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Is Lindsay

Dumping Movie and Career

with Hard Partying?

5/29/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Lindsay Lohan throw away the chance to work with screen legend Shirley MacLaine after her weekend bust on suspicion of DUI? Is she quickly becoming the female equivalent of the former Robert Downey, Jr., i.e., an instant liability on film sets because of her crazy antics?

TMZ is told that "Poor Things" -- a crime caper about a granny gang starring MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis -- is set to begin shooting with Lohan on Thursday, with three weeks of location filming in Los Angeles. Lohan's court date on the DUI charge isn't until August, so that won't matter, but if she's checking into rehab, as has been reported, she clearly won't be around to work.

So far, the film's production company, Still Rolling Productions, tells the trades that the shoot won't be affected. No studio is yet attached, and calls to Lohan's people and MacLaine's reps haven't been returned.

But the bigger question is whether the drinking and drug problems are killing Lohan's career, making her uninsurable for films that studios and investors pour millions of dollars into -- because she's proven to be so erratic. One source tells TMZ that Lohan should be an absolute angel on the "Poor Things" shoot if she doesn't want to further jeopardize her career, and a film insurance executive tells TMZ that he would have to think "very, very hard" before insuring Lohan because she's become such "a loose cannon."

Lilo better get it in gear for this flick -- no one wants to see Shirley MacLaine angry!!


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I agree with James L. Crumbly Balls. If she wants this life, then let her die. Nobody cares about her spoiled face anyway.

2621 days ago

Laurene Hofer    

One month is going to cure the self centering, self indulging, failing person she is? I doubt it. She is a loser. She just needs to pick up a sign and sit on a street corner saying, "why lie, I want a beer".

2621 days ago


Is anyone as sick as I am of all the news about this ungrateful little piece of no-talent skin and bones ? Please cease from blogging this all over the computer.....It's reallyl boring now.

2621 days ago


I think we need to take a closer look at the seriousness of Ms. Lohan's problem. She is unable to control her addiction to alcohol and other mind altering drugs. Her repeated failures to maintain any length of sobriety have failed. NOW as tough as this is, I think we should stop back and NOT JUDGE HER MORALLY, nor render her behavior as some WEAK- WILLED individual. Alcoholism and addiction are brutal and lethal forces. I cannot tell you why, until now, Ms. Lohan has not succeeded in putting down the drink/drug for good a day at a time. What I can assure you, is that if she continues on this slippery and deadly slope, her young life and her exceptional talent will be but a memory. This is the time for family to step in --OR MORE IMPORTANTLY STEP ASIDE, especially if they are unable to direct the course necessary for her recovery. Assuming the latter is true, it is time for an independent conservator/guardian to be appointed, in the attempt to save this woman's life. This is the bottom line. Hopefully her loved ones and the rest of the wold will not have to witness the death/destruction of such talent, beauty and LIFE. SHE NEEDS SERIOUS HELP. I pray she gets that. She has become powerless over alcohol.

I know the course, I know the feeling...I was there almost 40 years ago. Today I am grateful to be alive and sober. , I never would be here to write this were it not for the team of professionals and caring folks who took my fractured spirit and gin-soaked body and slowly brought me back to the vibrancy I had lost at 22 years of age. . My prayers are with Linsay and all who care for her. God bless your efforts.

2621 days ago


I feel sorry for her and her siblings too. It's obvious her parents are total losers and care more about themselves. Anything anyone has said about her mother is true.

2621 days ago


What an ugly, talentless loser!

2621 days ago


Can anyone say Robert Downey Jr.?

2621 days ago


Please, please, please, end this coverage about LL and Britney. It is so disgusting and stale news and very boring. Who cares what they do? There are more important stories to cover than these two plus a few others. Give us a break! Practically every web page has something about them. Barf!

2620 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Lohan is trash with no responsibility. Her loser parents taught her well!

2620 days ago


Please! Is there ONE prosecutor and judge in Los Angeles with the nads to start putting these underage offenders in jail with no special treatment, just like any other person? I am so tired of seeing these idiots splashed across the pages, and given so many chances. One day, it won't be a palm tree she hits, and then she will be owned.

2620 days ago


Let's see now, appendicitis; dehydration; exhaustion; reaction to "medication". What BS excuse will her mother be left with to trot out this time --- as if anyone has or will believe her anyway?

2620 days ago


Wow, people can be mean nowadays! It's funny that so many people are infatuated with this person, and you don't even know her in real life! You talk a lot of game, but who's the one sitting on the computer talking about someone behind their back...when they are much better off financially, and recongnizable by the public?

You do realize that she's a multi-millionaire right? She has made it in Hollywood from a young age, and that's better than I can say for myself and probably every person who commented. Get a life people, most people would be have the same troubles with all that money in Hollywood at age 20. I know I least I can admit it, unlike the stuck up snobs on this page.

Multi-millionaire actresses who keep getting jobs despite multiple mishaps are not considered 'losers' in my book...some people are just sooooo close minded, it's crazy I tell you!!!

2620 days ago


WHO CARES!!! GO AWAY GO to jail with Paris you pig!!!! Thank god you didnt kill anyone The apple doesnt fall from the tree huh?? Convict dad and drunk mom. BUH BYE!!!!!

2620 days ago


Walker blah blah...I am financially set for life, but I still never have and never will be so crazy, that i would get into a car and endanger peoples lives. Stop making excuses cause you like her rack

2620 days ago


Let's see, her mom parties with her, her dad has been in and out of jail, and she has been thrown into the spotlight since age 11........could that be her problem? She was introduced to an adult world way too young and her parents were not smart or competent enough to help her get through safely. I see a lot of people calling her a "skank" and a "whore" and other such names, but why? She is a talented actress, she is also a very young woman you was forced to grow up before her time and she needs help. I would hate to see what you would call your own children if they were in trouble.

2620 days ago
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