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Chauffeured by Lawyer

to Rehab

5/29/2007 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan checked into Promises rehab facility under the watchful eye of her lawyer.

TMZ spotted mega-lawyer Blair Berk driving Lohan to the facility on Monday. Sources tell TMZ this is "a serious medical treatment program," not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past. We're told Lohan will be a resident at the facility, possibly for 30 days, but her outpatient treatment will last much longer.

It would seem Lohan's next movie project may be on the skids, at least temporarily. We were told shooting was expected to start the day after tomorrow, but that almost certainly will not happen.


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Lindsays mom is just sickening and WTF would you want to make your other kids famous seeing as what fame did to your daughter and ontop of this her mother was freaking promoting her behavior,. What is her reality show going to be about? How she slowly destroys her other children?

Lets talk about her dad opening a Rehab center costing like $40,000..This guy is totally broke so where is he getting that money from not to mention this guy has been in rehab quite a few times, what is it going to be? A family clinic?

Both her parents need to stop trying to get famous and make names for themselves and start helping there daughter get threw what she is going threw, neither of her parents sound fit to be raising children.

I do not even like Lindsay, I think she is a horrible actor and singer and a total b** because she put down Britney Spears being in rehab yet here she is in rehab not long after and she has been in rehab before but I feel sorry for her because her parents just do not seem to give a damn and just seem to be trying to make themselves and there other kids famous by Lindsay being in rehab, out of all the times for them two to do the stuff they are doing they do it while there daughter is in rehab, its kinda like "yay lindsay is in rehab and out of the picture now lets make us and our other kids famous". After all Lindsay has done she may not even be famous after she gets out of rehab so there goes mommy and daddies free ride, maybe thats why there trying to make themseleves and there other kids famous.

2695 days ago

carol ard    

This chick is really showing what the party girl and drinking & ???? Does to you physically..She looks 10 years older than she is!

2692 days ago

Dignity House of Modesto, CA    

Real, lasting, recovery requires coming to the end of yourself... doing it your way doesn't work anymore. Money and fame is a substantial buffer, but not a complete one.

Recovery also requires having someone who has truly gotten through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to show the way. This is rarer than one may fully realize. "You can't transmit what you haven't got."

I would love to offer a low profile, genuine recovery to Lindsay, and others, if ever there is genuine interest to get well, and get honest. May that happen for you, Lindsay!

2692 days ago


I don't watch many movies now because so many people fake actors. Movie Companies rather have low-life IN SPOTLIGHT drunk, rich, bitches or bastards than GOOD famous actors.

2686 days ago


She's just in there as a publicity stunt and taking the time to plan her boozing 21st birthday party. She is still in denial about herself having a problem. 30 days won't be enough time for her to make the drastic change she needs to make. She will come out & it will not be much different. If she won't help herself, she does not deserve to be this big star. The public needs to let directors know they are insulted by having her be allowed to star in movie roles that portray caring/accountable people when in fact, in real life she proudly flaunts her addictions. No more of her movies.

2686 days ago


We've all seen Lindsay's self-destructive spree for the last few years now, and it is amazing that she is even still alive. To idolize her for what she used to be is one thing, but for her to have any fans at this point is as insane as she is. Fans need to leave her alone so that she can see that her hard partying is not just a part of her that is accepted, and anyone giving her any movie parts while she is doing the things that she is doing is only adding to her ego and condoning her irresponsibilities. There's no doubt about her potential, but unless she changes nearly all of her habits, she will have no future and end up just another has-been child star. We have enough of them already.

2682 days ago

Jessica R    

I believe that she is a human being that needs help, not to be put down. It would be nice to see her make a wise decisions and become a responsible young lady but when a disease has you by the ASS, sometimes it takes for a person to fall on their ASS more than once before getting the help they really need. I hope that she looks way deep inside and finds the true meaning of life. When someone is down, WHY kick them? Does it justify her behavior, NO....but we dont need to make her stuff our stuff......Clean your side of the street and let her clean her side of the dont take her stuff so damn personal, its not about you................

2645 days ago


Just hire a new actress, please!! No one wants to see her in it.

2702 days ago




2702 days ago


Go to pics of Lindsay drunk the night after her arrest. and puking passed out

2702 days ago


Lohan- Do the world a favor and OD already!
This chick is 2 years away from doing Lifetime movies.
Lohan SUCKS, talentless waste of oxygen.

2702 days ago

One for the road    

Yea!! Now she will be out of our sight for 30 days
Maybe now after this she will go away!

2702 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

Why is she going to Rehab again. It apparently didn't work the 1st time. She is a drug addict and most drug addicts cant get sober when they are you. She will have to reach rock bottom before rehab will work. Her ass is going to jail and I was really pulling for her.

What I don't understand is Paris and Lindsay and rich and shoud just hire a driver. WTF! Mommie dearest didn't think of this.

2702 days ago


WHERE IS HER MOTHER??? What the hell kind of a mother/manager does she have? Dina Lohan is too busy partying and whoring around to take care of her daughter. Disgusting what money can do to you. THe more money these young actresses, actors, singers have the worse their life becomes. Money is definitely the root of all evil. EARTH TO DINA LOHAN....YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS YOU!!!

2702 days ago

jProud American Author    

Her life is more important than any movie deal. Ihope that she gets the help she needs. Very, very sad.

2702 days ago
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