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Chauffeured by Lawyer

to Rehab

5/29/2007 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan checked into Promises rehab facility under the watchful eye of her lawyer.

TMZ spotted mega-lawyer Blair Berk driving Lohan to the facility on Monday. Sources tell TMZ this is "a serious medical treatment program," not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past. We're told Lohan will be a resident at the facility, possibly for 30 days, but her outpatient treatment will last much longer.

It would seem Lohan's next movie project may be on the skids, at least temporarily. We were told shooting was expected to start the day after tomorrow, but that almost certainly will not happen.


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these people are always running to rehab when the law is involved.
i really do wish her luck because she needs it and i dont understand why these people who serve her alcohol dont get into trouble!

i have the most respect for Robert Downey Jr because he had a serious problem with drugs/alcohol and he sure did pay for it.
maybe these people should call him and get some advice!

2712 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Where the heck is her Mother? What a sad, pitiful situation.

2712 days ago


Why do Lindsay, Britney, Paris, et al get sent to a cushy "rehab," when the rest of us would be thrown in jail if we did one-quarter of the controlled substances that they did? Oh, it's because they're "celebrities."

2712 days ago


"17. why the hatred toward LiLo? She is a NORMAL 20 year old girl! What? no of you loser have EVER DRIVEN DRUNK? yeah right! Get a life. So she is an actress. That's her JOB! Living a PERFECT LIFE is not. She is human. She screws up. we all do! hers is just on camera. Imagine if everythinng you did, everywhere you went, every time you screwed up was documented for the world. it would suck!!!

Posted at 1:48PM on May 29th 2007 by I am being too much"

I don't hate Lindsay I pity her. She needs help and I am glad she is getting it. However what is going on with her isn't just a little "screw up". She did something that could have killed herself or someone else. She doesn't need to live a perfect life, but she needs to live a sober one. She is an addict.

To answer your question, no I have NEVER driven drunk, even at 20! I had to pay nearly $100.00 of my hard earned waitress tips (Which I really couldn't afford to do) one time because my designated driver got drunk, and I was in no condition to drive. However it was more important to me to save my life and those around me than to be what you call "normal". Normal is not being selfish and taking a chance with other's lives. That is what you call SELFISH and IMMATURE! If you want to party like a big girl, act like it and don't drive drunk! #17 if you drink and drive, please do us all a favor and STAY OFF THE ROAD! Lindsay is now getting help, and hopefully realizes that her behavior isn't "normal", and will never again take her own life, or that of others in her hands by drinking and driving. Speaking of "Get a life", Lindsay is getting a new life and hopefully you will save your own life by realizing that when you drink you need to get someone else to drive ALWAYS!

2712 days ago


I was just catching up on her incident this weekend. This rehab crap is bs! These celebs are making rehab a joke to the people who really need it. Her ass needs to be in jail like any other person. Granted, I realize it could take a few months to get this case to trial but cocaine was found in the car? I watch cops and if coke is found in the car your ass is in jail. It doesn't matter if it was on you or not.

It almost sounds as if she goes to an "intense" rehab program all will be forgiven. DUI, cocaine, under 21, Hit and Run - she needs to be in jail!! If she gets away with this, which will be a huge mistake, she will get out of rehab, drink and drive, and be the next celeb to kill someone. What the hell is it going to take for the authorities, including judges and DA, to prosecute these celebs. I wonder how much they get paid to look the other way. My fear is, that it is going to take the death of a loved one to a judge, or high power authority figure to make a difference. Why should these judges, cops, DA people care about someone elses family, they accept blood money to turn the other way. Karma!

2712 days ago


Hey Melissa #46, Melissa, Melissa,
It's stupid posts like yours which tell a lot about you. Basically you're telling everyone that you make stupid mistakes over and over. Believe me, that's not normal, don't sell yourself short, you don't HAVE to make stupid mistakes. If it's alcohol, drugs, smoking, or whatever problems you have, start by stopping with the excuses and understand that just because other people make stupid decisions does NOT mean it's ok for you.

I'm living proof that you don't have to make stupid choices over and over. When was the last time I make a stupid mistake? Probably over 5 years ago. And nothing ever THIS stupid. It's easier than you think to live a clean mistake-free life.

And most people on here who post their disapprovals for LiLo understand that you CAN'T justify her behavior. It's disgusting and should NOT be tolerated. Just because a few destructive drunks are living dangerously in hollywood shows instead of on "cops" doesnt mean we should find excuses for them.

2712 days ago


Why are you people ripping into her so hard. She is making lots of
mistakers that is true but come-on she is just 20 years old. Not vey
many 20 year olds are mature.

2712 days ago


This girl is totally out of control... she needs a real mother to guide her and give her a good ass whooping for all this crap. She is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I definitely don't want her as a role model to my teenager daughter.

2712 days ago


Her LAwyer had to drive her. When you get arrested for a DUI they take away your drivers licence

2712 days ago

in the know    

I have empathy for her and hope she gets help this time. She is a very troubled woman and apparently another child star who was promoted and pimped by her parents. She has no role models and probably no real friends. She does have youth on her side, she's talented, and easily could make it back. Most kids who are in showbiz at a young age, don't function as stable adults. They never have the experience of a real childhood. She is a child of an addict, so it stands to reason she may have been gentically proned to be an addict herself. It appears Lindsey isn't the only person in her family who wants to be a celebrity. Parents should never be allowed to represent their children as managers. Papa Joe's comment about his daughters breasts still makes me sick.

2712 days ago


All of these girls need time in a real rehab. Not sure these popular ones we keep hearing about that cater to the rich and famous are doing a very good job. Why does no one go to Betty Ford anymore? That's the type of place that does good work.

Another good rehab experience? Send them to a Kansas farm in July and let them really see how "the other half" lives. Hard work, a little sweat, zero luxuries. The simple life without the cameras and crew. A reality check would do these drug addicted, pampered, fancy shoe wearing girls some good.

2712 days ago


Was she passed out on the way to rehab?

2712 days ago


Cokewhore! What a loser!

2712 days ago


the in-and-out ruse used by "other starlets" in the past? what about lilo's rehab stint in february? gotta love the spin doctoring: it makes everything seem so sincere. @@

2712 days ago


Please get the help that you need to get your life together. You are just comming into womanhood and have a wonderful career don't mess it up with partying till all hours you need sleep to keep the beauty or you'll look older as time goes on. alcohol isn't good for you either. I'll pray for you,but you have to want to be a better person for yourself too.

2712 days ago
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