at LiLo being poured into her car my phone rang. It was my highly talented and beautiful, might I add, daughter. She is sad, I asked what's wrong? She replied (she has an IQ of ( 162 ), " Mommy, I'm taking an online IQ test and since I moved here,LaLa Land, my IQ keeps getting lower", she whimpered.
Proof frigin' positive that city will get you every time.
Girl, get thee to a real rehab. Detox like real addicts have to do. Hopefully, she'll just have to go cold turkey in Sing-Sing. Like she's ever going to do any time. Dumb Ass twit! They never learn until they have absolutely no one and nothing left. Shame on her....

2682 days ago


I said a while back that I gave her 2 years before she was dead in the street. I think it'll be less than a year. If she ever goes the jail, I think she'll kill herself or get the crap beat out of her.

Her mother should be ashamed allowing this to happen. She's encouraged the behavior. I feel sorry for her other kids having a loser dad, attention seeking mom, and a coke-head/drunk/whore for a sister.

2682 days ago


I can't believe all the nastiness going down in print here. Lindsay Lohan obviously needs help. She needs our prayers and hopes that she turns herself around, just as many before her have done. Lindsay's issues are with her lack of a male role model in her life, and her constant bad actions are a sign of that. Be kind America, it could be one of your own someday....

2682 days ago


Can someone explain to me how all the nightspots serving liquor to Lindsay who is not yet of legal age to drink (21) still have their liquor license? These clubs, restaurants and bars are under strict regulations NOT to serve liquor to anyone under 21 in the State of California. How is it that they continue to operate when serving Lindsay Lohan alcohol?? Has anyone reported them to the authorities??

2682 days ago



2682 days ago


Poor Lindsey. Didn't she learn from her dad's mistakes? I thought she was a pretty good actress, but if she gets hired again I won't go see another movie with her in it. I am tired of how we idolize all of the bad actors and actress. They use drugs, locked up in the slammer, drink, party, yet they keep getting movie deals. Then, for media's sake and to try to improve their image they check into treatment for a week or two. It's sickening!! How about people we can really look up at and our kids can idolize and want to be like? It seems she keeps screwing up and the more popular she gets...Something is wrong here! I really don't want to hear the child actress woes. These child actors/actresses have it a hell of a lot better than we do. They are old enough now to know right from wrong. Problem is, they just make too much money and buy the drugs and think they are above the law. Wise up Lindsey. Hopefully your career is done!

2682 days ago
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