Lindsay Keeps Rolling -- Right Into Rehab

5/29/2007 12:25 PM PDT

Lindsay Keeps Rolling -- Right Into Rehab

TMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan checked into Promises rehab facility under the watchful eye of her lawyer.

TMZ spotted mega-lawyer Blair Berk driving Lohan to the facility on Monday. Sources tell TMZ this is "a serious medical treatment program," not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past. We're told Lohan will be a resident at the facility, possibly for 30 days, but her outpatient treatment will last much longer.

It would seem Lohan's next movie project may be on the skids, at least temporarily. We were told shooting was expected to start the day after tomorrow, but that almost certainly will not happen.

UPDATE: A rep for Lindsay Lohan issued TMZ the following statement:

"Lindsay admitted herself to an intensive medical rehabilitation facility on Memorial Day. Because this is a medical matter, it is our hope that the press will appreciate the seriousness of the situation and respect the privacy of Lindsay as well as the other patients receiving treatment at the facility."

Rosie – I Was "Foster Kid" on "View"

Rosie O'Donnell -- always wanting to get the last word in -- says that she probably won't speak to "View" combatant Elisabeth Hasselbeck again after their on-air slugfest, and that being on "The View" for the past year made her feel like "a foster kid."

"I haven't spoken to her, and I think it's just as well" said Rosie on her video blog at "I wrote her an e-mail, and she wrote me back, and there you have it." What's more, said O'Donnell, she compared her stint on "The View" to being "just like a foster kid for a year ... I didn't really fit into the family and now it's time for the foster kid to go back home."

Rosie also confessed that the moustache left on the photo of Elisabeth was the work of her chief writer, Janette Barber, calling it "a joke on the way out."

Mini Brit and Mini K-Fed Square Off

Mini Britney has her very own pint-sized PopoZao -- a little person version of K-Fed.

TMZ was at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas this weekend where Terra Jole, aka Mini Britney Spears, rocked out to two of Ms. Spears' biggest hits, "Toxic" and "Oops ... I Did it Again," in her Brit-inspired flight attendant and red latex uniforms. It truly must be seen to be believed.

Mid-performance, a gold-chain, wifebeater-wearing, thugged-out Fed-alike (played by Wee Matt) took over the stage, and just like the couple's colossal counterparts, they argued! Mini Brit even offered some tender parting words to the lil' guy -- "Get the f**k outta here!"

She's good.

Cam and Jess -- Bitchfight Brewing?

Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel -- the ex GF and current paramour of Justin Timberlake -- will both be presenting at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, reports Page Six, and handlers are doing everything "to keep Cam and Jess far apart," admitting that the situation is creating "a mess."

You'll remember that Diaz got all up in JT's face when she saw him flirting with Biel at a Hollywood party back in January. But now that Timberlake is very publicly bringing sexy back with Biel, the triangle of stars will have to be very carefully managed. Says the source, "Cameron's looking a little unstable lately."

Party Favors: Posh to Becks -- No Head Tattoo for You! ... Eighties Rock Legends Rock Cirque du Soleil ... Will Keira Play Princess Diana?

Victoria Beckham has always stood by as hubby David Beckham overhauled his hairdo about, oh, every three months. But she's apparently drawn the hair-line at a tattoo of St. George and the Dragon that Becks wants on the back of his head. David, apparently, wants to make a big splash for his US soccer debut. ... It was '80s hair-metal heaven on Memorial Day at Cirque du Soleil's Beatles' "LOVE" at The Mirage in Las Vegas, when Tommy Shaw of Styx and Jack Blades of Night Ranger turned up -- and then rocked out at the Beatles Revolution lounge later on. ... Keira Knightley is being courted to play the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in a planned movie about her life based on the book "Diana and the Paparazzi," which was being shopped at Cannes.