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Miss USA Eats It in Mexico

5/29/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMiss USA Rachel Smith took a butt-tacular spill last night in Mexico City at the Miss Universe competition, and if you haven't seen it yet, you won't quite believe the arse-shaking thud!

What's just as amazing as the actual fall is how quickly Miss Smith gets back up and into perma-smile mode, despite the jeers and titters of the crowd.

Miss Japan won the competition, in case you were wondering.


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The only point they have is on the top of their heads. If they were booing because she got into the final five, why were they harassing her from the start of the competition? Because they mistook her for George Bush? The stress of that constant hostility may well of contributed to her fall; it's absurd to say she was competing on a level playing field. Under the circumstances, you're damned right she deserved to get into the top five. Anyone who objects to scapegoating a sweet, lovely, innocent young girl for the sins of a lying, devious old man; anyone who objects to reveling in the physical pain and mortification of another human being; anyone who is repulsed by seeing someone kicked when they're down will be pissed off by the behavior of the Mexicans. I saw Miss Smith on TV today say she say proudly she was honored to wear the sash with the letters USA; she got it wrong; we're honored to be represented by a lady with her poise, grace,character, and courage. And how she towers over the louts who laughed at her.

2697 days ago


funny that mexico booed miss usa as if they hate the country that they all choose to flock to!

2697 days ago


LOL !!!

2704 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Poor girl

2704 days ago

Ha Ha    

I always wondered when one of those "delegates" was going to bite the dust!!! Leave it to the good ol' USA to do it. Ha!

2704 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

USA what a disgrace.

You don't see the Queen (UK) )falling do you?

2704 days ago


I would respond but i'm laughing to hard LOL

2704 days ago


i feel sorry for the girl, but i can't help but feel that this is somewhat karmic.

2704 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

the crowd was so rude... a disgrace

2704 days ago


Why was the pageant held in a ungrateful, classless and backward country like Mexico?
I guess Mexico will grab at anything thats archaic and out of date

2704 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

At least not as embarrasing as Ms BebHills a few years ago when her sanitary pad was sticking out ready to fall out. and TV cameras caught the whole thing

2704 days ago


# 8

I agree...........

2704 days ago


The Shame is Mexico's for booing the American contestant , who has done them no wrong, neither harm.

How utterly classless that audience members would turn the Miss Universe Pageant into a political forum simply because of their jealousy of and false ideas about the United States of America.

Rather than trying to tear down a young lady's confidence, they would be better pressed to use their energies to do something about their rat's-ass, demoralized, economically-unsteady country.

Clearly, I am disgusted by the "hospitality" the Mexicans showed. The pageant should have been stopped and the audience chastized immediately.

2704 days ago


I laughed my head off when i watch ed it. SO will DOnald decrown her and wahtr does he have to say!!!!!!!

2704 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Mexicans do have culture, european class and lots of money.

You don't know the right people Baby

2704 days ago
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