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Lindsay in Lockdown

Movie Role on Hold

5/29/2007 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source connected to Lindsay Lohan's next movie says the actress' rehab will not get in the way of her performance, but TMZ knows differently.

The production source told TMZ that arrangements had been made to shuttle Lohan back and forth from Promises in Malibu while Lindsay shoots the new Shirley MacLaine movie, "Poor Things," right down the road in Santa Monica. Lohan was scheduled to be on the set next week.

A well-connected source tells TMZ that this "absolutely is not going to happen." The first time she'll be available to work on the film will be when she's an outpatient -- probably a month from now. And, we're told, Lilo's focus is on getting better, not on the movie -- Shirley MacLaine or no Shirley MacLaine.


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This whole story breaks my heart. I understand when young people make mistakes and suffer a hard road. I actually understand why some people turn to booze and drugs to ease their pain...

But, I don't understand a young person with financial means taking such risks! I don't go party and drive home--I am not wealthy but, have been known to get a hotel room walking distance--when I wanted to tie one on! Sure I lost a $100.00 bucks but I would rather pay that debt then kill someone--or pay the price of DUI. And I am not a wealthy actress with the ability to hire people who could take care of my needs before they became so huge.

I do blame the parents to some degree but, the fact is by the time a person is about 12 years old they usually have the ability to think for themselves a little bit... Most 15 year olds UNDERSTAND drinking and driving has consequences... She is YOUNG but, she is old enough to know the difference--even if her parents failed her in so many ways...

At some point in a persons life the start making their own choices. The problem I see in this world today is that so many people are not required to take personal responsibility for their choices and actions. Zero tolerance for Jr. High School boys "spanking" a girls bottom--being prosequied as Sexual predators (based on the same kind of junk I lived with in Jr. High) Which was how I learned proper responses to such situation...Lets jail the 12 year old boy who swatted a girls bottom--call them sexual predators and destroy their futures and then sit back and watch the stars, rich and famous get off the hook for murder...

I don't get this world at all....

Lindsey if you read this post--please know that there are people out here who care about YOU. I frankly have not watched your movies and don't care how well you act... I do care that this publicity and the Stress of all your problems being so public can't help at all. If you ever want to talk to an ordinary MOM who would like to help you be responsible, listen to your story and could careless that you are a movie star...TMZ should have my email and has my permission to pass it on... You really can't do this alone and some of us don't care how famouse you are....

2648 days ago


lolz! they gonna let her make another movie when ALL her last ones all flopped??

2706 days ago


Let's hope she will FINALLY put getting well ahead of partying or bad movies....

2706 days ago


DRUGS ARE A HARD ONE,,,AND IT SEEMS YOU ARE**** REALLY AN ALCOHOLIC****....just try it out agian, maybe try a little harder, I KNOW YOUR YOUNG.....GOOD LUCK,,,,,lil' cutie,,,,,,,,,next time hire a driver, even if it is late, c'mon

2706 days ago


If this is true, this may be one of the first steps that shows that Lindsay is trying to get a hold on her llife and her health. Good luck, it's a long road. I'v e been sober for over 18 months now =)

2706 days ago

RAY J    

lets see this is her umpteenth time in rehab.....her people live in a glass bubble.....the girls an addict without morals, so she wants ro get better this time..why? because her ass is in alot of trouble. i am sick of these girls who do the damage then run to rehab..lindsay and paris will only come out of this more scathing than ever...both these bitches need their ass kicked to put some sense into them. both these girls have unfirt mothers and fathers who are a wimp or an ex convict. next headline we will read will be:


2706 days ago


Get it together Little Girlie, don't go Anna nicole on us.

2706 days ago


Lindsay Lohan doesn't have alot of options left.

Get your life together, die, or just do porn.

I want this girl to get her act together and LIVE past the age of 26. I am TIRED of reading about her in the newspaper, coked out or passed out from alcohol.

I myself am a 27 year old man who will most likely never amount to anything special, but I am sick of this young woman setting a poor example for the kids of this world.

I want her mother to stop encouraging this behavior just for her own personal benefit(READ: "I got to stand next to an A or B list actor at a party my daughter attended and I invited myself to.").

