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Miss USA Eats It in Mexico

5/29/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMiss USA Rachel Smith took a butt-tacular spill last night in Mexico City at the Miss Universe competition, and if you haven't seen it yet, you won't quite believe the arse-shaking thud!

What's just as amazing as the actual fall is how quickly Miss Smith gets back up and into perma-smile mode, despite the jeers and titters of the crowd.

Miss Japan won the competition, in case you were wondering.


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She tripped and fell down, have you ever did that! Would you like to be the one laughted at for tripping? Yet, on t.v. so everyone to see. I feel sorry for her, that she had to be made fun of. I am sure there is not a person out there who has never fell. I bet it would of been really funny if she twisted her ankle.

2702 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Why aren't people just as passionate when it comes to Francis degrading poor innocent cats that have done him no harm.

I don't see anyone cussing him out.

2702 days ago


#26 that is right so they should have a better understanding as to why our immigration laws are as such...but the mexican government is sooooooooooooo corrupt, i worked for them myself once as part of "operativo beta" which deals directly with boarder enforcement...the mexican constitution affords the right to free public transit as does ours but both governments are challenging these rights in the most absurd ways... lots and lots of illegals come through the boarder everyday... and hello mexico, we americans do it with class and use the front door...and to the blogger who suggested that we only see the maids w/out class and the classy mexicans stay home, well i have known many of these people you mention and they have plenty of class,heart and sincerity...$ dosent guarentee class...take paris hilton for example.boycott mexico,thier #1 industry is tourism...boycott them and send your $ (that will soon be required upon entering mexico as a security deposit of return)to darfur, aid those trying to stop the government from murdering women and children on a daily basis in the most grusome, horrible ways imaginable.the problem is now, and i see the slavery point, but as i said this is still happening today...boycott mexico!!!!!!!!!!!class is something one has or dosent and if you have to go around telling people you have it...well, you obviously dont!boycott mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2702 days ago


Ms. USA did an excellent job by getting up, smiling and continue to walk. I have to say it was wrong to boo but in every event there are all sorts of people. Mexico is a beautiful country full of culture, great people and Amazing food that we Americans LOVE and celebrate cinco de Mayo like is an American holiday lol so please don't judge all Mexicans the same.

2702 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

What difference does it make that Miss USA fell doing the Miss Universe pageant? The pretty lady who won wore her bathroom! As for the boos - we are not the country we once were, if you have not noticed. Unfortunately and innocent girl from the US was booed over immigration laws rather that the illegal invasion of Iraq, Gitmo, and torure.

2702 days ago


Let me get this straight..........Mexicans don't like Americans now because we are tired of their masses entering our country illegally? They don't like us because we are tired of them bringing down our wages in Arizona, enrolling their kids in our schools and dumbing down our educational system, and allowing them to turn our state into a mini third world country with taco stands and dollar stores on every other corner? Well, too damn bad!!! It's time we did something and let those Mexican's know that they enter our country legally, or they don't enter it at all!!!!!!

2702 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

She should have carried some protection on her.

The negative jeolous energy got her.

2702 days ago

Angry Viewer    

0800PDT your video is NOT working and CANNOT be viewed.

2702 days ago


I believe they booed because Miss Mexico was eliminated in the next round and Miss USA, who fell, went through to the next round. Booing is rude, but they do have a point.

2702 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

41- Gloria Picchetti

Well said.

2702 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Does the punishment fit the crime????????????

2702 days ago

The Pump    

Guess they were mad about their hero Don Imus being fired too - You'd think Mexico is like Alabama in 1963

2702 days ago

Paul Kline    

One thing you need to note about Mexican fans. Socccer fans, pageant fans, it's all the same. They are ferocious. When Miss Mexico didn't advance, and Miss USA did that gave a few reason to start their booing. Of course it's wrong. I just want you to consider the source. These were NOT poor Mexicans in the audience. The people who attend Miss Universe have to buy a ticket, and they are over $100 american dollars. It is the wealthy who attend. In 1993 I believe they also booed Miss USA who ended up in the smae position. 4th runner up. Miss USA handled herself very well, with all the booing. She fell. Anyone could have fallen, and we know when she did and made top 5 and Mexico didn't, that was even more reason for a few to boo. It wasn't the entire audience though. Only a few faction groups in the audience. They wer eloud though. The majority of the audience applauded Miss USA.

2702 days ago


It is a pity that the poor girl was booed for a mishap.
All that because the president of the USA has the entire world in revolt against america with his illegal and senseless wars.
I really feel sorry for the lady.

2702 days ago


Going through here and reading all the harsh words for amazes me that everyone wonders why Mexicans dislike Americans. I would too.

2702 days ago
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