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Celine and Her ... Son?!

5/30/2007 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who's that mini-Fabio posing with Celine Dion on the cover of Hello magazine? Believe it or not that's her six-year-old son, Rene Charles!
Celine Dion
Let's hope with Celine's cheese-tastic run at Caesars Palace in Vegas finally coming to an end this year, that she'll soon have the time to get adorable lil' Rene his much needed haircut. Androgyny be damned!


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Maybe he is copying Ryder Robinson

2681 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

First off you name him Rene. Then you allow him to look more female than male. This is a form of child abuse. Hope her money never runs out, becuse this kid won't last 5 minutes in the real world.

2681 days ago


It's the Canadian version of HELLO! magazine:

2681 days ago


It is NEVER acceptable to comment on the children of celebs. That should be strictly taboo. There is no age limit. Bash celebs all you want, leave the kids out of it.

2681 days ago

He's Boring now    

Maybe she is trying to punish her philandering husband Rene for all the skirt chasing he was doing in Vegas while she was belting out old standards everynight. Trying to get hold of their child and making it clear he is hers, and she will have him appear anyway only she desires. I cant imagine a womanizer like her hubby would willfully go for that get up and look to their son. But she's the one with the dough and he's the skirt chaser, so I guess she wins.

Poor kid. Caught up in this crap when what is really needed is marriage counselor. Typical French woman way to deal with a wandering hubby...never directly. Its a cultural thing. She isnt as Candadian or American as Women here would like to believe.

2681 days ago


Don't judge Celine, maybe she is growing his hair so she can cut the required amount and donate it to Locks of Love. Who wouldnt want that hair for their child who lost their own to illness?
Its not my bag to have a child who's gender can be mistaken, but as the saying goes...each to their own.

2681 days ago


Is that an attempt at humour?

Or, are you just trying to let us know that you need help, in so many ways...not sure, your post doesn't really make any sense.

ask your mom for help...or the nurse.

2681 days ago


I think she's disappointed that she didn't give birth to a girl. This is inexcusabl, neglectful and not at all cute.

2681 days ago


When I looked, i thought it was a girl. Still hard to believe that's a boy. But then again, this is just ONE picture. I can't judge this haircut when it's one angle and one picture. For all I know, he may look very cute with long hair. I've seen it done, there's nothing wrong with it.

2681 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

He's adorable...Nothing wrong with long hair on boys/men.....I say BACK-OFF on the remarks on him..........He is just fine..........

2681 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

#71--Your intelligence is shining through. Sounds like I turned someone on. Sorry the truth affected you in such a negative way.

2681 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Androgyny? When talking about a child?... that's sick!

2681 days ago


i seen this picture on x17online this morning catch up TMZ!

2681 days ago


I said to myself, "what a beautiful little girl!" Must be a French thing. . . .

2681 days ago


I think he is a cutie but the hair is a little too long. If she wants him to have long hair why not up too the shoulders? I have seen boys with hair up too the shoulders and it does not look bad. And whats up with the curls at the end of the hair?

2681 days ago
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