I want her father to either prove he legitimately wants to improve his daughter's life in a positive way, or just shut up and stop helping to keep this travesty in the public's eye.

I want EVERY SINGLE bouncer who looked the other way when she came into the club(or accepted payment *to* look the other way), to be fired.

2706 days ago


If the producers were smart they would just drop Lindsey before she destroys this film like she did with Georgia Rule.

Lindsey Lohan is a total waste, but it appears to be gentetic.

2706 days ago


*sorry, genetic

2706 days ago

Puh der Baer    

When asked Tuesday how her daughter was doing, Dina Lohan told E! Online senior editor Marc Malkin: "We're still figuring it all out. We're all just figuring it out."

Translation: "We NEVER thought she'd get caught...."

2706 days ago

Easily Bored    

If any of these movie companies know what's good for them, they'll get Lindsay Lohan off the brain. I will not see a movie involving her, period. I'm a huge Diane Keaton fan, but I'll be avoiding her next movie like the freaking plague. Lohan and Katie Holmes? Double whammy.

And while I'm on the subject...I've got a beef with the actors who work with Miss (loosely used, thank you) Lohan and instead of getting her some help (which her mother is obviously incapable of doing), they want everyone to know how brilliant she is as an actress. Spare me. First of all, I saw the clip from Georgia Rule that was played on The View. My ex-husband's dead grandmother can act with more credibility. All of you (the actors) have given this girl false confidence and you've allowed a 20 year old to become an alcoholic/possible drug addict. If she kills anyone after she gets out of rehab...because she will be back on the roads and she will be wasted...the blood will be on all of your hands, in addition to her.

Someone has got to start telling this pitiful human being "NO" every now and then.

2706 days ago


...what's next??? ...robbing a bank!

2706 days ago


I hope the judge sees the hospital trip as a way to avoid a timely breath test.

I suggest jail time for her as well as the clubs which illegally served her. Oh, and her coke dealer.

Not learning from Paris' situation drops her IQ even more.

Glad that her now higher insurance premium will preclude movie roles.
Robert Downey Jr. overcame that hurdle but then he has talent.

Would like her mother to own up to her role but I'm not holding my breath.

Will grant that the first two accidents were not her fault but the all-night drinking is all on her.

2706 days ago

the wise old owl    

This doesn't surprise me one bit.

She keeps going at the rate she is now no producer in town will want to take the RISK of hiring her for a major part. I would imagine that she is pretty much " uninsurable " at this point. She is going to have to " prove " she is over her addictions BEFORE a major studio will take the risk of hiring her for a major motion picture.

She will become a Tom Sizemore or a Robert Downey of sorts. Her last movies are considered to be " flops" and her public displays of intoxication , lack of respect for her superiors while on the set and now her arrest for illegal narcartic's could be the 1st nail in her coffin.

She needs psychiatric help and couciling on a multitude of levels. She needs to focus on her talent and RUN away from the " Hollywood Scene ". I don't see a happy ending to her story if she continues on the way she has .

All these nights without sleep, the drinking , the stimulents and the alcohol will begin to show on her face very quickly. It will age her faster than METH. With that kind of abuse and your face 20 Feet tall on a movie screen..........will not be a pretty sight. She will just be replaced with the next beautiful and talent ed " up and coming " girl.

She better watch her back. She is in a very competive business with another pretty face just waiting to take her place. One that will show up on time and be grateful for the work.

The actresses that make a healthy transition from child actress to ADULT actress are few and far between. Brooke Schields, Jody Foster and Drew Barrymore come to mind but Drew had a hard road to go down before calling it " successful. The odds are not in Lindsey's favor and she is headed down the wrong road. My suggestion to her is ....Stay in REHAB for at least 90 days. It's going to take at least that long to rid yourself of a slew of vices that you have harbored for the past 2 years.

She actually could use a " protector " Someone hired on a full time basis that just watches her back 24/7 .....because if anyone could use it . She can. It's obvious she has a very addictive personality. I hope she gets the help she needs.

2706 days ago
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