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Miss USA Eats It in Mexico

5/29/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMiss USA Rachel Smith took a butt-tacular spill last night in Mexico City at the Miss Universe competition, and if you haven't seen it yet, you won't quite believe the arse-shaking thud!

What's just as amazing as the actual fall is how quickly Miss Smith gets back up and into perma-smile mode, despite the jeers and titters of the crowd.

Miss Japan won the competition, in case you were wondering.


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You know what? Mexico can suck my rooster!!
Here is the email I sent to my friends after Mexico again showed it has no class.
Did you see or hear about Miss USA getting booed at the Miss Universe pageant?? The contest was in Mexico and may have contributed to Miss USA falling on stage.
Another SLAP IN THE FACE for the USA by the Mexican people who are upset that we are trying to control our borders. Even though the rape, rob and KILL people who cross their own southern border. Mexico's policy on immigration is one of the strictest in the world but they expect us to be an open country.
What is Mexico trying to protect? South Americans from coming to the USA!!
DO YOU REMEMBER when the USA played a game of Soccer against Mexico in the LA Coliseum? The whole game team USA was booed and Americas fans were pelted with everything from beer to batteries. Oh yea, we want more Mexicans, NOT!!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact you senator/congressman and let them know their immigration plan is not going far enough and they will not be re-elected unless they grow a pair and vote NO. We need to make them WANT to go home. No housing, no jobs, no benefits and no more sanctuary cities. Those city officials should be hanged for treason!

I love all cultures and all decent peoples regardless of creed, class or color. I am however unwilling to give away what so many great men and women have died for. These trespassers are not interested in assimilating, they only want to expand their culture and take back what they lost way back when. Next to Muslim extremists Mexico's ILLEGAL immigrant ALIENS should be seen as our biggest threats.

2682 days ago


wiseass old owl has got to be the stupidist idiot EVER to post on here!!Must be illegal, lets kick his ass back across the border,so I am racist for saying illegals shouldnt get a free ride, that Americans should be glad to pay triple prices for health care, taxes, they can get a free ride???You must be either one of them or on welfare and getting everything free also.Stupid deadbeat.

2682 days ago

Richard Dickson    

We found out why she fell at

2682 days ago


The Mexicans who were booed her and were jeering when she fell were jerks. Everyone falls at one time or another. And if the Mexicans were being cruel to her because they hate Americans, then why are millions of them running over here as illegals. If they hate us sooo much, then by all means, stay the hell out of our country and our federal funds. Better yet, they should do everything they can to stop their fellow Mexicans from coming over here illegally in the first place. I have no respect, no sympathy and no tolerance for illegals, which are criminals entering our country, many of them Mexicans.

2682 days ago


I feel sorry for her. What a shame.

2682 days ago


TO #101 & #73

You are so ignorant and such hateful racist pigs just like most of the posts here.

FYI -- I was born in the U.S.A., and so were my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.
Not every person in the U.S.A. is a racist pig, thank God.

By the way Mexicans aren't the only ones that are illegal and aren't the only ones that don't pay taxes. There are illegals from Canada, Middle East, Europe, Africa, China, Vietnam, ETC. and abuse the system also.
From the beginning of U.S. history people left their homeland for a better life economically.

Even Americans don't pay taxes and some of richest people in the US transfer their millions out of the country to the Caribbean and Swiss banks.

And there is much more abuse going on in the U.S. than just illegals.

However U.S. is still the best country and maybe that's way people from other countries still want to be here.

2682 days ago

Paul Kline    

Didn't you know that women have the freedom of choice? Isn't that what women's lib is all about? Some drive race cars, some climb mountains, some compete in pageants for fun and prizes. Get a grip girl. Sweden got it WRONG. Did you see the dog they crowned as Miss Sweden? Pathetic, when you see all of the truly beautiful girls that country has to offer. Celebrate beauty not war.

2682 days ago


Where there is no vision the people perish.
Jealousy is a green eyed monster.

Miss America was taunted the entire time that she was in Mexico.
We saw the true picture of the Mexicans. They are not the good people that they have been portrayed.

I applaud Miss America she was fantastic. I pray that she will laugh at this incident because it showed the world how strong she is. She won the final question hands down. Those other women sounded ridiculous and immature.

The boos were calculated and so is the invasion of illegal immigrants. Their march last year on May 1, 2006, showed Americans just what some of those numbers of illegal immigrants look like. The flags of Mexico shows where their allegiance. The website will show you their real thoughts.

That satanic compromised illegal immigration bill shows that special interest groups are trying to make our laws and they had a hand in creating that satanic renegade senators compromised illegal immigration debacle proposal..

Miss America indeed showed that she is from good stock. Can you image being treated like that in a land were you think you are going to be welcomed.

Donald Trump was shocked at the responses of the Mexican people. This should be a wake up call to him to make sure that all representatives should no have to endure that kind of treatment. The Miss Universe contest is not a political event.

May God continue to bless and keep her safe for all hurt, harm and danger. Nobody could have done a better job of recovery.

Anywhere from 12,000,000 to 35,000,000 illegal immigrants are in this country and they want to make that number 200,000,000 so that they can take off at the ballot boxes.

Wake up United States American citizens. Don't be so gullible. Your wages could be the next to go down or eliminated totally. See the full picture on this illegal immigration.

2682 days ago

Paul Kline    

# 97 You meant Miss USA, Rachel Smith. Miss America is someone else and a different pageant.

2681 days ago


I agree it was so rude and uncalled for to boo Rachel Smith.

To do the same to Mario Lopez would be rude and uncalled for also.

So #99, what would be the reason to boo Mario Lopez on Dancing with the Stars
he is an American citizen born in the USA!

2681 days ago

Kathy Smith    

Ohhh you unkind people......... She was poetry in motion! I venture to guess that not a single one of you could have made the comeback she did!( for just one second put yourself in her place) It's just sad that there are those envious ones that just can't give true poise and beauty it's due!!!! She was an excellent example of what our great country is all about.....We might stumble and fall...but with the grace of God we get right back up and smile at our enemies!!!

2681 days ago


I believe that what the Mexicans did to Miss USA was very rude. They were booing her from start to finish, just because they disagree with them being illegal aliens. This was more of a reason to keep them out of this country.

2680 days ago


To those who say Rachel should not have made the top 10 because she fell, I say.......this is not the Olympics! Displaying composure when something bad happens demonstrates just how good she was and is. I would not rate the fall as detrimental. I would rate her reaction to it as a big plus. She should have won the crown. She was the best looking contestant.....particularly in the bathing suit competition. How the judges could rate Angola higher in bathing suit is beyond me. Japan was slender too, but Rachel looked more in shape than anyone else. By far. My second choice was Venezuela, followed by Korea. Japan and Brazil would not have made my top 5. In their place, I would have put Mexico and Angola. Angola did look good in her evening gown. I note that Mexico was not in 6th place by the judges scores....if the USA hadn't made the top 5, Mexico would not have replaced her.

2680 days ago
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